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In visible radiation of the progressively competitory twenty-four hours visit market and concern about the maintaining of wild animate beings in imprisonment for human amusement, the national Zoo of Bangladesh must equilibrate carefully the demands of the paying visitant with those of keeping credibleness as preservation and education-oriented administrations. Using the theoretical account of the merchandise life rhythm this paper analyses the current place of national Zoo of Bangladesh in the visitant attractive force market. The major touristry issues are discussed in this paper and it besides emphasises the integrating of the societal economic and environmental for effectual touristry and development.


Tourism has become the greatest tool of this present century to accomplish international common apprehension. It is a travel peculiarly for leisure or recreational intents. It is now a planetary industry that involves 1000000s of domestic and international tourers travel every twelvemonth. Tourism works as a span among the people through out the universe who are from different linguistic communications, civilizations, race and so on. Tourism is fundamentally based on tourers non the economic system and the developing states can be greatly benefited by this industry. It non merely brings the states closer together but besides keeps great international relationship. Tourism is both entertaining and educative. Peoples can acquire tremendous information and can see the unobserved through it. However it can hold major impacts and these impacts can be both positive and negative. These impacts can be presented under the headers of economic system, socio-cultural and environmental impacts.

Dhaka menagerie is largest menagerie in Bangladesh situated in Mirpur, Dhaka.It is the national menagerie under the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock. The entire figure of vertebrate zoologies in the menagerie is about 2,150 in 191 species. Included in these animate beings, are about 551 mammals under 64 species, 1,543 birds under 90 species, 73 reptilians under 15 species, and about 104 fish tank fishes under 23 species. To pull visitants besides many absorbing animate beings, there are 15 Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams, 21 king of beastss, 9 river horse, approximately 200 monkeys, and 33 pythons. Furthermore, some rare and interesting animate beings such as the Rhea, Inachis io, zebra, elephant, African Grey parrot, H2O vaulting horse, Aepyceros melampus, electromagnetic unit, baboon, Pan troglodytes, mithan, black bear, tapir, Mandrillus sphinx, and estuarine crocodile provide extra amusement to the visitants.

The menagerie has a confined genteelness programme and successfully bred the Royal Bengal Tiger, king of beasts, leopard, Primatess, cervid, and many birds. It has carnal exchange programmes with many menageries of the universe. As gifts Bangladesh authorities presented about 300 menagerie animate beings to different administrations and personalities of different states including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Iraq. The menagerie on a regular basis organizes assorted instruction programmes for pupils. The assorted cosmetic characteristics of the garden provides an aesthetic background to the animate being houses, enclosures and bird sanctuaries, scattered all over the country, exhibiting autochthonal zoologies of Bangladesh every bit good as alien specimens collected from different states of the universe.

Methodology, findings and analysis

Economic Impacts

Economic impacts are the most important field for touristry. The impacts can be positive and negative. It can be particularly marked on developing states. Peoples of this state can easy do foreign exchange like dollars, francs, lb and so on through touristry. The economic impacts of touristry represent the most of import aspects of touristry from a development point of view. It can convey a great economic benefit for a state. Tourism can besides lend greatly to gross national merchandise because the success of states and authoritiess are often explained through the per centum of one-year growings in GNP. Furthermore it can play a important portion for excess outgo in the economic system on goods and services. The economic impact of the Zoo has grown significantly beyond the growing of the national and regional economic systems. This implies that the national Zoo of Bangladesh is a growing industry for the local economic system. Visitor disbursement by Zoo frequenters contributes significantly to the economic impact of the Zoo. The Zoo has an economic development impact that was non quantified in this analysis. The presence of the Zoo has a positive impact on the attending degrees of other Greater Bangladeshi amusement Parkss and events, and vice-versa. The presence of the Zoo enhances the overall attractive force of Bangladesh.

Economic Impact Consequences

We have determined that since 1992, building by the Zoo has led to

Erstwhile economic impacts runing from $ 1.6 million to $ 12.8 million in

the Greater Cincinnati economic system. The largest building impact occurred from 1992 building outgos, which totaled $ 5.7 million. In 1996, the building impact of the Zoo was $ 2.7 million, of which $ 836,362 went to country families in the signifier of rewards. Zoo building led to the creative activity and keeping of a sum of 35 Bangladeshi occupations in 1996.

The ongoing economic impacts associated with the Zoo ‘s operation

outgos have been steadily increasing since 1992. The sum

economic impact of operations increased 52 per centum over this period, to

make $ 29.2 million in 1996. The economic impact on family net incomes

increased 33 per centum from 1992 to 1996, making $ 10.7 million in 1996.

The employment impact increased from 491 occupations in 1992 to 580 in 1996 — an 18 per centum addition. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ( 2 ) .pdf )

Again touristry outgo into an economic system is non wholly based on direct outgo instead it is based on multiply of income. For case, The money that is given by tourers can hold multi utilizations. Employee will have rewards and they will besides pass in local market for their day-to-day necessities. Some of the money can go through through banking establishment. Possibly this money can be paid for refunding their banking debts and sometimes they can salvage the money and invest every bit good in the local market. The authorities will besides be benefited through revenue enhancement. Therefore, the money runs into the local market through investing, nest eggs and revenue enhancement. ( Peter M. Burns and Andrew Holden )

Significant Numberss of occupations can be created through touristry. The employers can prosecute themselves as hotel workers, saloon staff and can besides prosecute themselves in other countries such as boat hire, rhythm hire and fix, auto and bike hire, nutrient and drink merchandising and so on. Furthermore the local people who are involved in trade activities of picture, wood carving and dress shop devising can acquire great economic net income ( Mason,1995 ) .

