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Corporate social responsibilities should be established in all business operations to ensure holistic coexistence of the company and the society as well as raising the utility of the products and services it offers. This has been emphasized due to the rise of negative impacts that results from companies’ products and services offered to the public. Besides, various services and products are also marketed to consumers who do not have the effective logical reasoning of the effects that the products would have to them.Due to the current existence of different rights consideration by the people and industries attached to their operations, it is eminent that cooperation between the industries and the society is very low increasing the negative impacts of their products as opposed to the benefits being derived from them. Background of the situation EverQuest is a computer game produced by Sony Online Entertainment.

This game is highly addictive to the people as it happened with Mr. Wooley. The death of Mr. Wooley was linked to a number of precedent factors that made it hard to determine the precise cause.

However, the death was more inclined to playing of EverQuest than other causes as he took abnormally long playing the game. In previous autumn, he quit his job and stopped seeing his family to focus on the game. Then, he ceased taking care of himself, his apartment and was addicted to playing EverQuest e all day and night. Besides, Mr. Wooley was prone to epileptic seizures which were greatly aggravated by the game.

Notably, Mr Wooley’s mother noted the abnormal behavior which complicates the matter by questioning why she never took any important step to assist him.Though the company understood the impacts of addiction to the people, they are supposed to take care of themselves against various harmful effects of the products and services they use. Ethical concerns The main ethical consideration of this situation is the implications of EverQuest game and the complexity of who is supposed to shoulder the responsibility of Mr. Wooleys death. Arguably, companies have the role of ensuring that their products and services are of high quality and minimal negative effects to the consumers.

Whereas the ethical concerns are mainly focal to the death of Mr.Wooley, they are compounded to holistically indicate the impacts of products and services to the consumers. Following the increasing addiction to electronic games by the people, the demand for addressing their impacts becomes very critical. More people are getting harmed by the games as they become addicted with time.

After quitting his Job, Mr. Wooley became addicted to Everquest which he played the whole day and night. Most of the people become addicted to these games and are unable to quit thereby posing more danger to them.Besides, there is the general concern for the lack of foreseeability of the harm from use of these games and the contrast between the company’s rights to freedom of speech. The societal input and at what time it should be employed is of great concern as it draws the major cut line for demand and eventual use of these products.

Of greater concern is the poor interaction between the producers of the different products and the users to establish the impacts they have to them. Possible solutionsNotably, these concerns should be addressed by all the stakeholders to reduce their impacts to the society. Sony should take ethical responsibilities and move a step higher to ensure that its products add more value to the consumers than harm. It should therefore employ the freedom of commercialization of its products more responsibly by producing less harmful products to the public. The company should enhance better marketing strategies where the products are not sold to children and other people who are not capable of making the correct decisions.Understanding that most of the effects are intrinsic, less hostile technological games should be brought to the market as opposed to the highly addictive and harmful ones like EverQuest and Dragon Dragons which resulted to various negative effects like death and suicides (Hartman ; Pava, 353).

To add to that, other entities like the parents and guardians should take a higher platform in enhancing better use of different products by their children. Modern legislations and policy frameworks should be established to include the specific marketing systems of various products like EverQuest under ethical social responsibilities.Then, individual personalities should take concerns and greater care when using the products of the different companies in order to attain the desired impacts. Possible consequences of the solutions The above proposed solutions are bound to have vast consequences to the different stakeholders in the case. Establishing alternative products to the market would involve the company getting back to the drawing board and designing other types of products which would take more time and resources too.Besides, marketing the products selectively to responsible people would only reduce the overall returns for the company since most of them are of the lower ages.

Besides, this selective marketing would incur more costs as it would involve a new niche altogether. On the other hand, the society would greatly benefit from the selective marketing of the products as cases like that of Mr. Wooley would be reduced. The affected members would also be more productive citizens to the society as opposed to increased addiction to these games.Emphasis on personal responsibilities by the people using the game would reduce the overall burden to then company while posing more danger to those unable to effectively reason out.

Notably, many are the people who are unable to stop playing the game after addiction. To the competitors, this gives them an upper hand to market their products by capitalizing on the weaknesses of the EverQuest games from Sony. Probable impact of the solutions to the people Notably, consumers are the most important aspect of a company’s consideration in enhancing its continued productivity and profits.Underscoring lack of foreseeability in the impacts of the of EverQuest games, the company’s emphasis on the direct responsibility by the people would lead to more addiction and thus harm to more people using the game. Comparing the games to the soap operas that people watch and easily get addicted to with speed, the company assumption of no role in the case would maintain its sales and shell itself from potential competitors. To add to that changing the types of games, selectively selling them, or stopping their production altogether would spell doom to the company by giving an upper hand to the competitors.

