Challenges for Poverty Reduction in Malaysia Essay Example
Challenges for Poverty Reduction in Malaysia Essay Example

Challenges for Poverty Reduction in Malaysia Essay Example

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  • Published: October 1, 2017
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The presence of migrant workers poses a challenge to poverty reduction in Malaysia. The country's current development policies, influenced by globalization and liberalization, have resulted in decreased efforts to alleviate poverty, affecting both the urban poor and migrant workers. Malaysia is currently rebuilding its economy and has a high demand for skilled human resources in capital-intensive activities. However, since the 2008 global financial crisis, an increase in overseas employees has negatively impacted the country's overall economic performance. Concerns related to these overseas employees include their contribution to the local economy, remittances sent back home, competition with local workers in the labor market, and the potential influx of foreign workers.

In addition to economic challenges, cultural issues also hinder poverty reduction efforts in Malaysia. Bumiputera students from indigenous ethnic groups have lower educational attainment and skills compared t


o non-Bumiputera students in subjects related to the economy. This academic gap creates division between these two sectors. If not addressed by policymakers through meaningful agreements, tensions between cultural groups will likely worsen and further widen the gap between poor and non-poor populations.

Given that rural poverty among Malays is dominant, policymakers should prioritize addressing this issue when considering strategies for poverty reduction.The NEP 2010 poverty eradication program should be used to create national-level strategies specifically aimed at addressing this issue, with a focus on the impoverished Malay rural population. Poverty rates in both urban and rural areas present significant challenges for reducing poverty in Malaysia, as over half of households are considered poor. Urban poverty remains a persistent problem, particularly in rural regions. The detrimental effects of poverty heavily impact urban communities, as most new poor households are found i

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urban areas. Therefore, it is crucial to implement effective strategies and policies that demonstrate a strong commitment to planning programs and allocating funds for urban development.

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