Impact Of Epidemics And Pandemics In Tourism Tourism Essay Example
Impact Of Epidemics And Pandemics In Tourism Tourism Essay Example

Impact Of Epidemics And Pandemics In Tourism Tourism Essay Example

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  • Published: October 7, 2017
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Changes in the human behavior and life manner over the last century have resulted in an addition of epidemics and pandemics all around the universe. The spread of infective diseases among the population is normally known as epidemics or pandemics. The difference between these two nomenclatures are related to the figure of people which is affected, a pandemic is affected a far higher figure of people ( two crease ) compared to epidemic. Swine grippe is considered as pandemic, which affected really severely in 2009 most of the states in the universe particularly in Mexico and western states. There are a figure of incidents reported over the old ages such as the avian grippe affected in 2006, 1968 Hong Kong grippe, 1957 Asiatic grippe and the 1918 Spanish grippe ; which is considered as the most ill-famed, killed around 40 million people around the u



Tourism and cordial reception industry is really severely affected by pandemics globally, because of the nature of the concern which is ever related to the traveling of people. As history shows which is instantly affected to the hotels and eating houses, air hoses industries etc, due to the international travel limitations, media alarmist tones and authorities steps.

The chief legal issues faced by most of the organisations are straight related to the concern breaks due to the pandemics. Apart from the employees, concern spouses, providers and their households are affected by the diseases the authorities besides takes a figure of stairss to forestall the tremendous spreading of the disease. State and local governments can set a prohibition on travelers traversing the premium of the states, international motions of goods, a control ove

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accessing the installations and trade goods, public may curtail to entree some topographic points such as theaters and promenades etc.

Stockholder Claims: -After important fiscal losingss occur in the concern due to epidemics and pandemics, there are opportunities the stockholders make claim against the company.

Communication: -A cordial reception organisation has to pass on really desperately with all stakeholders and supply the relevant, clear and timely information 's. This is a ambitious occupation because the state of affairs is unpredictable, how it will impact. Information should accurate and seek to avoid confusion, means communications with the employees should cover when to return to work and all other policies related to them.

Human Resource and Employment: -The legal issues need to concentrate by human resources are chiefly related to the undermentioned countries

Degrees of absence of the employees and company leave policies ( Family and Medical leave Act )

Work topographic point safety demands

Forced leave and medical benefit

The workers compensation strategy ( Sing the unwellness at work )

These all factors vary from topographic point to put harmonizing to the authorities ordinances and company policies.


With the use of appropriate safety steps and action programs we can forestall the spreading of disease from individual to individual. The people working in cordial reception and touristry industry should be really much aware of this because they ever need to reach with the invitees from different parts of the universe. Some of the safety measures that might be followed by the directors and employees in hotel industry are

Personal Protective Equipments ( PPE ) : - All the employees, particularly if they are in direct contact with the invitee should have

on PPE 's such as masks, baseball mitts and aprons. Because the proper usage of these equipments will assist to forestall distributing to a certain degree. Employees must alter their on the job fabrics ( uniforms ) before go forthing the premises. Food animal trainers and must utilize PPE 's even if they are non reaching straight with the invitees.

Employees must necessitate rinsing their custodies particularly before and after fixing the nutrient, after utilizing the lavatory, coughing and sneezing. They can besides bespeak to the invitees to make the same in a polite mode.

The workers who clean guest suites should besides utilize an apron and baseball mitts when they are cleaning the suites occupied by the ailment guest. Wearing a mask is non necessary if the invitees are non in the room. The changed room linen should be placed in a separate bag alternatively of go forthing them unfastened in the corridor. They should air out the room by unfastened the Windowss.

To forestall the spreading through the used PPE 's among the co-workers, dispose it after usage.

Telecommuting: -This allows employees to work at place, therefore we can cut down the hazard of polluting the disease. In cordial reception industry this is merely applicable at the executive degree because all other countries needed a personal service.

Actions to be taken by the directors

There are a figure of stairss to be taken by the directors in progress against the pandemics to better the organisations safety control steps and guest safety.

Because there are opportunities the fortunes may take to the political and legal facets such as compensations and claims.

They should keep a moderate list of medical installations available in

and around the vicinity, in instance of any unwellness reported from the invitees or staffs.

Update the staff contact inside informations.

Develop an alternate program to run into the staff demands in instance of an above absence degree.

Ensure they have got adequate stock of cleansing stuffs and besides look into the manus rinsing installations are working decently.

Ensure the staffs are cognizant of the relevant processs.

Ensure all the countries particularly door grips, lights-outs, and Kitchen countries are spotlessly cleaned instead than normal yearss.

Promote guest to cover their oral cavity and olfactory organs with serviettes when coughing and sneezing.

