Perspective of the Families of Some of the Victims Essay Example
Perspective of the Families of Some of the Victims Essay Example

Perspective of the Families of Some of the Victims Essay Example

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  • Published: January 2, 2018
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This Included the perspective of the families of some of the victims, Professor Tim Ansell and a former senior Nurse at Wintergreen Terry Bryan. The Guardian news paper, (plus other mainstream news papers) made a large report on this that was made public on the internet too. (http://www. Degenerated.

Com/ society/2012,cot/26/weltering-blew-care-staff-Jailed). There were also two follow up articles related to this on what happened to the staff and how the authorities need to change the provision of care to prevent this happening again.

When I watched the Wintergreen secret filming you were shown clippings of a nouns man called Simon. This showed evidence of a support worker named Wayne Rogers, slapping and punching Simon.

Simony's family requested to see some of the footage that was secretly filmed. They were horrified and shocked to


think that the support worker found It funny that this behavior was appropriate. Simons Mother and Father looked deeply upset and angry at the footage they had seen. Simony's mother explained how he had never been treated like this before at home.

As a career, I felt empathy for Simony's parents and completely understood their reasons for the way they responded to the footage. Simony's mother explained how whatever his actions were in the home whether it was positive or negative behavior, 'he couldn't' win, and would be abused by the support workers regardless. Simony's family now wishes to move Simon back with his family, although he needs support from medical professionals'. HIS family expressed how they want to remove him from the care system to protect him.

Simon was not the only victim at the home. The Panorama documentary highlight

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another young lady called Simons Blake being abused by Wayne Rogers and other members of staff. Professor Tim Ansell studied this footage and said that not only as the behavior towards Simons abusive but it also was assault, as she was pinned under a chair for punishment and other care staff Joined in to taunt her by getting her In a headlock. Joe Casey said Simons was a lovely natured young lady that Just needed time and the right support when In a poor state of mind.

You see evidence of this in the film footage. Simons Blake was moved to a NASH Hospital, for her 1 OFF Professor Tim Ansell expresses that restraint should only be used as a last resort if a service user is endangering their safety or the health of others for a minimum mount of time only.

At Wintergreen it was clear to see it was used as a first resort most times. Professor Time Ansell explains that Wayne Rogers was an unqualified, typical' strong team member that resorts to physical violence and expects the other support workers to follow this.

It's quite evident in the film footage he has a forceful attitude; he bullies the service users and uses unethical techniques to assist the service users. Another example of his abusive behavior in the film footage shows that he attacked 3 service users at the same time with the assistance of another support worker.

He attended a female service user which should have had a female support worker present too for her assistance. He dragged her out of bed with another male care assistant and made her hysterical.


shows Wayne Rogers making a report of the incident and giving false information on what really happened. The footage continues to show the female service user attempting to Jump from a window to commit suicide and him and another support worker assisting her with this horrific incident. Wayne Rogers and the other support worker found this amusing and provoked the situation even more.

Terry Bryan, a former senior nurse at Wintergreen explained that Wayne Rogers used to work with young offenders.

Wayne Rogers said to Terry Bryan (on starting his position), that there was no need to worry about him and that he was a 'good guy. Terry Bryan said this raised an alarm to him. This abusive behavior made Terry Bryan question whether he wanted to be a nurse anymore. Wayne Rorer's behavior is an example of why support workers need the correct training and supervision of adequate staff.

S. O. V. A (Safeguarding of Venerable Adults) and P. O.

V. A (Protection of Venerable Adults) training is essential in any care eating.

As a support worker we need to be made of aware of the dangers that disabled services users can face and need to be able to support them in their everyday lives. Other relevant training is essential such as dementia and mental capacity training, as we need to develop a wider understanding of illnesses and make their care plan suited to their needs. Another method of training that is relevant to looking after service users with disabilities' is Person Centered Approach.

The Whistle Blowing policy must be followed if this is to ever happen in a care setting. The correct procedures

are there to protect vulnerable adults in care and are there for this prime example of what happens when they are not followed. After incidents of abuse, such as Wintergreen the ICQ have increased there unannounced inspections to ensure that the correct amount of checks are carried out to protect vulnerable adults. Any form of daily check and monitoring the staffs performance. The BBC reported online (http://www.

BBC. Co. K/news/UK-20070437) that the government said there are no excuses' for this behavior. A full ICQ report was undertaken and published online (http:// hosted.

South's. Gob. K/iv/report. PDF). It includes a full report of the incidents that took place, a summary, an overall view of the home, the family perspectives, the place and personnel and the findings and recommendations.

The ICQ indicates that the agency that owned Wintergreen (Castled Ltd) did not undergo the correct procedures and undergo the checks that they were required to do.

They reflect on the incidents that happened and highlighted all of the legal requirements regarding care, staff and management of the hospital that should have been carried out. Evidently, the outcome of the ICQ report was not positive and the Wintergreen capital was closed down, including two other services. This was due to the ICQ checks around 23 of the Castled Ltd services.

This is highlighted on (http:// www. ICQ. Org. UK/media/ICQ-publishes-report-investigation-concerns-raised- wintergreen-view).

There is no real evidence in any form of a media of a documented defense from the home or the agency Castle Beck Ltd. The conclusive result to the closure of Wintergreen was that 1 1 support workers and nurses were prosecuted and were struck off the care

register. Some faced imprisonment. The facts and evidence have en reported in such a way that no form of defense would rectify or protect the Service User's in this environment. The evidence is strong and out ways any form of defense.

In conclusion this type of public concern can prevent families and members of the public using private and national health care. The faith in the health care sector must be restored with public relations and positive actions to move forward with government implication with legislation and bodies to under go all the relevant checks. Community care is deemed to be a safer alternative especially those who can return to their home environment with their families.

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