Popular Movie In Asia Essay Example
Popular Movie In Asia Essay Example

Popular Movie In Asia Essay Example

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  • Published: June 3, 2018
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This movie was very popular at a time in Asia and the classic shot where leading actor ND actress ran to each other became a forever moment. The buildings and people in this movie impressed me deeply and I saw a different life from me. After watching this movie, had the thought of going to Paris and see what is going on inside this city. Since then, I began to collect all the pictures about this city and this country, dreaming about standing in front of the Eiffel tower in some day.

This year, I realized my dream and had an opportunity of studying in Dijon for at least 1 year which makes it possible for me to fully experience the culture there. Time flies, even didn't realize today is already my second month in Jon, it is like I


am getting used to the life there and be ready to explore the new world. And just think back, so many interesting things happened and I've seen a lot of beautiful view. Here in this paper, will say something different between France and china based on my personal experience in France, especially in Dijon, during these two months.

France France is a country located in western Europe and have been attracting people all around the world since the beginning of its establishment. This beautiful country has many places that worth paying a visit, and it goes without saying that Eiffel Tower is the most famous one. Every year, countless people come to Paris just to have a look at this symbol of romance and take numerous photos to memorize the precious moment. Also, France is

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famous for its wine and wine culture, I don't think there is people who do not love French wine.

What's more, It is like that France is now the capital of dream and capital of romance, and you cannot specify the reasons why you think like that, maybe, the phenomenon and culture there make you feel like that without thinking and it is exactly where its charm lays. 1. 2 China China, of course, is a very big country and has the most population in the oral. Since grow up in China and I am so familiar with her that even don't know what I should say about her. This is a little bit strange, but on the other hand, I think maybe because there is too much to say and I feel overwhelmed.

Speaking of china, you must think of panda. Yes, panda is one of the most popular symbols of china, and there's a large number of people all over the world who are huge fans of this cute animal. Pandas are also given by Chinese government as a gift to other countries in order to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. Besides, China has a very long history ND that is why china has such comprehensive culture toward people, life, and universe.

There are numerous wise arising from Chinese history and their ideas are still useful and full of wisdom even seen by us today, like Confucius and Sun Tug. Nowadays, china is developing at an amazing speed and plays an more and more important role on the world stage. 2. 1 The Difference in Food To be honest, there is great difference

in food between France and china.

However, have to say that they both taste good. And think this difference can mainly contribute to four aspects: ingredients, way of cooking, time of inch and dinner, dinner manners. To begin with, it is the difference in ingredients. When I went to careful in Dijon for the first time, I had no idea what to buy, because all the articles on the shelf are unfamiliar to me and I cannot find what needed. So for my first shopping there, just collected some tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli and bacon, of course, the same for the next few days.

And complained to my roommate that what I should do if there is only tomatoes, potatoes and broccoli for the next one year. Because come from Chuan(a province in china)where people are crazy about chili and spicy. However, types of peppers are limited in Dijon and most importantly, they are not spicy at all. What's more, people in CHUAN love fried dishes which combine vegetable and meat.

And if you want to have some vegetable alone, you fry it too along with some garlic,ginger and dry red pepper. But here in Dijon, I can only find vegetable for salad. Besides, cheese is very popular in France and I found it has a lot of different flavors and types, and I haven't figured it out until now. While in china, I believe most families don't have this kind of ingredient. Secondly, the way of cooking differs a lot.

Generally speaking, I never use electric table at home, except there is some special occasion, like eating hot pot. Because you need some movable equipment to heat the pot

all the time. However, I find that most of people in Dijon use electric table at home for their daily meal. And this difference in heating equipment lead to difference in what we eat.

In china, almost every house has a gas stove and if you want to use it, you just need to turn on the switch, then the fire comes out automatically. However, in Dijon, like I said before, people do usually electric table(movable or fixed). And even if there is gas stove, you can't expect fire to come out automatically, because you have to use lighter to ignite. What's more, we use different cookware.

Wok is the most heavily used cookware for Chinese people, we can use it to create all kinds of fried dishes. And we also use food steamer(made of bamboo), pressure cooker, maritime and many others that I can't call the name. As for French people, in my opinion, I think pan is one of the most popular cookware. Because there are all kinds of pans available in supermarket, and you can easily choose your favorite one. Thirdly, it is the time when you have your lunch and dinner.

In fact, I don't hint there is much difference in lunch time, we both have it at around 12 or later. But time for dinner is totally not alike. Based on my experience here, conclude that if you want to go out for dinner, you must remember go after 7 o'clock, because most restaurants are closed before that and even if there are a few restaurants which are open, it is likely that they only offer some coffee, hot chocolate and wine, and you

still have to wait until 7 o'clock. While in china, you can even have dinner outside at 5 pm, and you'd better go at around 5 pm, otherwise, you have to wait for a long time, do you know why? The answer is so funny, because the restaurant is probably occupied, and you have to wait for others who come earlier to finish their meal.

