Workplace Violence Essay Example
Workplace Violence Essay Example

Workplace Violence Essay Example

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  • Published: July 5, 2016
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The following text has been consolidated and rephrased, while maintaining the and their contents:

Workplace violence is when employees are subjected to the use or threat of force, whether at work or outside of work. This can include verbal abuse, threats, physical attacks, and even murder, which unfortunately leads to many job-related deaths. It is a concern for both employers and employees alike. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there were approximately 20,000 assaults and 792 homicides in American workplaces in 2005. Such high levels of aggression have earned workplace violence the label of a "national epidemic" by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is necessary to identify the factors that contribute to workplace violence.

Workplace violence can arise from various factors, encompassing economic, social, psychological, and organizational issues. Often,


aggressive behavior stems from personal problems that employees avoid confronting. Negative influences in their lives such as broken relationships, layoffs, lack of support, mishandled terminations, and sudden behavioral changes may trigger violence. Thoroughly investigating all the causes of violence enables companies to better safeguard their workforce. Both staff and management are concerned about the ramifications of violence. From an employee's perspective, it can result in physical attacks or verbal abuse that inflicts pain, distress, disability or even death. For employers, violence can lead to diminished morale and harm the organization's reputation which poses challenges for attracting and retaining talent. Furthermore,it can result in additional expenses like increased absenteeism rates,fines,and severance payments.

3. Suggestions for diminishing and averting workplace violence:

Identifying risk factors and symptoms of work place violence is an importan

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Developing and implementing a program and policy to prevent workplace violence.

It is necessary to establish a clear code of conduct.

The evaluation of various choices:

Recognizing risk factors and symptoms of workplace violence is crucial for taking preventative action. Employees should be able to identify these factors and symptoms to effectively report potential incidents. Prompt intervention is essential, and having a well-established plan in place is important for management. Acts of violence towards coworkers or supervisors can often be linked to psychological issues and employee stress. There are specific signs that indicate the possibility of such incidents.

• Sudden expression of dissatisfaction regarding unfair treatment

Blaming others for personal problems.

• There may be a sudden change in behavior and a deterioration in job performance.

There has been a sudden rise in the number of absences.

Having poor relationships with managers and coworkers.

Refusal to acknowledge or accept any negative feedback regarding one's job performance.

The absence of salary increase or promotion, along with financial problems.

• Depression or unexpected changes in mood can occur suddenly.

Creating and enforcing a workplace violence prevention program and policy is crucial for organizations. It is also vital to have a system in place that records violent incidents in the workplace, as this helps effectively manage such occurrences.

It is crucial to implement the reporting system for the program, including publishing and distribution, as well as scheduling training and awareness sessions for both existing and new employees, companywide. Personalizing the policy for each individual is of utmost importance.

The success of the

program relies heavily on the commitment of management.

In order to ensure victim safety and prevent future workplace violence, it is crucial to establish efficient and confidential complaint procedures. These procedures should prioritize shielding victims from retaliation and offer them the choice to have representation during interviews conducted by an unbiased and skilled investigator.

• Establish a hotline / helpdesk to ensure anonymity when reporting instances of workplace violence

C. Implement a definitive code of behavior:

In order to demonstrate commitment in preventing and dealing with workplace violence, such as moral harassment, organizations can create and communicate a transparent code of conduct for all employees. It is essential to conduct awareness and training sessions, particularly during the onboarding process for new employees, to effectively enforce this code of conduct.

The following recommendation is given:

It will be beneficial for an organization to have the following elements: • Establish a well-defined code of conduct • Create and enforce a program and policy for preventing workplace violence.

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