Use of Twitter in Communication between KFC and McDonalds
Use of Twitter in Communication between KFC and McDonalds

Use of Twitter in Communication between KFC and McDonalds

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  • Published: November 25, 2021
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The following project is a clear explanation of how different businesses use Twitter to communicate. Twitter is a social media where people link with their passions, find out what is happening around the world and also share their opinions. Individuals are in a mindset of discovery especially when they are on Twitter. The main aim of connecting to Twitter is to interact openly with different new businesses. The research focuses on a brand research from KFC and McDonalds. Both companies easily respond to complaints, launch various campaigns, and promote their sales and also respond to queries regarding their businesses. The project fully focuses on how the two brands present themselves differently on Twitter. We also find out the type of messages the two trademarks send out to Twitter and how they can compare. From this, the research investigates on how the two companies can improve their brand messaging. The public however has different sentiments about the two brands. We find out how differ people talk about the names. Finally, the social network also maps on comparing the two chosen brands. The NodeXL is used to answer all questions that draw towards the social network towards the two brands.

In the following study, we used the NodeXL to analyze the Twitter social media.


Social media includes the different ways through which people connect to different individuals through computation. Social networks, mobile devices, texting, emailing and micro-blogging which helps people to locate and share few ways through which people engage in the computer-mediated and collective actions. People form many collections of connections as they link, follow, like, reply, comment, retweet, rate, tag, edit, twit and as they text each other. All these collections contain some network structures which can be analyzed, visualized and also extracted. The primary results of these actions can help to insight into the size, structure and some major positions in these different networks (Mat, Rafeah & Mohamad 78). Twitter social media form a broad range of terms where people can talk about the different news of the day from all over the world. People can also talk about celebrities, companies like KFC and McDonalds, technology or even about sports. As people use Twitter, they engage in forming networks as they follow each other, reply and also mention one another.

All these connections appear in the texts of each and every tweet and through request lists sent by the users who write each tweet from the Twitter network. The research bellow will show clearly how KFC and McDonalds use the twitter platform to engage with their customers, promoting their business or even appreciating their customers. The data from the report was collected, visualized and also analyzed from Twitter by the use of NodeXL, which is a free and open add-in for the Excel 2007/2003/2010. The research project which is from NodeXL was determined to create open data, free tools and also some open scholarship that are related to social media. The primary purpose for using NodeXL network is to hel

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in analyzing the overview of the network, explore and also discover the importance of twitter in businesses (Mat, Rafeah & Mohamad 456).

The tool helps in the automation of the flow of data that starts with the collection of network data and also by moving through several steps that end on visualizing the processed network and also some critical reports. NodeXL allows the non-programmers to generate useful statistical systems faster through metrics and visualization in the framework of the familiar Excel spreadsheet. Finally, a simple filtering and display of flexible attribute occur that helps in creating critical network structures The NodeXL enables the fast execution of data workflow that takes place in five steps. The process starts with the collection of data which is got from different network data sources, analysis of the data, visualization storage then it is finally published.

Demonstration of the Network Analysis Data Flow

On collecting data from Twitter for the two brands, we used an MSc project that we used to monitor, collect and analyze all the data from KFC and McDonalds Twitter page. We explored on all the posts, likes, shares and also the comments. We focused mainly on the retweets and the public tweets (Mat, Rafeah & Mohamad 65). We looked at the people’s suggestions about the services of the two brands. In our data collection, we used the sentiment analysis technique to verify the people’s comments regarding the tweets. We then sampled all the data collected since we did not want to bias on the results. We conducted several surveys to come up with complete analysis of tweets, we took two complete weeks to complete our Twitter survey.

Coding Schedule

A coding schedule was also undertaken where we were able to identify and check for some reliability of the tweets and also the errors people commit while tweeting. Some of the main errors that we found necessary to avoid are:

  • One is that an individual should make sure that there are no categories that tick in more than one box.
  • We also made a system of categorizing the tweets where we categorized some broad tweets like where major tweets fall into.

The developed of the coding schedule was as the following: 1 is the promotional messages for the customers, 2=is the feedback to the customers and 3=others issues concerning the company. In the sentiment analysis of the two brands, the maps reflect an international market that is well flooded. The KFC map rises upwards showing how the various sectors are involved in giving the products for the consumers. The foods and beverages are also reflected through the comparative analysis of the services and the SWOT of MacDonald’s and the KFC.

Research Findings

On investigating on the ideas that people use to see the KFC and McDonalds Twitter accounts we were able to look at the tweets sent by the two companies and how they do it. We were able to look at a hundred randomized tweets from KFC and the sentiments of the analysis results. On the other hand, we also analyzed the emotions from McDonald’s users and analyzed their results (Aish & Alec 45). It is important to

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