Impact of Social Media Marketing Essay Example
Impact of Social Media Marketing Essay Example

Impact of Social Media Marketing Essay Example

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  • Published: December 10, 2021
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Social media marketing is normally considered as a form of internet marketing that uses social networking websites as a tool of marketing (Evans, 2012). This form of marketing has displayed significant effects in the world business as it produces a significant content that users share with their social network in order to help companies increase their brand exposure and widen the reach of customers. Social media marketing has different advantages that include that it is inexpensive when compared to other types of marketing social media. Additionally, social media plays a major role of engaging the intended audience to the marketing.

On the other hand, the form of marketing has some disadvantages that include incredibly time-consuming and that customers can post negative ideas thus affecting the reputation of the company. This paper critically evaluates the benefits and disadvantages of social


media marketing. Examining today’s technology driven the world, it is clear that the form of marketing has increased the brand awareness of companies (Monica, & Bala?, 2014). This is as a result of the widespread social networks that are conquering the worldwide websites and therefore most of the businesses consider this as a golden opportunity to get in touch with their prospective customers. Additionally, finding from different researches claims that when social media is utilized correctly, it can exponentially increase the visibility of a business’s brand within the location whereby most of the people simply get lost.

For instance, most of the companies currently use Twitter and Facebook to advertise their brands thus establishing an online presence that pushes their brands above the parapet of marketing (Monica, & Bala?, 2014). The other primary benefit of social media marketing

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is cost related. In this, social media marketing has evolved to be the cheapest form of marketing when compared to other forms of marketing. This is whereby most of the social media sites are free to access, establish a personal profile and post information. Substantially, a company is able to reach out to the targeted market for little or no cash investment.

Furthermore, the clients in need of the company’s brand or information can voluntarily join or follow the company on Twitter or Facebook. Even though social media marketing is inexpensive, it consumes a lot of time (Whiting, & Deshpande, 2014). In this, a company needs to designate an individual who can constantly feed the company pages and the profile with relevant content. Furthermore, the individual has to closely monitor the clients’ comments and attentively respond to their question. When this is done in small companies, it can result to be a serious problem since the companies would be required to strongly unite so as to keep the company afloat.

In other words, time commitment has made most of the small companies not to engage themselves in social media so as to boost their efforts in marketing. Examining the article on fast-food advertising in social media, it is clear that Facebook is the widely used social media network in the Egyptian marketing (Gaber, & Wright, 2014). Additionally, the study showed that most of the young Egyptians consumers have accepted the idea of fast food advertising in Facebook as it is inexpensive, and readily engages the intended audience in marketing. Moreover, the increasing popularity of social media websites amongst the millennials shows that Facebook can be an effective

medium for advertising. However, the Facebook Web is associated with other risks that can negatively affect the marketing of company’s brands.

One of the risks is that some of the disgruntled customers can leave negative comments on the company’s profile and these comments are not always removable thus affecting the company’s reputation. To avoid this, a company has to allocate an individual who can always check the company’s media accounts several times in a day. For instance, once an individual creates a post on Twitter, he or she has no control over what people will say since the post is public. Examining the environment of social media, the platform strongly encourages sharing of ideas and therefore, marketing can effectively work on this platform.

Perhaps, a unique benefit of social media is the ability to acquire help from one’s followers (Whiting, & Deshpande, 2014). This implies that when a company posts its brands on Facebook or Twitter, its followers will readily share the posts with their friends and hence the company will continue gaining more clients and shareholders. This effort of increasing the reach of the company’s brand increases the brand loyalty of the company and thus the company can easily retain its customers and establish strong measures of calling for new clients. Despite the sharing of the social media, the social media marketing has no short term ROI as it is a long-term strategy.

For instance, a return from the marketing can occur from a few months to a year before the corporation sees the advantages of increased brand sales and customer loyalty.


In an assumption, social media platforms are commonly used in the current world marketing

and have shown significant advantages and fewer disadvantages. Some of some media marketing advantages evaluated in the essay includes that the marketing is inexpensive, easy to reach out to the targeted customers and market and gives a platform for sharing. On the other hand, disadvantages evaluated include that the marketing is time-consuming, has no short term ROI and involves the risk of negative comment from disgraced customers.


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