Letter Of Motivation Essay Example
Letter Of Motivation Essay Example

Letter Of Motivation Essay Example

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  • Published: September 19, 2016
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27 years ago, I was born in Darazinda, a village situated in the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) of rural Pakistan. Despite the scarcity of educational opportunities in this region, I am grateful to have a father who works as a Veterinary officer. His commitment has inspired me to prioritize education and contribute meaningfully to our country. Consequently, I decided to pursue Civil engineering as my field of expertise.

I developed a passion for Civil engineering due to the absence of basic life necessities in my hometown, such as roads, bridges, water supply, railways, hospitals, and more. As I progressed through my education, I realized the significance of these facilities and became deeply fascinated by this field. Hence, I decided to pursue Civil engineering at the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore (Pakistan), renowned for its exceptional Department of Civi


l engineering. The professors provided me with a comprehensive understanding of all vital aspects within this discipline.

I have a strong interest in both the core courses of Civil engineering such as construction of Buildings, Barrages, Dams, Bridges, Water Supply, and courses focused on management and planning like Infrastructure planning and management. These courses not only play a vital role in Civil engineering but also captivate me with their extensive knowledge and logical thinking. Additionally, I believe that mastering these courses will enhance my understanding and equip me to analyze and resolve Infrastructure-related issues in my country.

My decision to pursue a Master's degree in Germany was driven by several factors, including the country's fair foreign policy, excellent education system, renowned Universities, and distinct culture. By enrolling in a prestigious Germa

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University for my Master's program, I hope to expand my knowledge and understanding of Civil engineering and other related fields. This experience will allow me to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities within my own country while also identifying areas that need enhancement.

After finishing a four-year graduate program in Civil engineering, I have acquired a solid foundation. Furthermore, my practical experience and English proficiency, combined with my motivation, will significantly contribute to my success in the future program that I intend to pursue. With Pakistan's economic growth picking up pace, there will be a significant increase in extensive construction projects as the government prioritizes urbanization as an essential policy.

This provides a special opportunity for aspiring Civil engineers to capitalize on a historic moment. To make the most of this significant event in serving my country, I must obtain advanced academic knowledge, gain international experience, and stay updated with current ideas. I strongly believe that Civil engineering is closely connected to the welfare of mankind, and as a future Civil engineer, I am committed to improving the lives of my fellow citizens.

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