Disadvantages of Globalization Essay Example
Disadvantages of Globalization Essay Example

Disadvantages of Globalization Essay Example

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  • Published: September 27, 2017
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It is debated that sustainable development has non worked good within the globalist environment and continues to look unpromising for our hereafter. If there is non some kind of new outside of the box thought followed by drastic action which takes topographic point. this society faces grave environmental dangers as every new twelvemonth comes. This essay will critically measure the statement mentioned above and will travel in deepness to seek to explicate how negative impacts can be stopped and this essay will set forth thoughts sing how capitalist economy and environmentalism can accommodate.



Globalization is a concern today as it is attributed to massive societal jobs in developing states. The impairment of the environment i. e. the devastation of the rain woods. oceans. rivers. and lakes is straight related to overwriting and non-regulation of local environmental Torahs by corporation


s in developing states. Besides within the planetary society. economic inequality. particularly poverty and development of developing states. are major societal jobs due to developed policies between international economic establishments of the International Monetary Fund and the Word Bank. international corporations. and national authoritiess. These policies can be so harmful to economic systems that they contribute to horrors such as universe hungriness. disease. and human trafficking to call a few. Government intercession by ordinance. revenue enhancement. and redistributing wealth so distorts natural Torahs of supply and demand. Some economic systems may endure disadvantaged at first. but society is better off when the free market is allowed to command itself.

Purpose of the Report

This study is aimed to give in detaied undertandign of what does globalisation it. how it developed and what negative impacts on human life. While there are

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many positive facets of globalisation. its negative effects are ‘overwhelming’ and ‘far reaching’ . In fact the effects of the same behave like slow toxicant which is why it becomes more of import to acknowledge and halt the negatives.

Statement of the problem

Before understanding the grounds behind why this phenomenon has brought with it so many jobs. we need to hold a expression at the instruments by which globalisation is being promoted and enhanced. The most of import and prevailing instruments act uponing this procedure are the transnational corporations and the new revolution of information engineering.


While fixing this study. largely the book resources of Yeditepe University Knowledge Center applied. there were Numberss of books to seek about the topic. This study will get down with briefly specifying globalisation. so it will follow by its negative impacts in footings of both its economic. human and nature impacts.



There are assorted definitions for the word globalisation. but depending on the position it is seen in. this phenomenon ramifies itself in different shadiness colourss between white and black. To set ourselves in the appropriate context. it is of import to understand what the word globalisation means. “Globalization in its actual sense is the procedure of transmutation of local or regional things or phenomena into planetary 1s. It can besides be used to depict a procedure by which the people of the universe are unified into a individual society and map together. This procedure is a combination of economic. technological. socio-cultural and political forces. ” Globalization is besides used to mention to another term called economic globalisation and this term. refers to the “Integration of national economic systems into the international

economic system through trade. foreign direct investing. capital flows. migration. and the spread of engineering. ” ( Robertson. 1992 )

During the decease of each minute consumed and the passing of each twenty-four hours. societies have identified a certain shrinkage of the universe that has been more existent with the strengthening of larger and stronger bonds between analogue universes called states. It is interesting to see that this phenomenon is non merely seeable because of the human being development. but besides because of the rapid transmutations in communicating. transit. and computing machine engineering. that have permitted these parallel universes to research and be exposed to other ways of life and civilizations ( Roberts. 1999 ) .

In a broader position. this state of affairs could be seen as a good state of affairs due to the fact. that opening up to new civilizations. means the breakage of paradigms in the resolution of jobs. The trouble pecking in everyone’s heads is. in the disintegration of those paradigms. are the societies traveling to lose their individualities which indicate in the manner they live life and differ themselves from others? It’s a inquiry that has been more and more obvious in the passing of each twenty-four hours and that have started revolutions in pursue of forestalling cultural deformation because many states. in fact. feel threatened by other civilizations and accordingly. are moving out to continue themselves the best manner possible.

Globalization and civilization

Globalization represents a challenge to civilizations and local linguistic communications. Globalization needs to be pursued with tolerance and regard for the civilizations that we come across. Bing hastily judgmental could take to marginalising many local civilizations. Scientific and economic

high quality of the US and the flow of information engineering aid in enforcing certain linguistic communications in peculiar English as a 2nd linguistic communication in some development and developed states. and as a first linguistic communication in some others and this could hold a important impact on civilizations ensuing in the dilution if non pass overing out traditions. imposts. and values of many societies and marginalise their civilizations ( Appadurai. 1996 ) .

