Tempo Tissue Essay Example
Tempo Tissue Essay Example

Tempo Tissue Essay Example

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  • Published: August 28, 2016
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The emotional approach of the advertisement for Tempo Tissue is showcased. Supported by Procter & Gamble (P&G) for over 18 years, Tempo has its origins in Germany and maintains its original packaging. In an exclusive collaboration with local iconographer Carrie Chau, Tempo has introduced a limited edition package showcasing her renowned "Blind fly magic paradise design" instead of the customary blue and transparent packaging. Specifically for Tempo, Carrie Chau has crafted an exceptional blind fly iconography design.

The blind fly cartoon character is promoting Tempo tissue paper in the new outlook package. In each tissue paper, there is a special blind fly printing that is attractive to consumers and encourages them to make a purchase. The packaging of the tissues, featuring the blind fly, is outstanding and eye-catching, which would capture the attention of customers


in advertisements. Tempo offers petit packs and box packages of tissue. The advertisement layout uses a soft blue color that is universally appealing, and the cartoon is full of vibrant colors and a fairy tale-like atmosphere, evoking dreams and fantasy for consumers. Additionally, Tempo emphasizes its support for local design, which adds to the reader's sympathy towards the advertisement.

Kleenex utilizes a cognitive perspective to showcase their product. Kleenex, a globally recognized tissue brand manufactured by Kimberly-Clark, has been pioneering the production of tissue products since the early 1924. They introduced tissues as a replacement for handkerchiefs and have been committed for over 80 years. Their advertisement highlights that their tissues are infused with a moisturizing lotion to protect the delicate skin of consumers. Moreover, they offer soft and quilted wipes made from natural fibers tha

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provide a gentle touch for everyday use. Notably, their advertisement emphasizes that their tissues are free from harmful substances like bleach and chlorine, ensuring the safety of consumers.

The advertisement for Kleenex tissues highlights their suitability for all types of skin, including sensitive skin. It emphasizes that in a survey comparing seven tissue brands, Kleenex was ranked as the softest box tissue in HK. By using Kleenex tissues, individuals can protect their nose, eyes, and face from dryness and irritation. Unlike other tissue brands made with coarse fibers, Kleenex tissues are crafted with a soft material that feels like cotton. Furthermore, Kleenex offers pocket petit tissues and boxed packaged tissues to provide gentle care to consumers. Tempo is generally recognized for its high-quality tissues among people.

The product is convenient and people will buy it regularly. Tempo can be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores such as PARKnShOP, WELLCOME supermarket, and pharmacies. Compared to other tissue brands, Tempo Tissue is slightly more expensive, but most consumers believe that its quality is better because the tissues are durable. Tempo focuses on using 4-ply tissues made with specially bonded fibers. Additionally, Tempo has recently added more flavor options for customers. The target market for Tempo consists mostly of well-educated and younger individuals who prioritize hygiene and value good quality.

Tempo Tissues already have a stable group of customers. However, they need to update their packaging to attract new consumers and maintain loyalty from their existing customers. They want to create something new and special that appeals to younger consumers. In their advertisements, which are typically seen on TV and magazines, they use humor to

make consumers laugh and create meaning. Tempo Tissues are known for their strong and bonded fibers, which deeply resonate with consumers. In these advertisements, they do not need to reiterate the fact that their tissues are 4-ply.

Tempo and Kleenex have partnered to provide a wide selection of tissue paper products in Hong Kong. Tempo focuses on strong fibers, while Kleenex prioritizes consumer care and skin health by offering gentle and soft tissues. Moreover, Kleenex introduces the innovative idea that using firm and thick tissues can potentially harm the skin, causing irritation and wrinkles. It is important to mention that Kleenex is a well-known top-selling brand in various countries worldwide.

Kleenex's advertisements aim to portray the brand as professional and authoritative. With higher levels of education, consumers now seek more information about products before making a purchase. In their advertisement, Kleenex highlights the durability, softness, and lotion-infusion of their tissues, especially beneficial during colder weather. Previously, Kleenex used colorful packaging, cartoons, and images to promote their tissues. However, this time they offer timely information to consumers as the weather turns cold.

The advertisement emphasizes the importance of choosing a softer tissue for good treatment of ourselves and our family's skin. Their target segment consists of well-educated individuals who also care about family and household consumers. Q3. I have been using Tempo Tissues, both the pocket petit tissues and the box tissues at home and the office. After reading advertisements for Tempo and Kleenex, I realized that tissues that are too firm may not be suitable for the winter. During the winter and even the spring season, I am aware that when I

have a flu, a runny nose, or nasal allergies, I cannot use tissues with too strong a texture. Using Tempo tissue may harm my nose and skin.

The different types of Tempo tissues are designed to provide the best care possible during the cold and flu season. However, many people do not use tissues carefully and end up using them too harshly, resulting in red and dry skin. I was not impressed with Tempo's new design package. At this moment, I desire the tissues from Kleenex because they have added lotion to their paper tissues, which shows their attention to me as a customer, especially as a female customer. Although Kleenex tissues are softer and thinner than Tempo, it may be necessary to use a few pieces.

The texture of the tissue provides a comforting sensation to consumers and is commonly used for various purposes such as wiping away perspiration, tidying up after meals, and following sneezing. It is important to use a softer and more delicate tissue when cleaning the face and nose to protect the skin, making it suitable for daily use. Personally, I prefer unscented tissues like Kleenex because they are an excellent choice for individuals sensitive to fragrances like myself. Additionally, Kleenex Tissues are more cost-effective than Tempo Tissue, with a price difference of approximately 8-10%. In light of the ongoing economic recession, many consumers will consider purchasing a product that offers similar or comparable quality at a lower price than what they're used to.

Tissue paper is a commonly used product, although some individuals opt for reusable alternatives like handkerchiefs due to environmental concerns. Nevertheless, handkerchiefs are

less practical for sharing with others. Hence, it is essential to select the appropriate brand of tissue paper. Tempo, a well-known brand in the tissue market, has achieved success and acclaim. However, consumers may have reservations about the composition of Tempo tissues—such as their materials and possible inclusion of harmful substances—as well as worries concerning the environmental consequences of the utilized materials.

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