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II. Background of the Study A social network is a theoretical construct useful in the social sciences to study social relationships. The theoretical approach is, necessarily, relational. An axiom of the social network approach to understanding social interaction is that social phenomena should be primarily conceived and investigated through the properties of relations between and within units instead of the properties of these units themselves. Some of the ideas of social network theory are found in writings going back to the ancient Greeks.

In the late 1800s, both¬†Emile Durkheim¬†and¬†Ferdinand Tonnies¬†foreshadow the idea of social networks in their theories and research of¬†social groups. Tonnies argued that social groups can exist as personal and direct social ties that either link individuals who share values and belief (Gemeinschaft, German, commonly translated as “community”) or impersonal, formal, and instrumental social links (Gesellschaft, German, commonly translated as “society”).

Durkheim gave a non-individualistic explanation of social facts arguing that social phenomena arise when interacting individuals constitute a reality that can no longer be accounted for in terms of the properties of individual actors. Georg Simmel, writing at the turn of the twentieth century, pointed to the nature of networks and the effect of network size on interaction and examined the likelihood of interaction in loosely-knit networks rather than groups. III.

Statement of the Problem Purpose of the study to determine the Effects of Social Networking Sites to the Computer Science student of Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City. 1. What is the Effect of Social Networking? 2. What is the Effect of Social Networking Sites in the academic performance of the students? 3. What is the good effect of Social Networking to the students? 4. What is the bad effect of Social Networking to the students? IV. Objective of the Study

The objectives of the study are to have ideas about the possible effects to the Computer Science students of Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City to their academic studies and to their personality. V. Significance of the Study The importance of the study we will know the effects of the social networking site to the students of Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City it is good or bad to our academic performance. VI. SCOPE AND LIMITATION A. SCOPE

Especially for the Computer Science students of TIP-QC to know the effects of social networking sites that will give a positive and negative effect. B. LIMITATION The limit of the respondents who will be prove the effects of social networking site’s in the colleges and universities specially to the 20 students of TIP-QC in the field of Computer Science Department. VII. Definition of terms Facebook is a social networking service and website launched in February 2004, operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc.

As of February 2012, Facebook has more than 845 million active users. Twitter¬†is an online¬†social networking service¬†and¬†micro blogging¬†service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140¬†characters, known as “tweets”. Tumblr¬†is a¬†micro blogging¬†platform and¬†social networking¬†website, owned and operated by Tumblr, Inc. Emphasizing its ease of use, the service allows users to post content to a short-form blog, named a “tumblelog. “

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