Frito-Lay’s Name of the company Essay Example
Frito-Lay’s Name of the company Essay Example

Frito-Lay’s Name of the company Essay Example

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  • Published: October 6, 2017
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This initiative is intended to silence the critics that Potato Wafers are junk food.But Bingo is not sleeping either, if you have noticed the pack of Bingo, it says " Baked, Not Fried " to remind the consumer that no oil is used.


Another area Frito-Lay is bullish on is the 35-gm Rs 5 packs. "This segment is growing at least three times more than the regular category. Small packs work very well to drive distribution and penetration.

A substantial part of our volumes are contributed by small packs. " The brand is also available in 200-g packs.


On the distribution front, Frito-Lays covers close to a million outlets.The availability stretches to even Ladakh and Leh. Other players allege that with the competition kicking in, Frito-Lay’s sales force have been more persuasive than ever before with retailers. Bingo is leveraging ITC’s


vast distribution expertise and finds itself in many outlets that traditionally did not stock snack food.

Frito-Lay was taken off the shelves of Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar outlets on account of commercial terms differences and trade margins. While the move enabled Big Bazaar to push their private label brand Tasty Treat, Bingo too grabbed the available shelf space in these outlets. Small retailers, almost all of whom also sell ITC cigarettes, claimed they had been promised a premium if Bingo display was better. With its sole objective of deep distribution, ITC introduced mega-size wafer trolleys outside most mom-and-pop outlets.

Lay’s, the top selling brand reacted with its own version of trolleys parked next to Bingo’s display. Of course there were some places where ITC Bingo blocked out its competition. Besides shelves and stands, ITC introduced counter-top models an

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has a couple of more innovations in the pipeline.


Brand: Frito Lays Campaign: Fight For Your Flavour Agency: JWTDirected by: Shaad Ali Storyboard: The two Lays brand ambassadors, Saif Ali Khan and MS Dhoni, are battling it out, political style, in a mock campaign that seeks the viewer to vote for their flavour.

The voting is the crux of this campaign, which is a first of its sort, asking the consumers to vote for a particular flavour which in turn will determine which flavour stays put in the market and, consequently, leading to the rival flavour being discontinued. In a very exaggeratedly slapstick comedy style, brand endorsers Saif Ali Khan and MS Dhoni are put on the campaign stage literally as netas canvassing votes for their respective flavours. Taking off on the election season, this campaign between Khan's Spunky Pimento and Dhoni's Balsamic Blast gets down and dirty with many tongues stuck out mockery and earsplitting canvassing.

  • The tongue factor? Keel over laughing with the double entendre; the campaign exhorts the viewer/voter to use their tongues.

Viewers will need to SMS in their choice of flavour for the final judgment, with the duo reeling off their numbers a la the reality shows which have become the norm on every channel these days.

  • The surprise of the day? MS Dhoni, the non-actor, manages to hold his own against Saif Ali Khan, the professional actor.
  • Interactive? You bet.
  • Silly? Of course!
  • Bang on target? Yes.

Behind the scenes: Fight for your flavour is an international concept that Frito Lays has brought to India.

The 'Fight for your Flavour' campaign asks consumers to participate and vote through SMS of logging in to the

website. In addition, the brand will also set up 'polling booths' would also be set up in malls, multiplexes and Cafe Coffee Day outlets to enable the target consumer vote for their preferred flavour.

The 360-degree activation plan includes merchandise in variants of two such as posters, key chains, mousepads and T-shirts, which can be won by the consumers for voting in. The campaign, which commenced on May 22, will run for a six-week period with the winning flavour staying in the market for an additional two weeks.

Gyaan: Says Harjot Singh Narang, Associate Vice President & Client Services Director, JWT, Delhi, "The key thing about the youth today is that they are the most frequently targeted segment by a variety of brands and categories. Given this situation, it is imperative to capture their attention through really clutter-breaking stuff and put your brand message amongst the top few that occupy their mind space, and this was the key task that Fight For Your Flavour as a concept had to achieve. The whole communication for this works on the insight that youth want to express themselves and make their views count.

Through Fight For Your Flavour - Lays encouraged the youth to literally "use their tongues" and overtly express their preference for a flavour of their choice.


The test-marketing exercise comes shortly after Frito-Lay rolled out a revamped Lay's chicken barbeque-flavoured potato chips variant. Another recent launch was that of Lehar Nutyumz fried peanuts. Prior to that, the company had introduced Twistee Layan extruded cheese-flavoured snacking product.

The Cheetos mascot is an anthropomorphic cartoon cheetah named Chester Cheetah.


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