In add-on, authorities can gain a immense sum of grosss from tourer. Government outgo can be collected from the increased touristry outgo at both cardinal and local degrees. The grosss can be taken through employee revenue enhancement and in some instances direct revenue enhancement placed on the tourer. For illustration, Government can gain from the reaching revenue enhancements and from the going revenue enhancements.

Additionally touristry is really helpful for substructure development of the host state. By acquiring grosss from tourers the authorities can utilize it for the developments of state ‘s airdrome, roads, electricity, and H2O and for sewage disposal. As the authorities can utilize the grosss for the development of the state therefore they need non to take loan from other beginnings.

The socio-cultural impacts of the menagerie

Culture is about how people observe societal interactions. Actually cultures consist with behavioral forms that have been acquired through coevalss. Culture besides includes belief, art, moral low, cognition and so on. Culture attractive force in relation to touristry includes ; leisure activities, educational system, frock, linguistic communications, art and music, handcrafts, faith, tradition, nutrient, architecture and so on.

Visitors and host population both are really of import in relation to socio-cultural impacts of touristry. The impacts will be greatest when the contrast will be shown between having society and origin civilization. Tourism can promote societal mobility in the underdeveloped state like Bangladesh through alterations in employment from traditional agribusiness and may ensue in higher rewards and better occupation chances. There are some more benefits of socio-cultural touristry impacts. These are creative activity of occupation employment, the metempsychosis of local humanistic disciplines and resurgence of societal cultural life of the local people. However touristry can do over crowding at the menagerie of Bangladesh. The overcrowding can do emphasis for both tourers and the local people of Bangladesh. Although the singular impacts are over dependence on touristry and accordingly the traditional activities of the local husbandmans like firming has reduced.

Another socio-cultural impact of touristry is demonstration consequence. The presentation consequence depends on tourer and on hosts. Some local people changes themselves behaviorically peculiarly the immature coevals are greatly affected by presentation consequence. It is really obvious that the host states people are really much interested towards the life manner of tourers. The presentation consequence besides has economic deduction. The local people of Bangladesh are interested towards western merchandises. For case, it is really common image of the local people at the zoo country that they wear denims, t-shirt alternatively of traditional frock, in the same clip they become interested to imported drinks like coke instead than lemonade.

In add-on, in many developing countries touristry has contributed to an incensement of harlotry. Although it is really hard to find precisely how much likely the most celebrated and documented sex touristry finishs are Thailand and Philippines. Sex touristry frequently involves both sexes, male or female tourers looking for female or male cocottes. Bangladesh is a Muslim spiritual based state where most of the people are spiritual minded. Although sex touristry is non a common image in Bangladesh. However, many tourers go into vacations with the interior hope of happening a spouse for sexual relationship. The spouse may or may non be the occupant of the host state ; it is frequently a fellow tourer. Many grounds demo how many adult females are involved in unfastened ended harlotry may able to set up longer term relationships with several aliens through facking romantic engagement. The panic of AIDS had a dramatic consequence on harlotry. Although Bangladesh is non wholly out threaten of sex touristry.

Furthermore, touristry can hold enormous consequence on civilization and these are both positive and negative. A changing civilization means a altering composing with regard to income earners in household. This alteration has a enormous impact on household construction and the society as a whole. Bangladesh is fundamentally a male dominated state and when adult females get fiscal independency ; their whole position of life and matrimony is prone to alter. Most of the local people at the menagerie who are involved in touristry related concern are questioned and the replied who have got from them suggest that most of the households are related to touristry concern. The chief consequences of the questionnaire from the local people at the menagerie are as follows: ‘most of the local people at the menagerie understand that tourers are different from them ‘ . ‘According to local people of the menagerie the benefits that can be got tourers are hooliganism, sexual torment, drag dependence and harlotry and offense in general ‘ . Again, most of the local immature are in favor in touristry. They prefer to accept the civilization of the tourers which is considered as a great menace of host civilization.

Therefore, there is both positive and negative socio- cultural impacts of touristry. The negative impacts includes: presentation consequence, cultural harm and specific issues for illustration incensement in retarding force pickings, harlotry, offense and so on. Actually the negative effects are largely seen where there is a cultural difference between tourers and hosts.

