Communispace Essay Example
Communispace Essay Example

Communispace Essay Example

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  • Published: November 13, 2016
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Are you a brand manager who would consider using Communispace's service? If the answer is yes, when would be the ideal time for you to utilize their services? I have complete faith in and acknowledge the immense value provided by Communispace as a brand manager. Additionally, I highly regard their proven track record of delivering value to both past and current clients, which further bolsters my confidence in them. There are two specific scenarios in which I would depend on Communispace's services: when introducing a new product and when reinvigorating a product that has lost its appeal.

What are the pros and cons of using this market research tool compared to other methods? I would utilize this service for introducing a new product because, as stated in the case, online communities provide faster feedback than traditional qualitative research me


thods. Additionally, it offers the benefit of social media forums without including irrelevant consumers who do not belong to our target audience. It is essential to truly listen to consumers' opinions when testing a new product, and Communispace excels in this aspect.

The art of listening is not often perfected, but the data provided by Communispace is indisputable. As a brand manager, it is challenging to effectively study and analyze our community's customers in order to develop a new product. Having the option to participate, observe, or receive an analytical report from Communispace is an enormous time-saving incentive. It enables our company to truly comprehend the desires, needs, preferences, and expectations of our target market.

Communispace’s services also have value for revamping our slowing products. The past data can be compared wit

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consumer opinions to gain insights into the reason behind declining sales. Whether the results from the targeted community are positive or negative, Communispace provides a direction for action, including the possibility of pulling the product. In either case, it offers valuable knowledge that can save costs or generate additional revenue.

What are the pros and cons of using Communispace as a market research tool compared to other methods? One advantage is the limited level of interaction provided to customers. With a large number of community members, a customer can quickly log in, track results, and start a project. According to the case, this boosts employee motivation and prevents work monotony. Additionally, unlike surveys and focus groups, the participation doesn't stop once the consumer joins the community.

Communispace's services have a notable advantage in their duration, which is beneficial as consumer opinions change frequently. The company allows customers to track seasonality throughout the year. However, a drawback of their offerings is the absence of word-of-mouth marketing. Given Communispace's success and intelligence, I believe they should have included word-of-mouth offerings in their initial service package.

Online communities, a type of word-of-mouth advertising, offer a better and more transparent method for exchanging information. This can encourage consumers to talk about the product more frequently, resulting in higher sales. Personally, I believe that Communispace stands out due to their ability to listen. By consistently interacting with individuals who have similar interests, consumers can form connections and engage with others.

The product that initially brought consumers together creates a sense of community and strong connections, which enhances goodwill towards the company. Hessan states that their communities

differ from others because they are driven by purpose rather than individual profiles. Members are present to support the sponsoring brand and each other, with this shared objective remaining the central focus. Participating in these communities fulfills a longing for belonging that many people have.

Communispace provides value by offering consumers the flexibility to engage with their platform at their own convenience, unlike traditional market research methods that require fixed periods of time for interactions. This business model emphasizes the psychographics of consumers, instead of solely focusing on demographics, setting it apart from traditional market research companies. What are your thoughts on Communispace's unique approach?

Traditional market research remains valuable but lacks the direct connection to the target consumer. It takes an external perspective, while Communispace has a more involved approach, rendering it more personal and relatable. It not only grants consumers a voice but also ensures their opinions are acknowledged and translated into tangible outcomes. This could range from an advertisement to a new product, allowing consumers to feel a sense of achievement for their contribution.

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