What is Sex Equality Really For Essay

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From the world history of society’s representation of male and female, female recognition in the society and their roles has immensely changed from house to office. From the late 20th century, the feminism arouse rapidly. This started from equal rights to education and then equal rights to be a part of the working force. In Finland where feminism is soaring, there is an Equality Law laid down in 1987 that aims to achieve complete equality of women to men (Lewis).

There was also an existing calendar where supposedly achievements for the remaining 20th century were recorded. It really aspires towards equality rather than security of women. Before, sex equality especially on the side of women means equal opportunities and privileges. Consequently, the exploitation for women and less favorable treatment to women are focused. Lately, hard work and efforts were made to allow women to work and experience events and occupations previously overruled by men.

Accordingly, men are also brought to cases or events that are originally for women to experience the side of women like teaching and childcare. In the midst of equal achievements, it can be seen that equal opportunities are blindly practiced like in offices and wages where women get two-thirds of the total wages of an equivalent men in equal position and office (Lewis). The underlying question still lies if the equality desired is the ending of any differences between sexes or equal standing under different roles.

Also, even with the feminism born from the late 20th century, still this 21st century, we can see that male sex still dominates with respect to female sex especially when conflict arises (Lee). The further acknowledgment of female workforce through their brains was seen in the 21st century wherein technology of the 21st century lessens the dependency to the male’s physical force (Lee).

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