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INDIVIDUAL LEARNING PROJECT 2: CONTEMPORARY MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUE RESEARCH PAPER INSTRUCTIONS Based on your evaluation of an organization or a segment in the Individual Learning Project 1, select one contemporary management technique (listed in the Blocher text) not currently being implemented in the organization/segment that could aid the organization/segment in achieving its CSFs. Using the electronic data bases provided by the Liberty University Library and other sources, search for journal articles in professional (peer reviewed) accounting and business journals that pertain to the contemporary management technique chosen.

Write a research paper in APA format. Work for this project should begin early, but no later than Module 5, to ensure that all parts are covered thoroughly. The project is due by 11:59 p. m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7. This assignment should be 10–15 double-spaced pages in length, with 1-inch margins, and APA pagination. The font must be 12–point Times New Roman. The paper must include references from at least five different sources. Be sure to include a title page and a reference page in addition to the essay pages. The title page and the reference page DO NOT count as part of the 10–15 page writing requirement.

The paper should address the following, in order: 1. Rationale for the contemporary management technique selected 2. In-depth analysis of the technique in which you fully describe the technique, its implementation process, its application by other organizations, its applicability to your organization/segment, and your plan for implementation. Some additional guidelines are as follows: 1. The use of first and second person should be avoided (e. g. I, we, etc. ). 2. There should be a minimum of your textbooks and two additional scholarly sources. Wikipedia, Investopedia, and the like are not considered scholarly ources and should not be used. Any use of these sources will be grounds for a 50–point deduction. 3. Any personal communication should be cited appropriately within the text; however, it is not needed for the reference section. 4. An abstract and Table of Contents are not needed. 5. The final assignment should be submitted to the SafeAssign link. Please remember that late assignments are generally not accepted. If an assignment is accepted after the original deadline, there will be a minimum 20-point deduction per day. Please see the grading rubric for more information concerning the point breakdowns.

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