Essay on Kozol’s Effectiveness in “Still Seperate, Still Unequal”
Essay on Kozol’s Effectiveness in “Still Seperate, Still Unequal”

Essay on Kozol’s Effectiveness in “Still Seperate, Still Unequal”

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  • Published: October 6, 2017
  • Type: Analysis
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Kozol asserts that segregation remains prevalent in numerous schools throughout the United States. The majority of inner-city schools are primarily attended by African American and Hispanic students, resulting in a lower white enrollment rate. As evidence, Kozol references Adlai Stevenson High School in Brooklyn where just 0.8% of students were white while 97% were black or Hispanic (240). These demographic trends can be observed throughout urban schools nationwide. By providing these striking statistics, Kozol bolsters his stance and eliminates any uncertainty regarding the ongoing problem of segregation within public education.

Kozol employs statistics to demonstrate that communities are falsely denying school segregation. Kozol illustrates the point with an example from Kansas City, Missouri, where a school claimed to be inclusive, but in reality, 99.6% of its student body was African American. This percentag


e convincingly proves that the school's claim was erroneous. Kozol's use of logical facts and logos make his argument compelling and indisputable.

Kozol appeals to the emotions of his readers to argue that public schools exhibit inequality. Using his own encounters, Kozol cites firsthand grievances from young children in inner-city schools to demonstrate the disparities between these and suburban schools. For instance, one child wrote to Kozol expressing, "it is not fair that other kids have a garden and new things. But we don't have that..."

Jonathan Kozol's "Still Separate, Still Unequal" emphasizes a child's innocent wish for their school to be the most beautiful in the world. Despite a minor spelling error, this sentiment exposes the inequities of the public education system and how it deprives many children of proper schooling due to socioeconomic status. This realization evokes feelings of sadness and

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shame among readers who recognize that their country permits such educational inequality to endure.

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