Hotel Rwanda Example Essay Example
Hotel Rwanda Example Essay Example

Hotel Rwanda Example Essay Example

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  • Published: April 23, 2017
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The theme of Hotel Rwanda revolves around a nation in the heart of Africa that slides into turmoil following the killing of their leader.

The story takes place in Rwanda, Africa in the months of April to June in the year 2004. Paul Rusesabagina, a Hutu and hotel manager at The Hotel Mille Collines in Kagali, put his life at risk to shelter and save thousands of lives during this time.

The film features Tatiana Rusesabagina as Paul's wife and the UN Army General who does everything in his power to aid Paul and the refugees. The conflict begins on April 6th, 1994 when the Hutu president of Rwanda is assassinated after his jet is shot down. Rumors quickly spread that the Tutsi are responsible, leading to the systematic slaughter of Tutsi by the Hutu military and militia. In response, Paul gathers his family and neighbors and flees with them to a hotel for safety.

The movie depicts how Paul, within 100 days,


protected both his family and Tutsi refugees from genocide. To secure the hotel's safety, he resorted to bribery, gift-giving, blackmailing, and bluffing with senior Hutu army officials. The film's power lies in its portrayal of one person's struggle to save lives amidst danger. Moreover, Paul's relationship with his wife adds a realistic touch to the story. It took me some time to identify the enemy though. Director Terry George intends to use this movie as a tool for raising awareness about Western nations' failure in preventing such atrocities.

??Read also?? what led to the Rwandan genocide After watchin

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the movie about the tragic events that occurred in Rwanda in 1994 and realizing that I was only aware of a helicopter crash and rescue mission during my five years in the military at that time. The director's objectives were fulfilled as it opened my eyes to the many lives lost simply because of race. Reference

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