Review the action programs and develop the staff in progress sing the stairss to be taken in instance of an exigency

Review the reserves made and promote the guest non to go if they are affected.

Check all the invitees remaining in the hotel are holding the scheduled repast at the nutrient and drink mercantile establishments.

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A pandemic grippe which affected many states around the universe in 2009, caused by H1N1 virus is referred as swine grippe. . Hogs are considered as the reservoirs of the grippe. Normally the viruses merely spread through direct contact with the hogs, besides there is opportunity to distribute it from individual to individual when it mutates. The virus is foremost detected in April 2009.The eruption began at Veracruz, Mexico, and the instances reported there had been ongoing epidemic for few months even before the grippe was officially recognized. The Mexican authorities has closed most of the public and private installations at Mexico City in order to forestall the spreading of viruses. But

unluckily the virus spread all over and affected different parts globally.

Harmonizing to World Health Organization ( WHO ) study generated on 1 April 2010, 213 states and abroad districts around the universe have reported the pandemic grippe H1N1 2009.And 17483 deceases were officially reported. Still the virus is distributing in some parts of South East Asia. Thailand and Malaysia has continued to describe a few instances in in February 2010 as good. America and Europe reported a low degree of virus continued to distribute over parts.

Tourism in Mexico

Tourism industry plays a cardinal function in the Mexican economic activities. Mexico attracts both national and international tourers, celebrated for beach touristry, adventure touristry, charming towns, societal touristry, concern touristry etc. The income bring forthing through the touristry seems to be increasing over the old ages since 1980. Statistics shows there has been a 6 % addition in 2007 compared to 2006 ; the entire income for 2007 is 12,900 million dollars. United States contributes 67 % of the tourers coming to the state.

After the swine grippe Mexican touristry and economic system has faced a biggest bead in gross in summer 2009, chiefly because of the terror created over the travelers. The tourer particularly from Canada and United States cancelled their trips. Besides the Mexico City governments closed many public topographic points and set a prohibition on assemblage of people. Harmonizing to the study, the tenancy per centum at luxury hotels in the metropolis down to 4 % during this season.

The income generated through the touristry industry is the 3rd largest beginning of Mexican economic system ; oil exports and remittal from people working abroad are the chief

beginnings. Because of the planetary recession both of these industries has declined in 2008.But touristry industry survived with a growing of 3.5 % during that clip.

Example: -

Cancun is a part in Mexico ; touristry is the lone gross beginning in this country, celebrated for beach touristry. This topographic point has been recorded a immense growing in having international tourers since 1970.Immediately after the swine grippe reported, the figure of international tourer geting Cancun was dropped by 82 % and the domestic tourers besides down by 40 % . ( Harmonizing to the Sara Latife Ruiz Chavez, secretary of touristry for the province Quintana Roo which includes Cancun country. She says 22 hotels were closed down temporarily due to miss of concern. More than 10,000 employees depending on the touristry and cordial reception industry were lost their occupations. Even though the menaces were slices after two months, we can see that still the industry is contending with fortunes.

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But after about one twelvemonth, during the first three months of 2010 the Cancun touristry industry is retrieving really rapidly. During the February 85 % of its entire 28,000 suites were occupied. They are anticipating a faster growing during the spring season. Harmonizing to a study generated by touristry functionaries, anticipating 25,000 spring surfs to get this twelvemonth compared to 20,000 last twelvemonth to see the freshly rebuilt beaches and its installations.

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Apart from the air hoses and hotel industry, there are many concerns associated with the touristry industry besides affected by the swine grippe. Public countries such as theaters, film, museums, and art galleries were closed down. Many states

like America, Cuba and Argentina have suspended flights to Mexico during the season. Besides there is a significant autumn down among concern travelers ; National Business Travel Association ( NBTA ) published a study about the concern travel shows 61 % of the travelers were cancelled instantly after Mexico reported the eruption.

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Harmonizing to the Mexican touristry secretary in the twelvemonth 2009 the gross from touristry sector dropped down by 10.5 % ( $ 1.4 billion ) compared to 2008 ( $ 13.29 billion ) .This is the worst twelvemonth for the Mexican touristry industry because of planetary economic recession and the terror created among the travelers about the swine grippe pandemic. The last few months figures show the state has overcome the state of affairs. During the first 10 months of the calendar twelvemonth state obtained $ 9.19 billion from the sector and hosted 17.28 million foreign tourers, but in 2008 it was $ 11.06 billion and 18.29 million severally during the same period.

