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Have you ever considered structuring your essay as one of the most challenging tasks? Indeed, a good structure is one of the main criteria of a well-written essay. Sometimes students pay lots of attention to the context, conducting thorough research, reading lots of books, looking for sources. However, when it comes to the final result, they may get low marks just because the overall idea of the essay is not understood clearly or the thoughts are not expressed logically. It is disappointing when such situations happen, but it is of the paramount importance to understand that context cannot go without a suitable structure.

Thanks to various modern methodologies of English writing there are so many easy ways to make your paper more structured that it is not a problem anymore. In this article, we are going to investigating the strategy which is called PEEL paragraph. It is that technique which focuses on planning each of your essay sections and making them logically connected.

What is a PEEL paragraph?

The abbreviation PEEL stands for four main criteria: point, evidence, explanation, link. These are the main subsequent steps which each of your paragraphs should contain. Having this “plan of thoughts,” you will be able to organize your ideas into a logical message. Each section can be even compared to a small essay. It also has the beginning of the introductory sentence, main body with the developed thoughts, examples, explanations, and the concluding sentence which usually refers to the beginning. It is actually how the PEEL paragraph technique works in a brief description.

How to write a PEEL paragraph?

All you have to do is focus on four main stages of writing a paragraph. You can even make a short outline of each short paragraph. Let’s clarify each of the steps for the paragraph structure of PEEL format.


What is the first thing that springs up to your mind when you hear the word “point”? It is probably something connected with showing or emphasizing something. This is what you have to do at the beginning of your section: present its main thought. It is sometimes called “topic sentence.” You just state the idea that you are going to develop in this part of the essay. You don’t have to specify your topic; it is the next step. All you have to do is present the argument for the readers.


It is that step when the main body begins. When you have told the readers about the idea of your paragraph, they are waiting for the real proofs. Therefore, your main aim is to persuade your reader that your assumption from the first sentence is not fictional. You can refer to quotes, books, different sources, theories made by scientists. Don’t forget about the works cited page where you should include all those sources. In addition, you have to pay attention to the credibility and reliability of your sources. Wikipedia is not that site which will provide persuasive evidence that your idea is realistic. Rely on scientific journals, books, periodicals. These sources will always sound convincing for the readers.


This is the core of your paragraph. The explanation part includes your own evaluation and developing the mentioned issue. It is that part when you can express your opinion, show your critical thinking, agree or disagree with different points of view. You have to begin with explaining the evidence, which you have used, and interpret it with your own words, showing your in-depth understanding of the issue.


Your final sentences can be compared with the concluding paragraph. What is its primary aim? Here you have to summarize your discussed topic of the whole section and link it to the overall message of your essay. In these last sentences, you have to answer the following questions: How is this paragraph related to the thesis statement? How do evidence and explanation relate to the message of the paper? Does it agree or disagree with the thesis? How it leads to the main idea of your paper? If you see that there is no relation of your paragraph to the main argument of your paper, then you’d better change it and go back to the drawing board. This final step when you link your idea to the central message is crucial in understanding how relevant each of your paragraphs is.

PEEL paragraph structure examples

Let’s analyze the example of a paragraph which is a part of an essay on the topic “The Influence of the Internet on Political Campaigns.” The Internet is a significant tool for the political campaigns because of is its testing function (POINT). With the help of modern options of social networks, it is not difficult to monitor people’s reactions. Candidate in the presidential election in 2004 Howard Dean said, “If I give a speech and the blog people don’t like it, next time I change the speech” (Reddick, 2010, p. 209) (EVIDENCE). If politicians receive negative feedbacks or a small number of “likes,” it may serve as a warning to change something, so that the audience broadens (EXPLANATION). It means that the Internet allows the politicians to test whether their viewpoints coincide with the public’s opinions and whether they have a big or a small percentage of individuals sharing the same values (LINK).

Practice PEEL Technique to Improve Writing Skills

The more you practice, the easier it becomes to structure your essay. Write a paragraph by paying attention to the PEEL technique, and you will see how better your essays become. Thanks to PEEL methodology, writing can be easy and fun!

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