How To Celebrate In Eid Aladh Essay Example
How To Celebrate In Eid Aladh Essay Example

How To Celebrate In Eid Aladh Essay Example

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  • Published: January 21, 2018
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aEid Aladha is one of Islam Celebration which is all Muslims worldwide must sacrifice a sheep to be closer to god, to feed poor people, and to eat from its meat. In Eid Aladha people have same tradition to celebrate in this event. First, in morning people should pray the Eid’s pray which is consisting of two pray. After praying, people go to scarify the sheep and usually each family should scarify one sheep.

Then, they take these sheep and cut it to medium pieces and give some of them to their relative, poor people, neighbor, and the rest they used to make their own food. In my country which is Saudi Arabia people usually cook their traditional meal which is called ‘KABSA’. They have two choices they can make it at home or they can order it at the restaurants. H


owever, they usually cooked at home because it is the important part of the celebration.

Therefore, there are three steps for enjoying to kabsa: finding the ingredients, cooking the dish, and eating it. First of all, there are a lot of types of kabsa in Saudi Arabia. It is different from area to area. The ingredients are different depending on the type of kabsa.

The basic ingredients are rice, five cups of water, half an onion (cut in slices), three cloves of garlic (chopped), three tomatoes, one spoon of tomato sauce, one kg of meat lamb or beef, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, dry black lemon, dry coriander, a small cup of oil, and salt. I prefer to use spices from Saudi Arabia.
After you got the ingredients, you cook the dish. First, put the onion and the oil

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in a pressure cooker with medium heat then stir until tender. After that add the meat to the onion and stir the meat with the onion.

After that cut the tomatoes in small pieces and put them in the pot with one small spoon tomato sauce. Finally add the rice and water then add the spices from Saudi Arabia. Put the top on the pressure cooker and lock it. You must wait 30 minute it will be done. This is one way to.

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