My Life In The Dormitory Essay Example
My Life In The Dormitory Essay Example

My Life In The Dormitory Essay Example

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  • Published: December 5, 2017
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My Hall
Getting in university, I registered student residence. For the beginning, the reason I choosing a hall life for my first semester is due to the convenience of going to school.

Yet, living in the tiny double room for a month, more incentives of being a part of the big family has been found.Entering the lobby, students would first be welcomed by the warmest smile from security guards, who are as intimate as chamberlains. A hoarse but tender sound of greet would then melt your poker face. You should never pass over their smile since it seems like a blessing, wishing all of us possess a good day.

Right turned from the counter to the elevators, a splash of green occupies eyeballs. It is the Lucky Bamboo. I can still remember every corners of the lobby are well penetrated by its fresh odour. Moreover, the


humid blades show students how lively they are.

All the people and things existing in the lobby do cheer every weary body up. Pressing the lift-door closing button, the heart-warming zone is eliminated into a line.Rising up like a bubble, we finally arrive at seventh floor. There is a common room near the lift. The room is full of food smell.

From microwave oven to induction cooker, from flat-bottomed dish to wineglass, from little salt to oyster sauce. Kitchenware is located neatly inside the room. All over there do lure someone to make great dishes. Every time girls cook for dinner, flavorsome smell arouses floormates appetite. Also, there are a comfortable sofa and a crappy old television. Hubbub and laughter has always been a friend with this ungoverned republic.

Walking alone the corridor, room door

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scattered at two sides are closed. Sound volume is muted so as to care the students who are sleeping. In the afternoon, you can hear nothing but murmur and familiar music sound track with reduced volume. The wall is painted to gray-blue which give people a depress mood. Lighting by dull yellow light, the atmosphere around the narrow path is.


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