How Does Internet Aids Communication Essay Example
How Does Internet Aids Communication Essay Example

How Does Internet Aids Communication Essay Example

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  • Published: December 23, 2017
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With the rise of the Internet, mobile Internet and subsequently social media, communications and connectivity have been augmented. Relationships as a result are affected in ways. We used to communicate to people living close to us but now we have become engaged in both local and long-distance relationships and keep in touch regardless of location. Research has shown that online communication have not replaced more traditional offline forms such as face to face and telephone but instead complemented and increases the frequency of communications.

Aside from personal uses, businesses have also taken opportunity of this increased connectivity to bulld rapport with tech-sawy customers as part of their marketing strategies. In this discussion, we shall look in details some of the ways communications has been improved by the Internet. News Instant updates on the latest International news With mobile apps, accessibility to the


news Increased Contacting people over distance Whatapp No need to physical meet-up for projects Convenient text messaging to iron out issues and clarify on project matters Facetime, Skype, Lync

Video/teleconferenclng for school projects, meetings, conference calls etc. Social Networking Facebook, LinkedIn Facilitates social networking Stay In touch with old friends Meetup. com Allows like-minded, people of common interests and hobbies find one another and to organise social events Ecommerce Carousell, ebay, Gumtree etc. Able to find buyer for second-hand goods more easily Social media in marketing Create awareness for product promotions Vla promotion mix Advertlslng e. Google AdSense on blogs, vlogs etc. Direct marketing Public relations Post sale feedback Maintaining and building customer relationships Handling of unfavourable rumours promptly Customer database can be built with relative ease; customers' preferences can be communicated

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Direct email can be send to customers to information Tim: I think the above more or less sums up what and how the internet can help to aid communications, Just need to further expound on it.

I was thinking of showing a person, say like a Mr Muthu, who lives in a rural part of india and does not have the resources to get his product out on a global scale (in the sense where there arent factories around to mass produce his product etc) but having Just a computer and nternet will help by getting his product out their in the market to say 'kickstarter' where people can view the product and fund it.

So from here we can have players in the market come in through the net to want to fund the project, manufacture the product in their country, and do marketing, which then further branches out to the communities around the world. Something along those lines, which we can definitely expound on and add more meat on the sides, especially on operations and freight, or delivery, how communications work, including the points put in by everyone above. Storyboard mock: Following the above, here's how the poster can look like.

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