Inventory System Summary Argumentative Essay Example
Inventory System Summary Argumentative Essay Example

Inventory System Summary Argumentative Essay Example

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  • Published: June 9, 2017
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The Learning Resources Center (LRC) of PCC is considered to have excellent facilities that are easily managed, with a wide variety of books and references available, including a display of theses. Moreover, the LRC also features an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) that allows for the convenient location and retrieval of necessary books.

The OPAC is used to search for various types of material needed in studies, including books and other references. Additionally, there is a periodical area that displays magazines and other reading materials, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and provides internet access. The Learning Resources Center of PCC is well-equipped with references, so there's no need to go outside and rent for research. There's a wide selection of books and references available, categorized by program/course type, foreign, Filipino, fiction and non-fiction, making it easy to find what you're looking for.


The library in this school is well-stocked and makes it easy for students to complete assignments. Additionally, the staff maintains the LRC well. The school also has magazine and newspaper resources available. A bulletin board, which is suitable for advertising items, announcing events or providing information, is present and can be made of material like cork or placed on computer networks for easy access and editing by others.

Bulletin boards are commonly found at universities and used by a variety of groups, including sports teams, extracurricular clubs, and local businesses. These notice boards can be found in dormitory corridors, hallways, lobbies, and freestanding kiosks. In some cases, lampposts, bollards, trees, and walls may also become makeshift posting sites where official boards are scarce. At PCC, all bulletin boards are visually appealing with well-coordinated colors and designs.

Each bulletin

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board features unique quotes, with a variety of reminders and designs inspired by the theme of the month. The creativity and beautiful design of the boards attract the attention of passersby. The boards feature a multitude of pictures related to their respective themes, all arranged in a computerized and creatively designed manner. At PCC, all bulletin boards are uniformly arranged around the same theme.

During my observation of 11 Bulletin boards, I noted that each board was displayed in a beautiful and creative manner with no misspelled words or grammatical errors. The content was well-connected to the theme and the materials used for the boards were designed both by students and teachers.

Teaching aids, also known as learning aids, are resources used to support children with special needs. These aids can assist individuals who struggle with conditions like ADHD and dyslexia. As the number of these disorders continues to rise, parents and teachers face challenges in promoting effective learning, skill development, and motivation. However, creative teaching methods implemented in mainstream schools can improve the use of learning aids for disabilities. Nowadays, computers have become essential tools for both special needs students and those in mainstream classrooms. There is a wide range of software available that serves as learning aids. In this instance, the teacher effectively utilized the teaching aid resulting in fewer distractions.

The use of teaching aids was executed with caution. The teacher's PowerPoint presentation was creatively designed, with pictures related to the lesson. Additionally, the white board was utilized for important details not included in the presentation. Thanks to technology, the lesson was easily comprehensible to students. However, it is imperative for teachers to ensure

proficiency in operating teaching aids and to eliminate any potential disruptions during presentations.

If I were a teacher, I would use the same strategies as the teacher mentioned in this text. Her ability to get the attention of her students and discuss lessons effectively aids in making the lessons easily accessible to students. The class is enjoyable, with students asking questions, listening intently, and even laughing at the teacher's jokes. Overall, the learning resources utilized by this teacher are effective in keeping student's focused on the lesson.

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