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My dream house is one that is made up of bricks and glass. I prefer it to have only three bedrooms since I only plan on having two children – – the master’s bedroom for us parents, and one each for the children. It will not be a large house, medium-sized would be great, a size suitable for a family of four individuals.

We will set a playroom wherein all the toy collections bought for the children are placed intact; we will also have a television room, which will be customized to look like a mini-theater for the family to gather around and spend time with watching our favorite shows while munching our preferred snacks; since the family comes from a musically-inclined one, a music room will be prepared also, wherein all the musical instruments will be kept; since I love to read books and I have collected countless already since I was young, I will make sure that a room called “the library” will be made available, a computer will also be placed here, in case, we would like to research through the web; last but not least, a “game” room will also be set up so that there will be a separate room for the children to play their video games in, a computer will also be placed here, in case the children want to play their video games in it. Since my wife loves to take baths, the bathroom that will be built is like that of a spa. It will be filled with scented candles and other therapeutic materials will be made available there. The kitchen will have the largest size in the house.

Ranges and convection ovens will be placed, ones with exhaust fans and range hoods will be installed there since to make cooking and baking more fun. In addition to that, dishwashers will be placed right beside the sink. Everything will be made of stainless steel except for the granite counters where I will be preparing the ingredients of the food that I needed to cook. Finally, a wine cellar will be set up. My relatives are really into wine and so one will be set up for them. This will also serve as a place where us parents can unwind without having to go outside of the house and spend for wine and other alcoholic beverages. This is the dream house that I have always desired. I hope I will be able to build one for my dream family.

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