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The different types of properties in the Lodging Industry: Hotels – Can be classified into star system (1-7). A structure that provides sleeping accommodations to travelers and that usually features dining facilities and daily housekeeping service Resorts – Cater primarily to leisure travelers. Generally found in four environments: at the beach, near ski areas, in the desert and near (or even in) theme parks and attractions. Motels- usually do not have full dining facilities or luggage assistance, parking is provided near the room and it basically is a last minute thing.

Limited service Lodging- these are moderately sized and economically priced properties. The rooms are simply with continental breakfast included. These properties tend to be near restaurants and shopping centers as well as fast food restaurants. Extended stay lodging- these types of properties appeal to people needing lodging for a week or more. With kitchenettes the rooms look like small apartments. Condominiums- A individual owns the unit paying for everything.

Timeshares- These types of properties are like condos but the individual owns a certain amount of it yearly. There are many different types of lodging to suit each individual’s preference and life style there are many types of people that travel for different reasons so different lodging types are needed. These types of establishments seem to be working for the world it’s all about the consumers needs and wants. Another view is that different people accommodate themselves in different lodging properties to suit their needs at that particular time.

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