Challenges for Poverty Reduction in Malaysia

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One of the challenges for poorness decrease in Malaysia is migratory worker’s issue. The current development policies of Malaysia are influenced by globalization and liberalisation which leads to the deductions on activities related to poorness. The lessening in employment chances affects the urban hapless and migratory workers. The demand for skilled human resources in capital intensive activities are immense since Malaysia is reconstituting its economic system. An addition in the figure of abroad employees has caused a bad consequence towards the IOP in the station universe reverberation of 2008. The part of abroad employees for local economic system. remittal for their state beginning. expected competition in the local labour market between local and migratory workers and the potency of monolithic sum of abroad labors contribute to major concerns about the issue.

Cultural issues would be the 2nd challenge for poorness decrease in Malaysia due to the educational and accomplishments of Bumiputera pupils in major subjects of the economic system are lower than the non Bumiputera pupils. This led to an academic blank between the two sectors. Convulsion between cultural groups would go worse if the policy shapers refuse to make promising understandings. Therefore. the expected spread between hapless and non hapless will be widened. The Malays are dominant in the rural poorness which reminded the policy shapers to calculate out the national degree construct of poorness. NEP 2010 poorness obliteration is chiefly focused on Malay rural population.

The 3rd challenge of poorness decrease in Malaysia is rural and urban hapless with more than half of the household units are hapless. rural and urban hapless poorness have invariably been identified as a job confined to rural. The effects of poorness are lay waste toing among urban communities as most of the new hapless household units are settled in urban countries. Advanced schemes and policies should be implemented with strong duty in plans be aftering and interior metropolis development disbursals allotment are required.

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