Manufacturing Engineering and Technology Essay Example
Manufacturing Engineering and Technology Essay Example

Manufacturing Engineering and Technology Essay Example

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  • Published: December 27, 2017
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Manufacturing engineering, also known as product design and manufacturing system design, involves the operation of factories and the use of machines to transform raw materials into finished products. This field encompasses the engineering activities necessary for creating and managing the technical processes that convert raw materials, energy, and purchased items into components that can be sold to other manufacturers.

Manufacturing engineering focuses on analyzing and modifying product designs to ensure that the necessary equipment, tooling, processes, and operations are selected, specified, optimized, and executed to produce a product according to the desired volume, timeframe, quality level, and other specifications. This field encompasses various important branches including product design, machinery and tooling, process planning, purchasing, manufacturing, marketing, and sales.

Shipping Manufacturing is responsive to various demands, including design, quality, environm


ental friendliness, and flexibility. It involves the production of different types of products according to market demand and production rate. This field also focuses on the integration of various facilities and systems to ensure the production of high-quality products while optimizing expenditure. It applies principles of physics and incorporates findings from manufacturing systems studies, such as craft manufacturing, computer integrated manufacturing, agile manufacturing, and the putting-out system. Manufacturing technologies aided by computers also play a crucial role in this field. The term 'Manufacture' was first used in 1567, while 'Manufacturing' was introduced in 1683.

The concept of factories can be traced back to ancient China, ancient Rome, and the Middle East. However, Matthew Houston Coco Manufacture (established in 1761 in Birmingham) is widely recognized as the first modern factory. Manufacturing involves using science and technology to convert materials into desired shapes with specific properties. I

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simple terms, it entails turning raw materials into finished products.

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