Lastly, people in china and France have different dinner manners. And let's start with wine. Here I will take myself as an example. I had my first traditional French dinner in a restaurant in Dijon, and it is really difficult for me to figure out what's on the receipt, so chose appetizer, main course and dessert by random. Then told the waiter what I need and I thought I finally relieved from reading the menu, but it is not done yet.

The waiter asked if need meeting to drink, when said no he seemed to be surprised, so I ordered a glass of wine additionally. From then on, I realized how important the wine is for French people. In a word, in France, you usually have courses serviced one by one, and only when you have finished your appetizer, you will be serviced with main course and next dessert, at the same time, you'd better have a glass of wine which is necessary for a traditional French meal. However, in china, you can find another brand new world. Chinese people share every dish and all the dishes as long as you've ordered will be serviced almost at the name time, so within minutes you will have all the dishes on table.

Then it is

time for you to have a bowl of rice and eat the rice with the dishes. Sometimes, you can also have rice after tasting some dishes or without rice, it is up to you whether have rice or not. But rice is very important for Chinese people, especially for people who live in southern china, people have it in every meal, even for breakfast. It is like that rice is our main course and all the other dishes is to make rice taste better. 2. 2 The Difference in leisure When I first saw French movie-?La Boom, I was very surprised that teenagers old hold parties at home and also usually go to all kinds of parties held by their classmates.

In china, this rarely happened. So, I am thinking party culture might be a critical culture in French society. And it turned out to be true after I lived in Dijon and experienced it by myself. I often heard from my friends here in Dijon about the party thing, like who attended a party yesterday and again who go to another party today, just exactly like what has happened in the movie. I believe young people in France must enjoy this kind of leisure very much, and I the ink this is a great way to relax themselves and make friends. In addition, French people enjoy drinking cafe in sunny days.

As long as it is the sunny day, and you go out you'll find people wearing sunglasses sitting on the chair with their hands holding the cafe cup, they either talk with their friends or reading books and newspapers. It is very comfortable to

enjoy both the sunshine and talking. Besides, there are many pigeons surrounding the table and seeking for food from those guests. You can play with those cute animals too. The other day, I sited on a chair outside the restaurant and ate my kebab, suddenly, a flock of pigeons ran directly to me, before figuring out hat happened, they have eaten up the fallen French fries on the ground.

It is truly interesting experience interacting with those little birds. While in china, people love going to KIT where you can sing with a gang of friends and also playing cards and mahjong's. As for KIT, it is suitable for people at all ages, from teenagers to grandparents, as long as you want to sing a song, you can go there. All Kits have separate rooms, and you can decide the size of the room you want based on how many people will go. Mostly, you are asked to order some drinks or beers, so you can also treat it s a mini bar where there are only you and your friends.

Now everything is ready, you can sing whatever you like and drink with your friends. In case that you feel hungry because singing for too long a time, you can order some snacks too, including bean curd, beef jerky, spiced peanut kernel and so on. You can have this wonderful night till sun come s out and then get back home. Nowadays, many young people in china go to Kits in order to release their pressure and get rid of those unhappy memories. Playing cards and mahjong's is another way to relax. If you go to

china, you will mind there are a lot of tea houses where you can have a cup of tea while playing cards or mahjong's.

Especial when you go to southern cities, it is even hard for you to imagine how many tea houses there might be. Take my hometown Amazing as an example, Amazing is a small town located in Chuan and famous for its white spirit-?Jungian Chunk, people there live a very peaceful life because there is no job pressure like in big cities. One day, walked along the river to have a look at what's sold in stores around, and I was astonished by my findings, because I found a row of tea houses alongside the river. In fact, I am wondering if all the tea houses are able to have positive revenues, given limited number of mahjong's players.

However, on the other hand, you can see how popular the mahjong's is in my hometown. Nowadays, playing mahjong's has been an international activity and spread around the world. There is already World Mahjong's Organization and European Mahjong's Organization. And the world championship for mahjong's is held every four years. The first world championship was held in Changed, Chuan on 1-5 November 2007. 148 players from 16 nations participated. The Difference in Clothing As a whole, the color of clothing in France tends to be more like black, grey and white, and styles are more simple.

While in china, you enter the shopping mall, you enter the world Of color. And If you see these clothing stores from a distance, you can find almost all colors, like red, yellow, green, pink and blue, so every time

you go shopping you feel happy and satisfied because diversified colors make you feel so good. In addition, we have smaller clothing size, more diversified styles, and there is a lot of clothing brand from Korea and Japan. In fact, think all these differences are due to different human usuries, which mean Asians are generally shorter when compared with Europeans, so there are different clothing styles catering to different needs.

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