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Chapter 1: Selling an Introduction

Inquirer is the taking circular in the Philippines. In 2001. it launched Libre. a free yellow journalism distributed in the MRT-LRT country. It was an unprecedented move of a major day-to-day giving away their newspaper on weekdays and retrieving cost entirely from advertisement gross. Visit the MRT-LRT site and discuss and explicate your replies to the followers:

a. What was the underserved and unserved market Inquirer was seeking to tap? B. How strategic is the underserved and unserved market to them? c. What are the other cardinal activity alterations of the Libre system vs. the traditional Inquirer system?

Chapter 2: Market Cleavage

Victoria Court Drive-in Hotel and Restaurant is a concatenation of full-service motels providing largely to the upper income market section. The traditional market for drive-in-hotels and motels are lovers who avail of one out of the many specially designed “theme” suites ( Nipponese room. jungle room. egg-shaped office room. game room etc. ) for three hours ( now called wash-up clip ) . In the early 1990’s. Victoria Court embarked on an aggressive run to pull two extra sections of the market: the hubby and married woman market and the party market. Their mission was to easy transform their image by pass oning to the populace that their drive-in-hotels could be used preponderantly for legitimate intents such as for resting. or for group societal occasions. They have besides acquired Hotel La Corona affiliated with the Best Western international hotel group.

a. Identify the demands and wants of each of the three market sections targeted by Victoria Court? B. Who are their chief rivals for each market section?

c. Given the traditional image of motel. make you hold with the cleavage scheme utilized by the Victoria Court group? Why or why non?

Chapter 3: Selling Mix: The 4Ps of Marketing

gohotels. pH. a belongings of Robinson’s Land. began test selling its value hotel in May 2010 at its edifice along Edsa beside Robinson’s Pioneer Street. It has approximately 200 suites in the Edsa site but has chosen to hold 60 to 100 suites in each of their subsequent sites in the provincial countries. Its pricing is alone because it utilizes the gross direction theoretical account of the air hose industry where monetary values would change depending on demand. in this instance. tenancy Numberss. Therefore. a 16 to 22 square metre room can command a monetary value every bit low as P388 plus value added revenue enhancement ( VAT ) . or every bit high as P3000 plus VAT. averaging about P1. 550 plus Vat per room self-praises of a comfy bed with two types of pillows ( hypoallergenic and chiropractic ) . a clean private bathroom with rain shower. free wireless local area network. LCD Television. convenient location with safe milieus secured by CCTV and safety cabinet. On its first month of its trial market and despite utilizing largely viral selling and imperativeness write ups to make consciousness. it experienced an tenancy rate higher than most hotels – 60 to 80 % on most yearss with two of those yearss to the full booked. therefore making an advanced concern theoretical account in the hotel industry with new footing of competition.

a. Who would be the mark market attracted to the offer of gohotels. pH? B. Identify the selling mix of gohotels. pH and compare it with other value hotels. What are their strengths and failings? c. How could gohotels. pH offer an surprisingly low monetary value every bit low as P388 plus VAT per room dark?

Chapter 4: Merchandise Scheme: Merchandise

In the fast nutrient industry. one growing chance in the yesteryear was the debut of the breakfast class. Fast nutrient companies like Jollibee and McDonald’s would hold a different bill of fare for breakfast and tiffin to “customize” its meal solution. during these two different repast times. However. tiffin and dinner bill of fare remains the same. a. Do consumers have the same or different dine-in behaviour during tiffin and dinner? B. If non the same. place the difference.

c. What would you urge to the fast nutrient companies in order to better their dinner gross revenues and place capacity use?

Chapter 4: Merchandise Scheme: Stigmatization

Starbucks is a popular haunt for Gen X and Yuppies. Despite selling java and other adust merchandises at higher monetary values than regular nutrient shops. they were able to bring forth consciousness and backing thru word of oral cavity and promotion alternatively of trusting on media publicizing. In 2010. Starbucks in the USA tested so “Roy’s Street Coffee and Tea by Starbucks Corporation” . an advanced vicinity java house that sells java. vino and beer. together with organic pastries. gourmet cheese and meat home bases.

This was an effort to recapture the upscale market which they lost when it went mainstream with cheaper lattes and frappuccinos that are now by Starbucks is the fifteenth Avenue Coffee and Tea. Both shops are located in Seattle which is the central office of Starbucks. a. Where do you believe Starbucks Corporation got the penetration to offer these merchandises under two freshly branded shops and non in their regular Starbucks? B. If the “Roy’s Street” and “15th Avenue” java stores win. what is the deduction to the Starbucks trade name and its over 16. 000 shops worldwide. including the Philippines?

Chapter 4: Merchandise Scheme: Managing Product Lines

During the 2010 one-year shareholders meeting of San Miguel Brewery. it was reported that while the per capital ingestion of beer in Luzon is 40 litres per twelvemonth. it is merely litres yearly in the Visayas and Mindanao part. San Miguel Brewery. already with approximately 96 % market portions of the entire beer industry as of 2010. wanted to spread out one-year gross revenues from 1. 5 billion litres to 2 billion litres by promoting higher ingestion in the Visayas and Mindanao are its assorted beer trade names.

a. Investigate why Visayas and Mindanao ingestion of beer is dawdling far behind its Luzon opposite number. B. How can San Miguel Brewery utilize its assorted beer merchandises to promote higher ingestion among underserved and unserved market in the Visayas and Mindanao country? c. How can San Miguel Brewery usage its possible synergism with all its sister companies to increase beer demand in the Visayas and Mindanao country?

Chapter 4: Merchandise Scheme: Green Selling

Although holding no nutritionary value. Shark’s five soup is a popular and much sought-after dish served in many Chinese eating houses. Shark’s fin dumplings are an every bit popular dimsum point. Hong Kong. Taiwan and Singapore are the top three states that trade shark fives and are the providers for Philippine Chinese eating houses. Each five weighs about 100kg. coming from sharks that are about 50 to 60 metres long. Some fishermen would capture sharks. slit their fives off and flip them back to sea to decease so they can salvage infinite on their boat. More states are censoring the fishing and trading of shark’s five.

However. unless the trade of shark five is wholly stopped. sharks may go nonextant. therefore making an instability in the ecosystem. To continue sharks. one manner is to promote authorities to censor its trade. Another is to promote eating houses non to function them. and in conclusion. to run for clients non to devour them. All three options while disputing to make is non impossible if the readers of this book can make something separately or jointly about it. The kernel of acquisition is non in cognizing but in making what needs to be done based on what we know. Devise and implement a run that will guarantee the slow down if non perfectly halt shark’s fin trade and ingestion in the Philippines.

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