Medical sciences have made significant contributions to improve human lives in our century Essay

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Medical sciences have made significant contributions to improve human lives in our century. However, it is quite amazing to know that the life blood which sustains humanity has never been reproduced artificially which suggests that the very source of life is in the human body itself. It also implies that humans are interdependent and that we need each other to survive. On the occasion of the World Blood Donation Day therefore, it is imperative and appropriate to evaluate the global theme, “Give the Gift of Life: Donate Blood” so as to sensitize and motivate the less informed about the new lease of life that recipients will have through our donation. This is exactly what the current essay will deal with in what follows. Myths and Facts Surrounding Blood Donation:

Before going further, it is necessary to clear some misconceptions with regard to donating blood. It is often said that the donor’s health deteriorates once the blood is drawn and that his/her health is never regained. This may be the reason why many people refrain from donating blood. But medical experts say that it would take less than a month for a donor to compensate for one unit of blood (400 ml aprx) donated. Further, it also does good to change blood once a while to grow a healthy body. There is no need for nutritious food in order to restore blood, just an extra glass of water and the body mechanism will do the rest. Why Should One Donate Blood? Or Why Is It Important?

A healthy person may not feel the need to donate blood, but as stated above there is no alternative means to obtain blood other than the human body. Unless we donate, there will be thousands of fellow humans who will die as a result of the loss of blood. Road accidents, injuries, violent conflicts, major surgeries, etc. happen all the time besides leukemic patients who constantly need fresh blood to prolong their lives. Although it is not compulsory to give blood, as humans having a conscience, we ought to show mercy to those who desperately want to live like us. Rightly so, the Red Cross Society and WHO state that donating blood is a humanitarian act. To be humane and merciful is the true essence of life.

How Do We Sensitize And Motivate?

While there are various means through which to sensitize and motivate people, I would like to propose some steps from the students’ viewpoint:

1. Start a Donor’s Club in school with the consent of the school authority; 2. Personally approach friends to become members; 3. Be positive, creative, enthusiastic, and educative in your approach; 4. Be clear about misconceptions and the safety measures you would take to avoid risks; 5. A small hand-made brooch to identify club members as real life-savers and heroes.

Conclusion: It may be summed up saying that donating blood is regarded as the gift of life and donors are regarded as real-life heroes because by one act we often save others. It is important not only to give but to continue sensitizing others to donate blood. There may come in life when we would need it to survive, and thus donating blood should be considered as a supportive process through which we can enable someone to have the privilege of life.

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