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WatchMe is company established to cater to needs of the modern people’s need for a hip and modernized watch with superior quality, unique price and affordable price. The company aims to be the brand synonymous with words quality and style with an urban flair in the world of watches.Our products are the best and will be able to serve the needs and wants of people from all cultures and backgrounds. This marketing plan will show our commitment in making our company a success. Here, we will further show our product line and explain their unique features as to why people will buy them.

We will also show and explain our pricing strategies for our products. We a high rate of inflation today, buying our watch would be a good investment for anyone. We will also show who our primary target market is and also our secondary market. We will look at our options where we can sell our products successfully and look at the competitors and compare and contrast our products with theirs.Finally, we will look at the various marketing and advertising strategies we can use to promote our products to the target audience.

We will use new and modern technologies and practices to be able to reach the target audience we have determined.

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