Dore-Dore Q&a Essay Example
Dore-Dore Q&a Essay Example

Dore-Dore Q&a Essay Example

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  • Published: December 11, 2017
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Door-Door (Q&A)

  1. What is Door-Doer's motivation to converting to cells?
  2. Should the company continue with its plans for complete implementation of cells in children knit wear?
  3. If not, which knitwear products are best made in cells?

Here are the main advantages found converting to cell.

  • Reducing the throughput time was the main motivation for converting to cells. For Door-Door, 3 weeks to 1 day
  • Defect fixing was local, reducing the cost of defect fixing a lot.

In Door-Door case, the defect rate was down from 5% to 2. %

Cell workers tend to help out each other more in cell concept. The members in a cell seemed to work closely and as a team. Members who go out for leaves were really anxious to come ba


ck. Cell concept is more suited to decreasing batch sizes. With this, cell would be good for most areas of knitwear garments. Door-Door should plan for complete implementation of cell concept for all knitwear products.

Should they implement cells in hosiery production area?

In traditional operation, he total throughput time is 6 weeks, for a 5 day week, that is 30 days WIPE = 30 * 37000= We need to reduce the throughput time to 1 days. Suppose we are going to go for the Inferno's cell proposal. In Inferno's proposal, for TOE CLOSING: he has suggested to use 7 workers per cell. For 7 workers, 1. TOE CLOSING: Capacity per cell = 7* 480= 3360 pairs per cell

IRONING: Labor = 15 sec per pair = 15/60 min per pair Capacity = 12 * 480 / (15/60) = 23040 which is less than 37000 pairs.

We would

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need little cells with more Ironing equipment to achieve the 37000 output With cell based concept, the equipment costs would be much higher

QUALITY CONTROL / PACKING 1-4 min labor content/pair Batch throughput = 2-3 weeks assume 2. 5 Assume labor = 2 min Inferno's cell proposal has 6 workers per cell capacity = 480/2 = 1440 For 37000 pairs, no of cells needed = 26 cells By implementing cell based operation, we can reduce the lead time to 1 day. Total WIPE for cell is only 37000, which is a huge reduction.

They should plan to implement ell concept in hosiery as well.

  • Do you think the concept of cells have an application in service sector?
  • Which types?
  • Give some examples from the systems which you are familiar with to illustrate the applicability/non-applicability of the concept?

In our final project, we are going to compare the cell based approach to agile implementation in software development. We are going to compare scrum Ana scrum AT scrums uses Tort large steward development projects to how cell based concept is done for manufacturing operations.

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