Five Reasons Workers Leave

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Five principal reasons of leaving a job by an employee or an employer have been cited in the book ‘Keeping Good People, which has been written by the co-founder of Automotive Transformation Inc. , Roger Herman on employee retention. These five principal reasons are as follows: Firstly, the employees or employers do not feel good around the environment, which is used during the job. Secondly, employees or employers think that their counterparts would not miss them after they were gone from the job.

Thirdly, employees leave the job when managers and counterparts do not support them, in order to complete their job in the company. Fourthly, growth opportunities are not provided to the employees or employers. Lastly, a fair wage is not paid to the employees or employers, which tend them to leave the job. “About 90 percent of departing employees leave because of issues with their “job, manager, culture or work environment,” Leigh Branham reports, yet nearly 90 percent of managers believe that “employees leave and stay mostly for the money.

” (Rivenbark, 2005) Problems of Employees Healthcare employees play an extremely important role in the overall treatment of the diseased, sick, injured, disabled, and elderly

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people. This job has a lot of demand although healthcare workers are not valued as much as workers in other industries are. A large number of healthcare employees who offer their services in the clients’ homes are disappointed with the overall situation which leads to a high turnover rate in this sector.

Therefore, patients do not get proper care which is exceedingly necessary for their mental and physical health. Problems in the labor departments usually result due to low salaries, few benefits, and poor working situations. The average pay for permanent healthcare employees is too low. Only a few organizations provide their healthcare employees pension benefits. Considering the importance and value of such jobs in the society, it is surprising that average healthcare workers do not get enough to provide their families more than the very basic necessities.

There are also a few hurdles related to the healthcare industry which healthcare workers have to face. Lack of proper training may be considered as the topmost factor that employees will definitely consider if they want to quit their jobs. Moreover, chances of receiving an injury or catching a virus are very high for healthcare workers. As if all this is not enough, lack of support and learning opportunities prove to be another devastating factor that may force a healthcare worker to leave his job.

Therefore, it is not startling that many healthcare jobs remain vacant for long periods and the overall turnover rate in this industry is relatively high as compared to other industries. Having a volatile workforce has immense negative effects for customers too especially in the healthcare industry. Elderly and disabled patients normally develop a good understanding with the healthcare employees who take care of them and this is achieved after a continuous relationship of several months, maybe years.

High turnover means that chances of establishing such relations are too low and even if such a relationship is formed, there is always the risk of losing it. Those patients who want to enjoy medical care in their homes have a relatively limited choice to select from since only those home care workers re available who are employed by authorized agencies. Such agencies may have home caregivers available only at specific times due to the overall situation in the healthcare industry. Therefore, in most of the situations, patients do not receive care when they actually need it but they get it when it is available.

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