Environmental Impacts of touristry at the Zoo

Developed on behalf of the national menagerie of Bangladesh-based environmental consultancy, Carbon Plan, the system was designed for the Zoo to mensurate and describe its environmental impact. The Zoo has now been short listed for an environmental excellence are awarded, for developing this undertaking. The awards were established last twelvemonth to acknowledge the good work done by environmental consultancies as portion of the wider attempts to cut down our planetary impact. SALOME is one of the first environmental accounting scheme tools specifically designed for concern. As a consequence of its execution, Bangladesh Zoo has reduced its C footmark by 39.6 per cent since 2006, a decrease of 370 metric tons of C per twelvemonth. The Director of Bangladeshi Zoo Gardens, Dr M mofizar Rahman, said: “ This nomination is antic intelligence for Bangladesh Zoo and for Carbon Plan, and demonstrates the Zoo ‘s committedness to environmental sustainability. “ CarbonPlan has besides worked with Bangladeshi Zoo Gardens to develop a set of Sustainable Development Guidelines for its National Wildlife Conservation Park.The nomination comes as the national Zoo of Bangladesh became the first menagerie in the state to accomplish the ISO14001 enfranchisement – the international criterion for environmental direction systems.

The environment is a cardinal resource for touristry. Generally visitants are attracted by the natural beauty of the state. On the other manus, harm of environment can cut down a great figure of visitants. Sometimes touristry has a indirect impact on physical environment. The natural environment includes the landscape, rivers, stone outcrops, beaches, workss and animate beings. There are five facets of environment. The natural environment includes: cragged countries, seas, rivers and lakes, caves, beaches, natural forest and so on. Again the wild life includes: Land based animate beings and reptilians, vegetations, birds, insects and so on. The framed environment includes: adult male made woods, fish houses. The reinforced environment includes: single edifice and constructions, small towns and townscapes, conveyance and substructure.

‘Where ‘ is really of import factor for touristry environment impact because an urban countries are used more by the tourers than the rural countries. This is because of roads, construction and proper planning procedure. Therefore the national menagerie of Bangladesh are potentially far greater than little figure of Walkers in the beach of Bangladesh.

Tourism is a seasonal activity in Bangladesh. Thus the environment of the can be affected by the touristry merely a portion of twelvemonth and the remainder of the twelvemonth the nature is retrieving itself. Although it non ever possible for the nature to retrieve itself for case, in winter season a big figure domestic tourers visit the menagerie which is out of control for the environment to retrieve. Ecology is really important for touristry. Ecology refers human, carnal and workss and each of the elements are related to each other if there any ecological instability happens the whole environment will be to a great extent affected.

The national Zoo of Bangladesh is really a seasonal tourer attractive force. The extremum season is December to May and clip 10amto 4pm is busy clip of the twenty-four hours. The domestic people are the chief visitants moreover, visitant besides come from India, Pakistan, Burma, particularly from the south Asiatic states. A big figure of visitants visit the menagerie everyday. There is no accurate measuring of the visitant figure at the Zoo nevertheless grounds suggests that quag than 200 visitants visit at the Zoo for per hr. Although the menagerie is unaffected by the visitants yet the great figure blinking picture taking may alter the behaviour of the wild animate being.

Tourism planning and direction

There are figure of purposes and aims for touristry planning. Tourism planning is peculiarly based on thoughts on future touristry and the purpose of touristry planning is derive maximal benefits and derives minimal negative effects. There are besides some cardinal participants of touristry planning and direction. Tourism direction requires consideration of a figure of factors including ‘Who is pull offing? ‘ ‘ What is being managed? ‘ ‘ How is it being managed? ‘ ‘Where is it go oning? ‘ and ‘ when is it go oning? ‘ These inquiry are clearly built-in and it really hard to divide. The major participants are tourists themselves, members of the host communities, authorities bureaus and representative of travel bureau. In relation to tourism planning and direction NGOs and media can play a important function.

Although tourers are undeniably really of import portion yet they are frequently blamed for rights duties. The right and duties of tourers are as follows:

Tourists need to obey the local jurisprudence and in the clip they can non take portion in any illegal activities. They need to esteem the faith and the civilizations of host states. They should non do any injury for natural environment. Again protecting wild animate beings and lending in local economic system is besides their duty.

Education can be used as an of import technique in touristry direction within the content of reading. It is educational procedure that involves the transportation of cognition and the development of values to environment and civilization. Tour guides act as site translator a menagerie keepers are specific signifier of translator used by the menagerie to assist pull off, the educational experience for visitants. In add-on codifications an behavior and usher lines are really important to modulate touristry codifications of behavior have a scope of writers including authorities, NGOs And other representatives.

Furthermore, it has a great importance in touristry planning and direction. GIS is a computing machine based system that can manage and treat geographical informations. In the widest sense of the activity is sustainable. The activity has been concerned with socio-cultural and economic factors. Harmonizing to the sustainable sense the activity shows that touristry should be recognized as positive factor with the potency to the benefit of the community and topographic point every bit good as the visitants. The relationship between touristry environments must be managed so that environment is sustainable in the long term.


This paper shows assortment of touristry effects under the header of socio-cultural, economic and environmental impacts. The paper besides represents a figure of different organisations, groups and persons which have a important function to play in touristry direction and planning. The function both tourers and hosts are really singular for touristry direction and planning. The paper shows that the national menagerie of Bangladesh has the possible to make successful touristry industry. It besides indicates that there is likeliness of well-planned and direction touristry in which environmetal factors and socio cultural facets are good integrated.

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