Cultural imperialism

Peoples are scared of cultural imperialism. which describes the thought that one twenty-four hours the whole universe will be one large civilization and that the blending of civilizations will extinguish the being of the weaker 1s and merger the wonts and imposts of the stronger 1s. In order for this to go on. there must be an obliteration of many different civilizations around the universe. but in a personal position. the thought of cultural imperialism is non possible ( Appadurai. 1996 ) . Even if all the weakest civilizations adopted of import wonts. people would still prefer some of the things their civilization proportions.


More than half of the Colombians would ne'er prefer a Mc Donald tiffin over a existent good “sancocho trifasico” and the American civilization has a higher possibility to take the other manner around. due to the fact that a batch of people can merely afford to eat at Mc Donald’s because of its low monetary values in their state. This is why in a manner it is clear that even if cultural imperialism were to go on. the civilizations of the universe would ne'er be able to come together to organize merely one. Besides. there is no secret

that globalisation is an uneven procedure. due to the fact that there is an unequal distribution of benefits and losingss and this is another statement that demonstrates that many civilizations differ ( Peterson. 1999 ) . This instability. besides leads to the separation between the rich states. and the hapless 1s doing them to be more against the beliefs of the rich states. and more protective of their ain.

Positive cultural apprehension of the market is a manner to ease any selling plan development and sketchs in a higher success for the director that applies this. but some directors confuse themselves believing that marketing influences civilization wholly ( Appadurai. 1996 ) . In a manner. this is true but this does non intend it changes it even though merchandise credence is affected by culturally based attitudes towards alteration. There are a few things to take into consideration when thought that civilization is in changeless alteration with selling. There is a term called corporate civilization. which “describes the whole aggregation of premises. patterns and norms that people in an organisation adopt over clip.

This means that employees have to purchase into them. finally acquiring to the point where they take them for granted and passes them on. ” ( Bauman. 1998 ) This term is interesting because all of the companies have their ain internal civilization that is ever dickering with the civilization of its place state and many directors confuse themselves seeking to alter their national civilizations for that of their company without any success. believing in that thought that market can alter civilization. Experts in organisation behaviours say it is hard to change any sort of

civilization independent if it is a national civilization or a corporate 1. but the corporate civilization is more flexible in footings of the manner they do things internally and that a director must understand this in order to obtain success.

Globalization and developing states

Globalization has serious effects on many developing states:

  • The irresponsible behaviour of some transnational corporations toward the environment of developing states ( utilizing these states as a safe oasis ) take parting in this phenomenon could do much injury to the latter. Due to lenient patroling. expired merchandises are perilously marketed and natural milieus are heedlessly abused. So globalisation in this context changes the universe to go a “global loot alternatively of being a planetary village” . Besides due to miss of supervisory governmental organic structures. such behavior could besides take to Global Warming -the effects of which will non be limited merely to the marginalized states ( Cosgrove-Sacks. 1999 ) .
  • The existent trial to globalisation is through its success in cut downing the spread between the rich and the hapless at local. national and planetary degrees. However the widening spread between the East and the West at international degree. and between rich persons and poor persons at national degree is another serious facet of globalisation ( Peterson. 1999 ) .
  • Globalization has forced many states in assorted parts of this universe to modulate to a lower conference the most cardinal demands of their peoples. The just distribution of nutrient. equal wellness attention installations. and the quality of instruction are no longer precedence concerns the political docket of the authoritiess in these states  (Roberts. 1999) .

All these indicate that hapless societies in

the 3rd universe non merely remain far off from profiting from globalisation. but besides they continue to endure from its catastrophes. booby traps and bad lucks. It so contributes to puting the foundation of unfairnesss and societal inequalities. and furthermore forestalling the growing of new markets in these states because they are unable to vie with the advanced markets.

Globalization can besides be bad for states that aren’t really good at bring forthing things and are excessively impoverished. Their industries may necessitate protection against transnational houses so that their local industries can develop and acquire large plenty to fund research and development and exploit economic systems of graduated table. Globalization means the universe going one large market place with as few trade barriers as possible. so evidently weaker companies would be wiped out by stronger 1s. which might be based in a few rich states. So great income inequality can ensue. However. it is by and large agreed that globalisation has more pros than it has cons.

