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Higher instruction in Iran, like many states is really of import in all Fieldss and facets. Higher instruction is responsible for developing a scientific base in order to accomplish a economic growing, which relies on scientific and the publicity of cognition promotions and exchange information with developed states. Presently, there are 2200 universities in Iran. There are over 1200 public universities that are supported by the authorities, for illustration Tehran University is university second in the Middle East.also, there are private university called “ free universities ” and non-profit establishments. Harmonizing to the latest statistics released by the Ministry of the Science, Research and Technology ( MSRT ) ( 2010 ) there are over 3.7 million pupils enrolled in higher instruction establishments, which approximately 50.5 % were male and 49.5 % were female. Persian universities graduate more 760,000 pupils yearly.

Nowadays university in Iran suffers from an overall deficit of quality. Much of this can be traced back to uneffective direction of resources human every bit good as natural, increased registrations, a deficiency of engineering, traditional and outmoded instructional methods based on memorisation and improper inducements for pupils and instructors. Presents, with the increased velocity of cognition and telecommunication engineering so there were many alterations in society. So, Iran ‘s old and experienced higher educational system does n’t hold the sufficient capacity to run into current social demands. It faces legion challenges and obstructions and demands alteration and reform reasonably quickly ( Rasian, 2009 ) .At nowadays, based on available authorised statistics 15/6 % of alumnuss after go forthing university have been unable to happen employment.generally in Iran, authorities has been the chief beginning of employment creative activity particularly for university alumnuss. The chief scheme of university therefore was to fix its patronage for authorities employment. But in today ‘s universe, market liberalisation, population growing and globalisation besides authorities downsizing have caused a displacement in the market topographic point towards the concern country ( Hosseini et al. 2008 ; Saketi, 2001 ) . Most national research workers believe that the incompatibility of higher instruction with the demands of altering market place is a chief ground of unemployment growing rate among higher instruction alumnuss ( Hosseini et al. , 2008 ) . Meanwhile, international organisations such as Organization For Economic Cooperation & A ; Development ( OECD ) and World Bank and assorted national organisations believe that direction of entrepreneurship and enterprisers fostering as a dynamic plan in the societal system including higher instruction, can help authoritiess to further economic development and employment ( Ahmadpour-e- daryani, 2003 ) . University and higher instruction as a societal institute is responsible for national development and this duty is in the signifier of dynamic function playing and entrepreneurship. These are impeling motors toward sustainable development. In this state of affairs, instruction of pupil and preparation enterpriser increases their function in political and societal matter.

Chiefly, enterprisers are those who start a new thoughts to concerns and implement it harmonizing to the plan until it becomes to successful. But are at that place any personality traits of an enterpriser or for that affair a successful enterpriser? Yes, for one to be a successful enterpriser, he/she must possess certain alone traits that are a requirement for the success of the endeavor. Therefore, mensurating entrepreneurship personality features and placing strengths and failings in pupils is large challenge in making entrepreneurial pupils that lead to develop and better moral force and originative economic system. This survey tries to mensurate the personality features of entrepreneurship in Iran ‘s universities and supplying schemes to increase pupil entrepreneurship traits.

In past old ages, the increased population, the deficiency of advancement in the economic system, the Numerous of university alumnuss besides incorrect authorities policies and the inability of the Private companies to use the alumnuss because old construction of production and inefficient economic systems, Iran faced a terrible crisis of unemployment for alumnuss. presents, on the one manus, to happen a solution to the jobs of graduate unemployment and the other side demands competitory based on market has caused to pay more attending to direction of entrepreneurship as an cardinal and of import issue. suggesting new thoughts based on entrepreneurial direction in making occupation chances, Bettering human resources, market development, better engineering and increase the degree of societal public assistance besides a strong correlativity between entrepreneurship and economic growing state led to serious consideration of entrepreneurship in new economic theories as the chief factor in economic growing and societal development of states. ( Audretsch, 2002 ; Zoltan, 2006 ) .

One of the challenges confronting different communities, Graduates deficiency of accomplishments and single abilities to put up and concern. This shows the necessity of fixing university alumnuss by developing entrepreneurial civilization. This readying in entrepreneurship should non be after graduation and this must be done during the survey, Besides need to be develop and fosterage entrepreneurial spirit in universities.

Entrepreneurship is an of import function in altering the attitudes of pupils towards self-employment and fixing them for manage a new concern Through instruction on accomplishments and personality features preparation required for them. ( Nelson, 1986 ) .

so, entrepreneurial direction has become a serious demand and authoritiess should be hold a strategic program for entrepreneurship instruction to heighten the capacity person of enterprisers in all Fieldss ( Smit, 2004 ) . In fact, entrepreneurship is a cardinal factor in increasing production and employment, a solution to extinguish unemployment, and one of the chief factors is in economic growing plans ( Higgins and Morgan, 2000 ; Sherief, 2005 ; Smit, 2004 ) .

Most bookmans and experts in the field of concern, has identified creativeness, invention or entrepreneurship as one of the cardinal factors of success in the universe ‘s competitory markets ( Heizer & A ; Render.2001 ) . In Iran these factors are practical when alumnuss of universities alternatively of come ining in authorities sections, enter to entrepreneurship procedure more than earlier and are engaged as militants in their economic sphere. Hence alumnuss and pupils are the chief factor and back up the authorities ‘s determination to come in international markets.Recently in Iran, really effectual stairss have been taken in publicity of preparation and back uping entrepreneurship and enterprisers, but it seems that with respect to importance of the topic, the performed actions are non plenty at all and face several challenges and jobs for at least one decennary in front. in 2002, the authorities instructed a few ministries to set the entrepreneurship at their precedences. One of these ministries is the Ministry of Science Research and Technology which familiarized academic society with entrepreneurship via a undertaking called KARAD ( the undertaking for developing entrepreneurship in universities ) . This undertaking has defined its ends, and besides clarified the schemes for making these ends so it can inform the academic society about the importance of entrepreneurship ( Shah Hosseini, 2005, P126 ) . Although it has non led the Persian academy toward entrepreneurship and creativeness. Some believe that this failure is related to personality characters of Persian people including conservativism, extraversion in regard to command focal point. However, we can advert deficiency of governmental support, economic instability, and cultural features in Iran as some other chief grounds for slow advancement of entrepreneurship in Iran.

It is obvious that Students are faced with norms, values, and attitudes different in the universe. Indeed, the inquiry is whether the cultural values impact on the behaviour and personality features of enterprisers?

Many research workers have investigated this Fieldss, and in consequence have stated that pupils with traits such as success-seeking, risk-taking, self-control, assurance, seeking challenge and… .. more likely to go enterpriser. So holding the character traits of entrepreneurship is an of import factor in entrepreneurial direction for university pupils in Iran. The intent of this survey to

step personality features of enterprisers of the pupils and place strengths and failings, and finally supply a new scheme and policy with respect to civilization and state of affairs in Iran.

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