Most of the employees would loose their positions while revenue generated would also be minimal. It would also serve as a possible deathbed to innovations and inventions in the line of electronics. On other hand, assumption of risk and responsible use would give Sony a chance of continued production of the same products to the community. However, the harm imposed to the people would be high by negatively impacting on the people and paste a bad image of the company.

However, it would be one of the best solutions in that it would raise the level of awareness and monitoring by the guardians and parents on the people using different games.As a result, it would reduce abuse and addiction of the same games. Values upheld and violated by the solutions By the company taking full responsibilities of the products it produces and releases to the consumers, it would be acting responsibly and encouraging the overall uphold of sanctity and integrity of human life. Notably, all the people are supposed to be considered and impacts of products in their lives evaluated to ensure maximum utility.

Assumption of responsible marketing would on the other hand give the people a better chance of growing to more productive citizens in life.To add that, assuming a hard line position and loading all the responsibility on the products consumers would violate the overall ethics of good conduct by a company to its consumers. It would indicate less concerns and monetary orientation of the company as opposed to people focus. Though it upholds the constitutional rights for its freedom of speech and marketing of its products, it would highly undermine the people’s lives and rights to live indirectly as indicated by death of Mr.

Wooley.Shifting the whole blame to the people would enhance rational thinking by the product’s user to prevent being negatively affected. Besides, it would also bring together the guardians and their children to discuss the impacts of the game with a view of reducing its effects. Though encouraging them to act responsibly at all times, it would still be harmful as most of the parents and guardians are unable to control them once they are addicted. With notion of enhanced addiction, it would encourage the overall assimilation of the negative characters like violence and suicide as portrayed by death of Mr. Wooley.

Solutions and consequences evaluations As indicated earlier EverQuest link to Mr. Wooley’s death posed one of the major impacts that the games were having to the society. It was just an indicator of the possible impacts that are posted by many products with minimal responsibilities being assumed by the company’s producing them. Therefore, company’s considerations for marketing changes of the game would enhance better societal consideration of the product user.Though this option appears great, it would lead to suppression of the company due to possible reduction in sales of EverQuest games.

This option should however be integrated with other options for better effects to be felt. Besides, it brings together the producer through the marketer closer to the consumers and putting a better platform for enhancing greater production. Holding back by the company under the freedom of speech and marketing of its products would indicate how irresponsible the company was to the society.Therefore, this would create a bigger platform for loss of more lives.

While this solution is important to consider as no clear interlink was found between Mr. Wooley and the game, it would reduce the overall consideration for the people by the company. Consideration of putting labels on the products being released to the people would have great effect by invoking better thinking when buying and using the game. It would create a sense of caution that can assist the guardians and parents to easily select the games their young ones are exposed to.However, the applicability of this option may not be effective as many people tend to forget the overall warnings once they start getting addicted. However, it should be frequented by other repetitive systems of reminders and warnings to the players.

The best solution Arguably, addiction is a highly complex aspect that has far reaching problems and therefore demanding a combination of solutions to effect the required changes. This is so because the overall consideration of the system’s effectiveness is measured on the society but requires a harmonious implication with the company.Besides, EverQuest players, the society and the company are three different entities which have different approaches to the problem. However, marketing consideration of the Sony’s EverQuest games is much superior to others in that it strives to give as much information about the games as possible to the players and the market as well.

Notably, all the games are available to the people via marketing which determines the amount of information that the consumers receive.To add to that, the marketing system has a direct touch with the respondents making it able to get the correct feedback of the EverQuest games on the people. Besides, limiting the sale of marketing these games to children and young people would enhance their ample development until they can be able to make the correct decisions. Main weaknesses of such solution In conclusion, marketing consideration has major weaknesses in addressing the overall system’s problem since its approach lacks the diversity required in such a situation.

As indicated earlier, the three entities involved require strong and effective systems which have empirical connotation as the baseline for ethical changes (Hartman ; Pava, 360). Most of the marketing researches are directly oriented at making the highest possible sales for the company and putting ethical consideration may conflict the interests. Taking into consideration that marketing is an intensive section that is moved by direct aggression to get the market, the company should avoid overloading this notion to only one section and spread it to the overall consideration of the company’s branches.

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