So You Want to Be an Engineer? Essay

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For the “So you want to be an engineer? “ Challenge I choose the three fields of bio, civil, and computer engineering (in that respective order). Engineers are the problem solvers of the world, they work on a huge range of problems so limiting it to three was quite challenging. The overall first selection was bioengineering. A bio engineer integrates the sciences of medicine and biology, to create new solutions to the world’s medical problems. With this knowledge they work closely with doctors to develop new medicines.

Bioengineering is a great field to be in because it is growing at a rapid rate considering the huge effect it is having on modern medicine. Within the next 20 years I predict they will have the largest impact on the world. For that reason, I would love to be a part of this field engineering medicines to save the world. Arizona State and Boston University are two universities that have a good bioengineering program. My second choice was Civil engineering. Civil engineers have been around since the dawn of man, so this was obvious choice for me.

Civil engineers focus on solving the world’s communal problems through construction and design. They work on things such as bridges, domes, and a city’s overall infustruture. Historically they are the world’s greatest problem solvers and work to fix many of worlds “problems”. I think this would be a great field to work in because it is so broad. I feel as a civil engineer you would have the chance to work with so many different people that every day would be thrilling. There are many great civil engineering programs throughout this nation but my two top choices would be Boise State, and Florida Atlantic University.

My third and final choice was Computer engineering. Computer engineers analyze and evaluate computer systems (hardware and software). They focus on a systems problems and work to propel it into a new “state of the art “state. They use logical concepts to develop new/ and or more efficient Computer software. Computer engineering is growing extremely quickly considering the rate of growth technology has seen within the last ten or so years. With the new era of technology, the world will need engineer s to keep it growing at that pace.

For that reason, I feel that it would be great for me to get in at the ground level. Computers have interested me since I was born so it wouldn’t be hard for me to adapt my skill set to this field. Bio, civil, and computer engineering are three fields of the future. To usher in a new era of technological dominance, engineers must be present in those three fields. Personally I would love to be apart of any of the three , and do my part just as others have done in history before me, and pave a new path for the engineers of the future .

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