Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda is a story about a country in central Africa that turned violent after their president is assassinated. Throughout all of this a man by the name of Paul Rusesabagina who was a Hutu and a hotel manager, would find himself giving refuge and saving thousand of lives at the expense of his own.

The event takes place in the county of Rwanda located in the central part of Africa. The events occur in the year 2004 from the month of April to June. The Main character in the movie is Paul Rusesabagina a Hutu and manager of The Hotel Mille Collines located in Kagali. The secondary characters in the movie are Tatiana Rusesabagina the wife of Paul and the General of the UN Army that was doing everything he could to assist Paul and the refuge. The origin of the conflict takes places on April 6, 1994 when it been discovered that Rwanda???s Hutu president has been assassinated when his jet was shot from the sky.

Rumors would be begin to circulate that the Tutsi are responsible and immediately the Hutu army and the militia set about systematically slaughtering the minority Tutsi. This would force Paul to gather his family and neighbors into their vehicles and fled to the hotel. Over the next 100 days, Paul would put his own life on the line by protecting not only his wife and children but also another refuge that are Tutsi and mark for genocide. Throughout this ordeal Paul would bribe with money and gifts, blackmailed and bluffed several senior Hutu army officials into protecting the hotel.

The strength of this movie, I feel is the fact that it focus on a man fighting to save lives and the risks that were taken. I feel also the relationship between Paul and his wife made the movie very well grounded. The weakness, I feel was the fact that it took me awhile to realize who was the enemy. The director Terry George goal was to remind people and bring the attention to those who was unaware about the Western nation failure to support, stop or intervene that could have possible prevented such tragedy and hopefully and similar incident from ever happening.??Read also??what led to the Rwandan genocide

After viewing the movie I feel the director goals were indeed accomplish and it truly open my eye. I never knew that tragedy or what was going on their in 1994, I had only been in the military for 5 years and all that was talked about was the Helicopter that went down in Rwanda and a rescue team sent to rescue. I never knew that so many people lost their lives just because of their race.