Nespresso College Essay Example
Nespresso College Essay Example

Nespresso College Essay Example

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  • Published: January 20, 2017
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The Nespresso story began with a simple but revolutionary idea: ‘The perfect cup of coffee, time after time and cup after cup’. To do so Nespresso pioneered the concept of premium portioned coffee, designed for maximum convenience. The process redefined the way coffee lovers around the world could enjoy their coffee. Key to the vision was a determination for quality, innovation and perfection. Nespresso uses many different brand elements to enhance brand awareness and to form strong, favorable and unique brand associations.

First of all, the brand name Nespresso refers to the parent company Nestle. Nestle wanted to establish Nespresso as a super-premium brand, therefor the brand is associated with adjectives like expensive, timeless, elegant and luxurious. If people think about Nespresso, one of the first things that comes into their minds is Sup


erstar George Clooney and the slogan ‘Nespresso, What else? ’. One of the main points-of-difference of Nespresso’s branding strategy is its distribution system.

You can order the capsules only on the internet or you can buy them in one of the exclusive Nespresso boutiques in every major city. These boutiques contribute a lot to the brand image, because they offer an experience of lifestyle, taste and pleasure. If you buy a Nespresso machine, you have to become a member of the Nespresso club and you can only use special branded Nespresso capsules for the machine. Another brand association is individuality, because there are 16 different ‘grand crus’ to choose from and every few months Nespresso releases a new special edition.

In other words, Nespresso ‘personalized’ the idea of coffee with its individual taste, designs and colors. A

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a point-of-parity association I would see the accessories sold in the Nespresso boutiques, like for example exclusive chocolates, sugar or designer cups and other tableware. Unfortunately another brand association is that Nespresso products are ecologically damaging, because up to now the aluminium-capsules are not recycled.

Therefor, my suggestion to improve the branding of Nespresso would be to position the brand as a more environmentally friendly and sustainable brand. For example Nespresso could introduce a well-functioning recycle-system and further start to sell fair trade coffee. Up to now, Nespresso’s system of portioned coffee was often imitated but thanks to its strong brand identity never equaled. This is why Nespresso should constantly work on its brand positioning to remain the brand leader on the ‘at-home gourmet coffee’ market.

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