The Mission Movie Review Essay Example
The Mission Movie Review Essay Example

The Mission Movie Review Essay Example

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  • Published: October 24, 2017
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In this 1986 Dramatic Movie, Jeremy Irons plays the role of a Spanish Jesuit Priest named Father Gabriel. Father Gabriel goes to the forests of South America to build a Christian mission for the natives who live there, and convert them all to Christians. A Spanish Mercenary, Mendoza.

(Robert De Niro), later goes there with Father Gabriel in hopes of getting mercy for murdering his brother.They grew very fond of the community they were staying in, defending them from the Portuguese colonists who were trying to take them as slaves. The Mission was later on handed over from Spanish protection to the Portuguese. The Portuguese ordered the Jesuits (Mendoza and Gabriel) to leave the mission but they refuse.

Due to the refusal of leaving the territory, the Spanish and the Portuguese attack the missing, killing many, including Father Gab


riel, and Mendoza. The Movie is based around the 1750 Treaty of Madrid. The Treaty of Madrid allowed expansion of the Portuguese Empire. This expansion caused Spain to cease land in the Paraguay River. In particular Paraguay community, there were a number of mission communities, where converts worked together to live a prosperous life. The Spanish and Portuguese were trying to come to take the Guriani (Natives) from Paraguay and bring them back with them as slaves.

Some of the Jesuits (Reducciones) strongly opposed using Guriani people as slaves. The fight for the rights of the Guriani broke out into the Guriani War (1754-1756). During this war the Guriani defended their homes, their rights, and their families from the Spanish/Portuguese forces with the help of a few Jesuit Reducciones. In my opinion, I think that the film did a ver

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accurate job of re enacting this milestone in American History. The film did a good job of showing how harshly the Guriani was treated just for being different, and how hard it was for them to stay alive.

The film also showed how the Jesuits that lived on the mission with the Guriani greatly impacted the lives of them by teaching them new religion, as well as a mild form of education. The weapons in this film were very realistic for this time period as well as many other props including bibles, musical instruments, and the white wigs worn by parliament. The clothes and the painted faces on the Guriani were also very accurate. In Conclusion, “The Mission” is a historically accurate movie educating you on the Treaty of Madrid and the Guriani War.

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