Globalization and ethical motives

The immoral character of globalisation is going even more serious and its negative impacts in this context have different facets.

Globalization has internationalized offenses. Drug trafficking and the trafficking of adult females and kids have become much more hard to command because of their international character. Not merely offenses are globalized. but besides diseases such as AIDS. Pornography excessively accounts for the toxic condition of immature heads and counter productive use of engineering. This has lead to increase in offenses against adult females and beginning of unhealthy tendencies in society ( Perlas. 1999 ) .

Globalization and international political relations

By increasing mutuality among states. globalisation would give economically strong

and advanced states a strong clasp on international political relations. However this power could be misused by world powers which could perchance dispute international legitimacy through marginalising the function of the United Nations and disregarding the international jurisprudence ( Baylis. 2001 ) .

Globalization and social structures

The free economic system and the development of engineering have negative impact on laborers. As known. 20 per centum of the universe population is bring forthing the demands of all population in this universe. while most of the remainder 80 % are unable to happen a suited beginning of income. This is serious because underprivileged people are expected to revolt against their bad conditions ( Perlas. 1999 ) . This is possible with the turning diminution of state’s power to the favour of private sectors. on one manus. and to the turning lessening of the governmental outgos on societal and public services such as heath. instruction etc. . on the other. In this. globalisation is a beginning of societal instability and category disparity.

Inequalities within society

It is hard to to the full understand inequalities within society without to the full understanding that in our capitalist societies. nil happens unless it is profitable and that net income is normally achieved through the battle of others environing it. The taking corporate imperiums and some of the richest people in our world’s history have achieved their successes through the blood. perspiration and cryings of the unnamable workers that have helped in the yesteryear. and are assisting them today ( Bauman. 1998 ) . The undermentioned essay will critically measure the utility of the ‘blame globalism’ attack as to why there exist so many inequalities

in our society. and this essay will besides touch upon alternate points of position that steer off from capitalist economy as the chief job ( Peterson. 1999 ) .

Inequality in society is rather extended and it continues to turn. Different ways exist when portraying inequality and where it is rooted from. some positions are fact based logic and some are more sentiment based. Most of the clip our initial positions of what inequality is and where it seems to be most. comes from the informercials we see where images of hapless kids in 3rd universe states work stoppage across our telecastings. Outside the western hemisphere of the universe in the poorer states there surely is a seeable inequality when compared to life here at place. but this has been the instance for so many old ages ( Perlas. 1999 ) . One of the major modern inequalities making a history of its ain for people in the hereafter to look back upon is how our ain capitalist society continues to split the rich and the hapless at a fast rate and a greater division as every twelvemonth passes.

Globalization happening human nature

Globalization has besides popularized a consumer civilization among people due to the flow of goods and merchandises. Since the desire to devour more and more can ne'er truly be satisfied. the consumer becomes addicted to shopping to a point where the religious. moral and rational dimensions of his/her personality do non turn or develop. These are really due to the concern corporations. which produce the broad array of consumer goods and the media which advertise them. In fact this tendency has besides resulted in higher

degrees of dissatisfaction despite improved life styles due to ceaseless wants ( Bauman. 1998 ) .

Gender issue

Gender is indispensable to modern globalisation in fabrication because it has been discuss at a assortment of joint grades to see if assembly-line workers are to act upon planetary mill governments and better the quality of their occupations. This cognition is made a power by workers in that they are able to construct effectual webs of opposition and opposition centres on issues of human rights. labour rights. gender individualities. and autochthonal individualities ( Brysk. 2004 ) . Economic subjugation caused by the globalisation of markets and industries keeps adult females hapless. Around the universe. adult females are paid less than work forces even when they have similar occupations to male opposite numbers. Often adult females are demoted to take down paid places and so unable to progress.

When companies such as mills are privatized. adult females are the fist to be let travel because employers assume that their income is an extremity the income earned by the male caput of family. Single. unemployed female parents are one of the largest groups of possible trafficking victims ( Brysk. 2004 ) . All of these issues force adult females into the “gray. ” semi-legal economic system. or even worse. the black market in an attempt to back up themselves and their households. Increased globalisation is what causes this subjugation for adult females through trade. travel and the motions of money both legal and illegal become faster and much less able to be regulated and trafficking is made easier due to these factors.

