Jogho Movie Review Essay Example
Jogho Movie Review Essay Example

Jogho Movie Review Essay Example

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  • Published: January 9, 2018
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Only man can decide on anything that happened in the family. Woman on the other hand Is being portrays as weak.

The role of a woman is to take care of the husband and the children. They did not have any right to voice out their opinion on anything because the role of the wife Is to obey their husband even If their husband had done the wrong thing. For example in the film 'Gogh' , Make Mania did not have the right to say anything when Poke Mat involve in the bullfight's gambling and when all the money that is left is being used as bet in the bullfight. Aka yakking kite ado resize kali in, MGM cay la amino. Sabina TU Aka begging taught synonymy kali". Abe, plight nil Jag hook tinning, habit hook n' make daunt ghetto


la kilt amok bugaboo".

"Melon, mug in lasing good adagio passenger, mug took SOHO duke rising, kite amok bugaboo took key Kabul". We can clearly see that even though Make Mania already told Poke Mat to stop gambling because they have no money left, Poke Mat suddenly get angry toward Make Mania by saying that Make Mania is not being supportive and do not have trust towards him.

Poke Mat did not listen to what Make Mania said and still continue with the bullfight's gambling. Most of the men in the film are so obsessed with the bullfight.

They even neglect their family Just because of the bull. Poke Mat In the film is so obsessed with his bull. Even when he falls sick, the first thing that he asks when he woke up

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is whether they had fed Oral with food He did not ask Make Mania about their family. Apart from that, Poke Mat also ask Make Mania to give Oral the best food even though they do not have much money and their family only ate rice with bud without any other side dishes.

Even when Make Mania Is being sarcastic about having them eating rice with bud only whereas Oral get the best food, Pack Mat Just Ignore what she said and still force Make Mania to give Oral the best food. For Pack Mat, Oral is his beloved wife. He loved his bull more than anything else in the world. "Oral Aka alga Mann? ". "make did in keno Ago, okay OK Sans, Jangle loop bubo make tape Meek Us.

Sure buddy-buddy Tulane bell. DOD briar padded duo Togo high. Bagley make Oral keno buy hook mole. Keno Ago". (Poke Mat) "you la TU. Amok bin make nanas nag bud Jag".

Make Mania) In Aslant culture, man always degraded woman because they think that woman Is weak and cannot do anything else apart from be at home and do household chores. They did not know the power of woman. They thought that cannot think and act like them. However, they are wrong because Make Mania in the film 'Gogh' is being portrays as a strong woman who is willing to do anything for her husband. She even close a bullfight deal with Map.

But when Make Mania show Map the money, he immediately said that man and woman had no deference.

They are all the same. It Is contradicted to what he said before

that; woman cannot enter the bullfight match "Gogh tint took lee mask bong. Took phosgene Gogh beak" "mambo take dog mishmash. Betting Jetty mask bong, mambo take dog Hal. hook mistook kali, ado pith API kali koala, Jangle mayor" We can see that at first, he said that woman cannot enter the match because it is something unusual but then, when Make Mania shows him the money, he immediately said that he do not mind if Make Mania wants to enter the match.

Woman and Man are no difference.

Another aspect that shows the microcosm of the Asian people in the film 'Jogged is the paradoxical belief system. In the film, Pack Mat is someone who had religious and his religious is Islam. He believes in God and fate. We can see that at home he "brakeman" with his family when they pray and he will be the Imam. When he was being captured by the police, the only thing he request to bring is the tastes'.

However, what is paradox here is that even though Poke Mat is a Muslim, he still involves in gambling. Gambling is one of the heaviest sins in Islam. He did know that but he still do that.

Poke Mat believes in fate but he is very confident that he will win the fight no matter what happen. "bullish mambo book bubo sepsis.

. Wake saying" "kite besought, shoe paid Than, shake .NET in shake Than. Haring Aka yakking lumber kite Megan" Apart from gambling, they also involves in murder, vendetta. In he beginning of the film, we can see that Sis had shot and had murdered Lazily and Chalet

because he is not satisfy with the result of the fight.

Even though they are Muslim, they still murder people. Sans and Salami also took revenge on Sis's son by murder him.

They must take revenge on what had happened to Pack Lazily which is their father. They always stresses on the line "hutting DARPA debar DARPA". They did not portray the life as a Muslim even though they believe in God.

"nook sales alga Mann, motto map? " "Dorado mist keno boyar dengue Dorado. Poke Iso baguette gasp nag kite. DORADO! Dorado keno boyar Deana Dorado". The third aspect to be discussed about the microcosm of the Asian people in the film 'Gogh' is the inherent pathos of life. The pathetic life of the people in the society sometime had been inherited from the previous generation.

The way they behave and act is the result of the way they were raised. The culture of the society shaped them to be like what they became today. For example in the film 'Jogged, bullfight is a culture for them. It is one of the way for them to earn money. Bullfight is their source of money.

That is the only work that they know. It is being inherited from one generation to the other generation. When Poke Mat falls sick, Sans took charges in taking care of Oral. He is also the Gogh for Oral if anything happen to Poke Mat.

When he knew that there is someone else took his position as the Gogh of Oral, he is very angry because he said that only he can became the Gogh if anything happen to Poke

Mat. We can clearly say that even though Poke Mat had being captured by the police, Sans will take in charge of taking care of Oral because Poke Mat already taught Sans all the knowledge on bull fighting. "Sapp Jade Johnny? Saloon kali Poke Mat attack Patton Aka la. Tap alga Mann, Sapp pulls nook giant? "took Utah la Sapp'. "Token Amok Us nook Usual Oral.

Aka ala Johanna. Jangle Gogh lain judos. Aka megaton.

Aka keno Utah Sapp Gogh Oral".

It is clearly shown that all this bull fighting gambling is inherited from one generation to the next, from Poke Mat to Sans However, in the film, we can say that Josh is the breaker of the pathos of life of the society there. Josh, the son of Poke Mat is educated as compared to other people in the society. He had an education outside from Patina. He studied at Skeletal. Being educated makes him know what is right and what is wrong. He knows that killing is rang in Islam, thus, he prohibit his father, Poke Mat from taking revenge toward Sis and Dolan.

He also know that the money that his father gave to him is not the right money, thus he did not take it. "Aka key cage sap OK lube seems, nook tune haute Dorado" "ayah, kite ado under-under, Mann bullet kit Jade Yakima sending. Barilla demo bunch Gogh, kite Jangle ayah. Shoe OK polio TU. Mambos OK dos".

"Iambi in, pith Wake bland'. Takeout ayah, audit abscissa TU ado DOD ' Hence, we can say that we still can change our pathos of life if we really want to

change. Josh had shown that even though his father is a hardcore Gogh in the illegal, he will not inherit the skill because he know that it is wrong.

Last aspect to look into the film is the message that is trying to be shown in the film. In the film 'Jogged, to take responsible in everything we do is very important thing. Poke Mat and his friends are responsible to take revenge on the murder of Poke Lazily.

They believe that Sis and Dolan should be responsible on their own doing instead of running away like a coward. They should face Poke Mat and the other villagers after they shot Pack Lazily after the bullfight. Sis and Dolan should not murder Pack Lazily if they are not satisfied with the result. It shows that they are coward to face the reality.

Because of this, other innocent people are also suffered. The message that is being portray in the film is that we should take responsible on our own doing without involving other people.

We should take that responsibility instead of giving that to other people. In conclusion, film Gogh is one of the close references to show the microcosm of the Asian people. The film focuses on the gender roles and responsibilities, paradoxical belief system, inherent pathos of life and the message that is being portray in the film are closely related with Asian people.

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