Rodolfo Elizondo said major touristry finishs in the state were back to the old degrees and peoples populating manner and businesss registered before the swine grippe foremost detected in April 2009.The recovery experienced is mostly in domestic touristry compared to the foreign travelers. The investors are anticipating a shortly recovery in the industry, even the economic system was upside down during the first 11 months of the 2009 the entire figure of suites available in chief tourer countries increased by 8000 with an investing of $ 8000 million.

In the last five months of 2009 the unemployment degree related to cordial reception and touristry decreased to 4.5 % , which

is similar to the period before swine grippe eruption.

For the twelvemonth 2010 the state is aiming entire gross of $ 13 billion from touristry industry and expected to have 23 million foreign visitants, which is same in twelvemonth 2008 before the pandemics.

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In cordial reception and touristry industry has faced crisp bead particularly states like North America, Spain and Mexico, which deepened the jobs occurred due to the planetary economic recession.

Mexico 's conflict against drug trusts has been obstructed due to swine grippe because authorities focused more on the public wellness side. The better side is the authorities developed alternate actions instantly to nearing the crisis in an effectual manner. These includes educating the people about the grippe and mask distribution etc.

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World Health Organization ( WHO ) in June 2009 officially declared after 11 hebdomads from the eruption, there were merely 144 people killed due to swine grippe, which is same as the figure of people dices of seasonal flu worldwide. At least a million people were killed in mildest pandemics of the twentieth century globally.

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After the swine grippe eruption, there were panic among the people last for few months, and travelers limited their journeys in and around the Mexico these yearss. The chief ground is that people worried about wellness and international travel issues. The World Health Organization ( WHO ) raised the degree of watchfulness to level 6, which technically means the swine grippe is declared as a pandemic. The premier ground for this was the increasing incidents reported in different parts of the universe those yearss, particularly in

America, Canada, Spain and other parts of the Europe. The crisis chiefly affected the touristry and cordial reception industry and its environments because of most of the peoples populating here depending touristry industry either straight or indirectly. Mexican authorities has taken some safeguards instantly to restrict the disease spreading. Besides during the first month after the swine grippe reported in Mexico there were non that many instances reported, the ground for the floating-point operation of the touristry industry is because it affected the states like Canada and America from there most of the tourers geting.

Harmonizing to the functionaries, In Mexico After April 2009 when the first incident reported, 1088 people have died from the swine grippe viruses. Globally the Swine grippe affected 212 states and districts, and about 16,000 deceases reported all together. In February 2009 the World Health Organization ( WHO ) said this is excessively early to measure the consequence as still some incidents were lifting in western Africa.

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How pandemics affect the economic system.

As we can see from the old epidemics and pandemics affected the universe, the figure of people affected and died was non many as compared to other calamities, merely the fright about the terror among the society can bring forth a significant impact on the planetary economic system. For illustration the grippe pandemic occurred in 1918 have estimated to kill at least 2.5 % of the universe population. If we calculate this with the current population the consequence would demo about 170 million deceases worldwide. As a consequence of this most of the people limited their traveling with some other options. The crisis really

severely impacting the touristry industry and the state 's economic system.

Besides on the other manus due pandemic the population of a peculiar state will travel down and a fringy lessening in demand will happen. If the demand is less than the monetary value will travel down, this will take to a bad economic state of affairs.

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Mexico is celebrated for touristry, which is considered as a land of contrasts. Mexico has a historic tradition of more than 3,000 old ages and a diverse in climatic conditions, makes state an ideal finish for both domestic and international tourers. Mexico is the universe 's 7th largest hotel industry with 10.400 hotels or 430,000 suites. The industry experienced a immense growing over last one decennary before the planetary economic recession and swine grippe pandemic.

In 1994 7.2 million foreign tourers visited Mexico, if we count the figure of people who crossed the boundary line zone the figure rose to 17.1 million. During 1995 around 20 million people visited Mexico, United States contribute 80 % of these travelers.

Based on the Mexico 's Tourism Secretariat study, in March 2004 foreign travelers to Mexico generated gross of more than $ 1 billion gross in one month. They besides revealed there were 5.2 million international tourers visited during the first one-fourth of 2004, an addition of 14.6 % compared to the old twelvemonth. And the international touristry gross for the twelvemonth totalled $ 10.84 billion.

In 2006 Mexico received 21.35 international visitants, compared to 2005 a 2.6 % bead because of the deficiency of room handiness due to the damaged caused by the Hurricane Wilma at Mexican Caribbean during

late 2005.But the gross generated during this season hit the record $ 12.18 billion, a 3.2 % growing compared to 2005 as a consequence of the first-class selling scheme.

The gross received from the sails riders besides increased in 2006 to 458.3 million dollars, compared to 452.6 million dollars in the old twelvemonth.