Human rights misdemeanor

The consequence of globalisation on state-based human rights misdemeanors

depends on the type of province and its history. States that are freshly democratising with weak establishments and elite-controlled economic systems. such as Russia. Latin America. and Southeasterly Asia. the growing of planetary markets and economic flows tends to weaken coercive forces but addition offense. constabulary maltreatment. and corruptness ( Brysk. 2004 ) . Global mobility and information flows by and large lead to cultural mobilisation. which may advance self-government in more unfastened provinces but largely it produces maltreatments in defence of dominant-group control.

Alternatively. the same forces have produced slow institutional gaps by single-party provinces. like China and Mexico ( Brysk. 2004 ) . In much of Africa. globalisation has increased the power nothingness. by both authorising and supplying intercession. which displace old authoritiess without uniting new 1s. Some of the most atrocious maltreatments of human rights happened in the international civil wars of Sierra Leone. Angola. and the Congo ( Brysk. 2004 ) .

Globalization and prosperity

Globalization poses serious inquiries about peace and prosperity: Could the execution of free market rule globally enhance international peace and security or prevents wars. as globalists argue? Prosperity. public assistance and economic advancement which market economic system is expected to accomplish could heighten or make some chances for political stableness ; but it does non needfully guarantee peace or societal stableness ( Brueggemann. 2006 ) . It is true that market economic system has contributed to societal and political stableness in broad provinces and to peace among them. but it does the antonym in many developing states. Asiatic economic crisis of 1997 is a instance in point.

The free market forces allowed operators to command stock markets and to reassign

big sum of money merely to maximise their net incomes. while they were destructing the economic systems of many Asiatic states ( Baylis and Smith. 2001 ) . Indeed these activities have destroyed the societal constructions of those societies. and moreover. created what might be called possible societal agitations in the part. That is why globalisation in its current expression does non needfully guarantee societal and political stableness.

Globalization and Environment

Capitalism is chiefly about the overall accretion of wealth based upon the ingestion of our planet’s natural resources and these resources are going more and more purely limited. We as one face the cosmopolitan environmental job bing that we are devouring approximately 25 per centum more than the Earth can give us each twelvemonth. Our planet needs these natural resources such as trees for illustration that continue to give our planet’s ecosystem clean air and H2O that we all need to last daily.


We are transcending the sum of pollution that our environment can manage. Waste merchandises that give off C dioxide emissions into the air are now much more than our planet is able to absorb and cover with without holding serious affects for both our planet’s wellness and our ain. These C dioxide emanations are besides the taking cause of our clime alteration referred to as planetary heating. Even though international understandings exist to forestall planetary heating by affectively contending it. there genuinely needs to be than merely marketing rules to accomplish overall conformity from everyone ( Cosgrove-Sacks. 1999 ) . There has to be set in rock rules that turn standard to every taking employer that threats the environmental crisis. and they need to

experience as if they can non merely go on making what they are making by paying a mulct here and at that place.

There are many developing states still necessitating to turn economically themselves but in order for them to accomplish their ends. the richer states such as ours here in the western hemisphere. we will necessitate to cut down the uses of natural resources in order to equilibrate things out expeditiously ( Cosgrove-Sacks. 1999 ) . This is extremely improbable to go on as we continue to utilize more and more resources each and every twelvemonth that passes now. If everyone in the universe lived like we do over here. we would necessitate around five planets to merely supply the necessary natural resources needed to last.

Environmental engineerings

Technology that is more efficient and cleansing agent will non needfully work out the environmental issues at manus either. Even though these new inventions seem to be the political orientation that if we do things cleaner than everything will be O.K. . this is non the reply to the inquiry of sustainability. Many countries of the universe that were or still are taking defilers have began to travel about their work more expeditiously by accommodating cleaner engineering but it still does non alter the fact states such as the United States consume far more material goods and stop up utilizing more of the planet’s limited natural resources ( Roberts. 1999 ) . There is ever another issue behind another and it becomes really hard to turn to everything at one time successfully. However. without a solution to these jobs our planet’s clime will go on to decease ( Peterson.

1999 ) .

The lone manner for globalism to travel frontward successfully would be for it to do a alteration from working out natural resources such as air and H2O and to protect them as common wealth trusts of humanistic disciplines. They could belong to everybody and we would hold the power to restrict the usage of scarce resources. charge rent. and pay dividends to everyone.

