Impact of the Internet on Education Essay Example
Impact of the Internet on Education Essay Example

Impact of the Internet on Education Essay Example

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  • Published: December 26, 2017
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It Is difficult to Imagine what life would be Like without the Internet. The world of education has also undergone tremendous change since the advent of the internet. It allows students to quickly obtain a vast amount of information on every subject. They also get the convenience of going to class and completing assignments, permitting them to schedule their time with great flexibility.

The internet has become one of the easiest, fastest and most effective tools that can e used to explore and comprehend more about the world; however, It is not without problems. The uses of the Internet by students changes their thinking patterns, distracts their attention and reduces their Interpersonal skills. First of all, let us consider that the internet and search engines make students become lazy in their thinking.

Carr (2


010) writes that the internet can distract and interrupt people and make them become shallow and dispersive thinkers. Students have come to rely more and more on the internet because using search engines to get information is kicker and more direct than analyzing the Information first. Due to distractions and Interruptions, people lose the ability to think deeply and distinctively because their brains are not able to create powerful and extensive neural connections (Carr, 2010).

In addition, the internet offers some new methods of plagiarism. Students can download free resources and turn in assignments without citations; they can even acquire online writing services by simply purchasing them and hand in papers as their own. The result is that students remember the easy and quick way of finding UT what they need on the Internet only, but spend less time on thinking

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independently Over time, students' thinking patterns can be changed by using the internet frequently and inappropriately.

Even though the internet offers rich educational material to students, it also provides other diverse websites and social media to tempt them to waste their time. Thousands of websites are distracting students from studying time. In an experiment at Cornell University, students who used Internet-connected laptops during a lecture did much worse on a subsequent test than students who did not use the Internet (Carr, 2010). It Indicated that using the Internet In class Impacts students' attention span (2010). Distractions can take attention away from learning.

In fact, using the internet does not promote study efficiency, but wastes time. Furthermore, the internet damages students' interpersonal skills. Social media and instant messaging are major communication tools for students, which lead them to have few opportunities to talk In person. Recently, a multi-functional cell phone can replace a computer with Internet access. There Is a study In England that found that almost forty-percent of students surveyed aid they could not live without their cell phones (Birdseed, 2007).

Also, nearly ten- percent of students said that using cell phones caused them to lose their relationships and Jobs (2007). Besides, through online education, students cannot get face-to-face instruction from professors and also lose their chances to communicate with classmates. In conclusion, the influence of internet hangs over the world of education and creates effects on thinking patterns, concentration and the social skills the internet in education can be limited only if schools and parents cooperate.

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