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The King Midas story is about a bad and greedy decision that was made. In the story King Midas gives Silence a big festival, and in return Bacchus grants Midas the reward of choosing a gift. He chooses to have the power of transforming whatever he touches into gold. Later on the story, he regrets his decision since he can’t eat anything and gets very hungry. In the story of King Midas the men are presented as strong characters because of how they act, superior to the other characters. Bacchus shows his strength by giving “Midas the pleasant – but destined to be armful – reward of choosing a gift”.

Bacchus was the god of wine, people worshipped him, and he had different abilities. He shows strength because people have to make him happy for him to give gifts. Also, he seems very wise. Even though he was disappointed with Midas’ choice, he still gave it to him so he could learn a lesson. Bacchus also shows superiority when Midas begs him and says “Forgive me, Bacchus, Lean father, for I have sinned. But pity me, I pray, and rescue me from this splendid evil”. Even though Bacchus did forgive Midas, he had to beg him, infers he had sinned, and show his weaknesses.

Gods were divinities, and they had to show their respect for them. At the same time that Bacchus shows strength when Midas begs him for forgiveness, Midas also reveals his own strength. Strength in the aspect of being honest, being brave and not being afraid of admitting to his mistake. That shows humility, which is a good and important quality to have. He admits that he was wrong and that he learned the lesson. That shows he’s strong because grow from his own mistakes and be a better person each day. As viewed, the men are the strongest characters in this story.

This myth has the intention to teach us all a lesson: to be careful when making decisions and that money isn’t everything. Making decisions requires skills that we gain slowly throughout our lives. We should always make wise decisions, and if it ends up being a mistake, we should always learn from them to do better the next time. Also, money isn’t everything, because as shown in the story, Midas asked to be rich and ended up starving. Be careful with what you ask for. King Midas Essay By Amanda-Figured

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