In 2007 the entire figure of tourers visited in Mexico was 21.4 million, this is a bit dissatisfactory because the rate seems about every bit same as the twelvemonth 2006, alternatively of a prognosis for 22.03 million. Ministry of touristry evaluated the state of affairs and a figure of grounds behind this such as the current security state of affairs because of the force in the US boundary line, which limited the cross boundary line activities and the US economic system, were easy traveling down due to the planetary recession. Both of this limited the figure of travelers coming from united sates.

In the first half of the 2008 Mexico survived from the last old ages set back, the first seven months of the twelvemonth Mexico received $ 8.475 million foreign currency, an addition of 6.3 % than the same period in 2007.During this clip they received about 14 million foreign tourers with an addition of 5.2 % compared to 2007.

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Again unluckily the touristry industry lag in the late 2008.The chief ground for this is planetary economic recession peculiarly affected in America. Airlines cut back their agendas or reduced the frequence and increased the ticket monetary value as consequence of the fuel monetary value hiking ; this affected the Mexican touristry industry because most of the visitants are aliens. This

reflected straight in the hotel industry every bit good, besides the concern executives used to remain at the luxury hotels shifted their stay to a budget hotel and started to curtail their disbursals.

Mexico provides a great assortment of touristry options to its clients such as Mayan universe, Beaches and Recreational Centres, Archaeology and Prehispanic civilizations, Colonial Cities and eco touristry and escapade.

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Federal wellness functionaries of US say on 5 February 2010, for the last four hebdomads no provinces had widespread grippe activity. The swine grippe instances have been worsening since October in US. Dr. William Schaffner, an expert at Vanderbilt University said the epidemic has `` one pes in grave '' .

Besides the U.S authorities has started a inoculation run in October and about 70 million Americans have been vaccinated against the swine grippe. The estimation shows besides 55 million people got ill from swine grippe and recovered, this indicates they managed to develop some degree of unsusceptibility from the experience.

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US surgeon general Regina Benjamin reported on March 29 2010, H1N1 virus has remained in south east parts and provinces are sing a more local activity than regional.US functionaries said that the ground is obscure and the state of affairs may because they had non been immunised. And besides Georgia reported they had more than 40 hospitalizations in the last hebdomad and the 3rd hebdomad in a row.

Harmonizing to CDC study, an estimated 12,000 people has killed and more than 265,000 hospitalised because of swine grippe. Normally seasonal grippe putting to deaths about 36,000 people in

the United States and puts 200,000 people in the infirmary every twelvemonth.

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NHS studies on 5 February 2010 indicates swine grippe in the United Kingdom is over, the incidents reported have systematically been diminishing for past few months. And the swine grippe degrees are presently below the baseline. They warning the society those H1N1 viruses likely to return during the following winter every bit good and the people who are vaccinated will non impact in the hereafter.

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Even after one twelvemonth from the eruption of swine grippe which killed 14,000 people worldwide, there are still allegations traveling on about where it originated either in Mexico or in United States. The Mexican public functionaries suspect the grippe coming from United States through the Mexican tourers return to their state from America. It is really hard to foretell how it started. On 23 of April 2009 Canadian research lab informed Mexico about the beginning of virus, they told virus has a nature of carnal beginning and with pandemic potency, this is the same which identified in some kids in California.

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To cognize what are the marks of swine grippe: - The symptoms look like normal grippe ; high temperature, organic structure hurting, cough, sore pharynx, caput aching etc. But the grippe can be identified merely through proving the respiratory specimen.

Make sure you are in good wellness: - be physically active, avoid emphasis, imbibe plentifulness of H2O, take alimentary nutrient etc.If you have a good wellness the immune system protects you from viruses to a certain degree.

Personal hygiene: - usage

a tissue while sneezing or coughing, rinse your custodies often by utilizing a germicide or soap particularly after sneezing or blowing the olfactory organ.

Do n't portion utensils or drinks: - This should be wholly avoided particularly in cafeteria scenes, if there any hazard of grippe.

Wearing a facemask or Respirator instructed by governments: - The proper use of a mask or a inhalator will assist to forestall spreading of viruses.

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To cognize what to anticipate

Vaccinate ourselves against the pandemic grippe, limited in measures

Human organic structure will hold small or no unsusceptibility against the new viruses

Symptoms may more terrible than normal grippe

Stock up: - do certain that you have the basic wellness supplies thermometer, face mask, sanitizers, medical specialty to live over febrility etc.

Plan in front: -plan for some activities in progress in instance of school dismissed, one of your household members becomes ill, or what to make in instance of transit disturb etc.

Talk to your employer: -Check with your employee how the concern will go on and the working in instance of pandemic.

Using engineering: - cut down human to human contact by directing an electronic mail or doing a phone call to the client or other sections.

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