Digital Bangladesh Essay Example
Digital Bangladesh Essay Example

Digital Bangladesh Essay Example

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  • Published: September 26, 2017
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Introduction: digital Bangladesh is a new universe. a new construct. a new dream. Bangladesh is now echoing with the purpose of accomplishing digital Bangladesh. Our present premier curate. Sheikh Hasina. in their election pronunciamento of 2008 declared to construct up Bangladesh as a digital one by 2021. Since so this construct has become about a lip-word with the people of Bangladesh. Meaning of digital Bangladesh: our life today is governed by the outgrowths of scientific discipline. Science has ushered in new epoch in the history of human civilisation. Computer innovation is the most deciding factor in the regard. It has brought about a radical alteration on the face of the planetary universe. This alteration has been possible through the information engineering ( it ) based on computer-internet system. The micro-electronic system through which all kinds of i


nformation are collected. Assimilated. preserved. processed and transmitted is known as “information technology” . This information engineering or computing machine & A ; cyberspace based Bangladesh is called a digital Bangladesh. Necessity in Bangladesh: ours is a underdeveloped state. We a achieved independency in 1971 after a bloody release war.

Science so began the run of constructing up the war-shattered Bangladesh as a Bangla of gold. But it is a affair of great sorrow that we have non been able to traverse merely the phase of a underdeveloped state even after the oversight of a long period of 38 old ages of release. No expected development has yet been achieved. The chief causes are: indolence. deficiency of morality. inclination to do more negotiations than work. deficiency of inclination to travel in front with the advanced engineering etc. The gradual connexio

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of the digital system in all the activities of Bangladesh. if possible. may give birth to a digital Bangladesh. This perspective program can be brought into world merely when the of import topographic points of the state can be brought under control by puting us CCTV camera based on the computer-election run through picture conferences as a portion of her dream of constructing up digital Bangladesh. We can use digital system in the undermentioned sectors of our national life. Educational sector: instruction is the anchor of a state. So we must set our first precedence on instruction sector with a position to set uping a digital Bangladesh. We can do picture of teacher’s talks of addresss and expose them on the white screens before the scholar.

A scholar can have instruction sitting in his house. Medical sector: medical installations are one of the basic demands of human existences. Modern scientific discipline has given birth to a new universe in the field of medical intervention. If the cyberspace connexion can be spread widely. a patient can have prescription of medical specialty without looking before a doctor by paying offers through online banking system. Agricultural sector: ours is an ago-based state. More than 80 % of the people of our state are dependent on agribusiness for their support. But they are nescient of the more method of cultivation whereas the developed states of the universe have championed in this Fieldss by utilizing the blessings of mechanised method of cultivation. Administrative sector: most of the offices of our state are highly sulky in work and life in delay for taking bribes by keeping up work yearss after yearss. We

can do the disposal dynamic. work-oriented and free from corruptness by puting up CCTV camera through computer-internet system. Security sector: security is a must in every domain of our national life. No national can anticipate to progress without holding a tenable security system. It can be made possible by puting up CCTV camera through computing machine cyberspace system.

This system will assist us observe the miscreant event after ling period of their happening of mischief’s. Buying and selling sector: purchasing and merchandising are our every-days affair. Everyday we go to markets or shopping promenades to do purchase of different indispensable things of our day-to-day life. If the computing machine web can be spread widely. we shall be able to do our necessary purchases by remaining in our house. Not merely in the native land. can it be extended even to the foreign states by doing payments through recognition cards. Communication sector: “transport is civilization” –goes a wise stating. It is non possible to do all unit of ammunition development without holding a good and dynamic communicating system in the state. At present. many a thing of communicating personal businesss is Bering controlled through computer-internet system. We can besides convey the whole state within the range of our custodies through this system. Publication sector: we can non believe of publication books today without the aid of computing machine web. The computing machine system has already been introduced in our publication industry.

Earlier. the booed which took at least two months to be published. now that blood can be published within two yearss. Newspaper sector: computing machine web is now being used in printing newspapers on a big graduated

table. Now a newspaper is being published in different parts of the state at the same time. So newspapers are no more sent to Chittagong. khulna. Rajshahi or sleet from Dhaka by conveyance. Particularly tins system is being followed in instance of first call intelligence documents. Diversion sector: diversion beginnings are severely needed for the modern mechanised hard-field of diversion. We can bask different kinds of amusements including different games and movie shows. We can now cognize the consequences of the games which are traveling on overseas within a minute through cyberspace. Banking sector: computing machine web has given a new drift in the banking sector. It has made banking sector mere dynamic than of all time before. Online system has already been introduced in many banking establishments. Now we no more need carry hard currency money with us to the remotest parts of the state.

If this system can be introduced in all banking establishments in our state. Bangladesh will be able to step into a digital 1. Puting up on-line information centre: the information services of different public and private sector can be made range to the door-step of the people by puting up on-line information centres. Then people will be able to roll up different informations or information from this information centre. Not merely that they will be able to cognize about the concluding institutional conditions and place. Decision: it is said “hope springs ageless in the human breast” we besides hope that we shall be able to turn our war-shattered state into a digital Bangladesh by conveying about an all unit of ammunition development through full-scale attempts of people of a all

walks of life. We are really hopeful to larn that the day-to-day Jougantor and the Welsh college have jointly taken a mammoth to put up digital campus all over the state with the Sklogan.

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