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Bangladesh is a underdeveloped state. She achieved independency 42 old ages ago but still she depends on foreign aids sing many issues. She is trapped in a batch of jobs such as poorness. over population. unemployment. corruptness. wellness jeopardy. nutrient and adjustment crisis. illiteracy etc. But. the present authorities has promised and started taking stairss to alter the state of affairs and has determined to construct a “Digital Bangladesh” . The sense of Digital Bangladesh is non clear yet. We assume that the gov. wants to do Bd to the full digitalized by the twelvemonth of 2021 through application of 3rd coevals information and communicating engineering. It was an election pronunciamento ( 2008 ) of Awami League. one of the taking political parties of Bangladesh. The doctrine of Digital Bangladesh comprises guaranting people’s democracy and human rights. transparence. answerability. set uping justness and guaranting bringing of gov. services to the citizens through maximal usage of engineering with the overall betterment of the day-to-day life style of people of all categories.

The authorities farther emphasized on the four elements of DB Visions which are: human resource development. people development. civil services and usage of information engineering in all possible sectors. It is non merely e-governance or e-commerce or e-banking or runing a state broad mobile phone web. it is a combination of all of them. It is a country-wide application of 3G ICT to commit the best direction patterns in every sectors and sub-sectors. The range of Digital Bangladesh is really broad. It includes the undermentioned substances: democracy and effectual parliament. political model. decentalisation of power and people’s engagement. good administration through set uping regulation of jurisprudence and avoiding political partiality. corruptness free society. authorization and equal rights for adult females. economic development and enterprise. infrastructural development. environment etc.

To digitize Bangladesh with 3G engineering in 12 old ages is reasonably ambitious. It needs strong committedness and strategic planning for sustainable Digital Bangladesh. The starting must concentrate on developing substructure in footings of hardware. package and work force. Merely purchasing 1000000s of computing machines and administering among several thousand workstations in educational establishments. commercial and medical organisations will non digitize Bangladesh. Local qualified manpower must be available to run the system without depending on foreign experts.

To bring forth such human resources. authorities must delegate highest precedence to the betterment of scientific discipline. engineering and direction instruction and develop our ain work force. Unless we perform the basic footings. Digital Bangladesh will do Bangladesh extremely vulnerable by doing dependent on those states that manufacture. control and distribute ICT. Sustainability is more imp than get downing. If we fail to pull off a sustainable digital Bangladesh with our ain resources. Digital Bangladesh 2021 will harm instead than profit the state. But if we win. Bangladesh will accomplish independency literally.

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