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Everyone has a unique sense of belonging and identity. Our sense of identity is shaped within personal, cultural, historical context over a long period of time. That’s why we prefer our own identity over anyone else’s. We reject a forced identity and take risks to find the place where we truly belong. We engage with the world in search for a better understanding of our true identity. Good morning teachers and fellow students, it is an honour to stand before you toady to talk about why I think belonging is important.

In my studies of English, I have found the area of study ‘belonging’ very helpful because it make us understand more about acceptance, know where we belong to. I will explaining the importance of belonging through an explanation of the following text ‘red tree’ and ‘who are my people’. I will also be sharing my experiences of belonging with you show you why I strongly believe belonging is important. A text which shows ideas about the sense of belonging identity is Shaun Tan’s ‘red tree’-Image of girl in bottle ‘Nobody understands’.

The protagonist of ‘Nobody understands’ feels that nobody in her world cares about her, she does not feel connected. The dominant image-the girl placed in the bottle with a helmet on her head. The bottle symbolizes prison, barrier. She made for herself. And the colour- dark shading and tone is used to communicate her emotion. But the vector lines- horizontal lines lead readers to the barren land scape motif of red leaf is symbolizes hope, her back is towards the red leaf. She just need walk out from her worlds.

Then she can find who is her belong to, still has some people care her. At the end of the text ‘red tree’, she get in her room, and she fined the whole big ‘red tree’. Now she understand where is her place, where is her belong to. She is no alone. Another significant text that helps impart knowledge about the importance of belonging is ‘Who are my people’ by Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni. In the poem ‘Who are my people’, the persona is looking for where is her belonging, who is her belonging.

She went to the church, worship the god, but still no feel a sense. And she went her born place, but still no feel a sense. The poem used the first person, make it more personal. And the rhetorical question ‘my place? ’ make the Audience stop and think about the issue. At the end of the poem, she met the old man who with a different language, a different god and apologetic smile and shelter of his broken umbrella. And then she know who is her people.

Furthermore, what has really helped me to understand why belonging is important are my own experience of belonging. I was born in a village of China. I have a lovely family. I strong believe that there is where I should belong to. I have an old brother who always bully me when I was young, he always do whatever he want to do. Never care about me. And we had fight. I always think about that ‘he will never be my people, I hate him. ’ Now, I was come to Australia, when I feel lonely, no motivation to learn. He always cheer me up.

Give me power. And then the memory clear. He is my people, who has stand up for me when I was bullied, who has given food to me when I was hungry, who has teach me when I have some problem with the homework. Now I knew it, home is not a house, home is family, and I always belong to my brother, belong to my family. I’d like to conclude with a famous quote ‘I celebrate myself, and sing myself, and what I assume you shall assume, for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you. ’ Thanks for listening to my speech.

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