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Good Will Hunting Essay Analyze the film from the perspective of Erik Erikson, the pioneer of psychosocial research. Examine the life and actions of the main character, Will Hunting, and one other character using Erikson’s theories of psychosocial development. Your analysis should reflect a thorough understanding of Erikson’s theories and appropriate application to the content of the film. You may use class notes and the book to supplement your thoughts. Questions to consider… •It can be argued that Will is working through many of the crises of psychosocial development. Discuss evidence that you see of 2 of these. How is Will successful at meeting the challenges of the crises that he faces? How is he unsuccessful? •What experiences from Will’s past are affecting his present? •Do the same for the other character that you would like to analyze (only one crisis is necessary). Paper requirements: •5 paragraph essay (1-2 pages) •Typed, 12 pt Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, doublespaced Rubric: (50 points) *5 points will be deducted for each day late (including drop days). Content-Shows strong understanding of Erikson’s theories. -Shows strong understanding of film. -No significant errors of factual evidence. 15 Analysis-Draws accurate conclusions from the evidence cited, going beyond the who, what, when, where to answer how, why, and so what. -Clearly relates evidence to the terms of the question. -Reflects multi-faceted understanding of the issues of the question. /25 Organization-Presents response in a well-structured, formal format. -Strong introduction and conclusion paragraphs. -Strong, clear topic sentences relate the paragraphs to the question. -Clincher sentences form conclusions from the specific details in the body paragraphs and tie the evidence to the question. /10 TOTAL /50

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