Continuous economical growing can happen as long it becomes environmentally friendly with efficient engineerings being adopted and if the economic systems steer off from bring forthing material goods and Begin to travel towards services. sustainable prosperity is what this is known as. Sustainable prosperity as the planetary usage of resources and methods of covering with wastes would non transcend the planet’s capacity to renew and absorb. True prosperity can merely come if the income disparity between the rich and hapless shortens ( Brueggemann. 2006 ) .

Globalization and poorness

Wealth is created through labour. This labour comes from the people who are non acquiring rich from the company of which they are working for. Workers dedicate hours of labour work and most of their lives working with a company’s agency of production such as machinery and edifice things. The company proprietors themselves are non out at that place constructing a house. driving a coach. or selling vacuities. yet they are acquiring practically all of the net income and make non make the difficult work themselves. They simple own the agencies of production. This unjust kind of money pyramid is the bases of reasonably much all major money taking companies and it is the system that creates rich and hapless and continues to make

so much more all the clip ( Bauman. 1998 ) .


Once this basic realisation is understood. it is easier to see how inequalities within the laden categories relate to this every bit good. For hapless people in topographic points like Africa and similar fortunes states. their battle is chiefly a consequence of the capitalists non caring about them. because there is no net income to be made out of their labor. What worsens the positions and sentiments people have on capitalists even more is non that they are working the hapless. but it is that they are non exploited them at all. These hapless people are irrelevant to capitalist production and hence capitalists genuinely do non care if they live or die. eat or starve. the capitalists simple are non concerned. In fact in some instances. capitalists would most likely love if the hapless would merely decease out. so so they could halt feigning to care ( Perlas. 1999 ) .

Foremans have used all kinds of divisions in the yesteryear to try to increase the inequalities and drive down working conditions. However. through the old ages at that place has been an increasing sum of workers coming together to contend these inequalities. There one time existed a clip when racism. sexism. and youth rewards played more than merely a little factor in working rewards. but in fact made up most of the inequalities within our society. With so much success as clip progresses. workers continue to unify to dispute globalists ( Peterson. 1999 ) . With patterned advances of equality such as these in our capitalist society. there are surely other positions that do non

fault globalism for all the hapless in the universe. in fact some may even state hat globalism helps people alternatively of doing social negativenesss.

Decrease in life criterions of people

These types of small scenarios make up the theory of equal chance. Poorer households non holding the instruction. wellness attention. or typical societal accomplishments which are created by being raised in a nice place. are at a lesser advantage than others whom were raised in a in-between category household ( Robertson. 1992 ) . This makes it clear to see how people and households remain hapless over decennaries and through coevals and as the monetary values of things ascent. these people get even more left buttocks. It is non needfully the mistake of capitalist economy. merely the consequence of many. many turning up state of affairss being the same. However. when people so begin to seize with teeth onto this theory and give globalism the benefit of the uncertainty in state of affairss. people so turn around and state it was globalism in the first topographic point long back many old ages ago that caused that household to be hapless.

Then as decennaries passed. these hapless households ne'er got out of the downward incline of things and globalism started it all ( Brysk. 2004 ) . It is non a simple undertaking to trap point precisely where inequality was derived from in the beginning. it is easier to see where it still exists now. For every positive thing brought to light sing globalizm. at that place seems to be an opposing position whether fact of sentiment that so blames it once more. Globalizm and inequalities in society continue

to travel about as one. even if perchance they were ne'er one in the beginning and globalism’s original purpose was ne'er to make a spread every bit big as the 1 is today between the rich and hapless ( Brysk. 2004 ) .


The affects of globalisation can be eternal. States in the US can see impacts both good and harmful due to fabrication of export goods. Economically. globalisation can be positive when it benefits commercialism and can lend to an addition in the criterion of life. Besides. when developing states being to turn wealthier is can take to societal prosperity. On the other manus globalisation can be seen as a negative. When it acts as corporate imperialism. the planetary issues of environment. gender. and human rights are abused. This is due to the growing of markets. internationally. where economic motions tend to help the impairment of protective forces which increase offense degrees. and maltreatment of policies. Depending on how globalisation is approached it can negatively or positively affect socialisations. but one thing s for certain: it brings alteration.


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