Book Analysis of “The Act Of Vengeance” By Allende And “The Fall Of The Home Of Usher” By Poe Essay Example
Book Analysis of “The Act Of Vengeance” By Allende And “The Fall Of The Home Of Usher” By Poe Essay Example

Book Analysis of “The Act Of Vengeance” By Allende And “The Fall Of The Home Of Usher” By Poe Essay Example

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  • Published: April 2, 2022
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An Act of Vengeance by Isabel Allende

The story’s plot is about a woman who is raped by her father’s killers and she waits patiently for the rapist to return so that she can take revenge. However, when the killer returns she falls in love with him and commits suicide as he feels that she is betraying her father. The plot revolves around the woman, Rosa, who plans on revenging on her father’s killer.
Conflict in the story is evident as Rosa’s father and family is killed. The gang leader, Tadeo is used to show conflict that leads him to kill Rosa’s dad. There is conflict between Rosa and Tadeo when he rapes Rosa and she is left thinking about revenging on Tadeo. Further, conflict is displayed when Rosa decides to end he


r life for falling in love with her father’s killers. Here, Rosa has internal conflict with herself, as she cannot be at peace for falling in love with her father’s killer and the man who raped her.
The mood of the story is sad, as there is tragedy in most times of the story. A sad mood is experienced once Rosa’s parents are killed. The mood is further felt when Rosa is raped as she is the only house occupant whose life is spared. The sad mood reaches its peak when Rosa ends her life in the quest of ending her relationship with Tadeo. Rosa does so as she feels that she has failed her dad for not revenging and instead she falls in love with a killer and rapist. I feel that the story is tragic and the pick of tragedy is when the main

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character, Rosa, dies.

The fall of The House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe

The story has a gothic setting as the narrator explains that the house of the characters is dark and is almost falling. Further, the characters add on the gothic setting as Madeline is a ghost and his brother Roderick is insane. The lives of the characters are not normal, as they are gothic in the sense that they are dark and outsiders are not allowed into the characters lives. The gothic setting is clearly brought out by the charades and their home.
The characters in the story are mysterious as Madeline is a ghost who does not speak through the entire story, while Roderick is brother is insane and aware of the worsening insanity. Madeline is taking revenge on his brother for killing her by haunting him as a silent ghost. However, whenever she returns, her brother leaves. Roderick is mysterious as he killed his sister but is equally haunted by her.
Conflict is displayed on the story when Roderick kills her twin sister and buries her. Here, there is conflict between the two main characters. Further, conflict is sensed when Madeline decides to comeback and haunt his brother. Here there is conflict when the dead disturb the living. Roderick runs away from the house every time Madeline comes back as he is in conflict with himself for killing her. Roderick seems to be in conflict with himself as he is aware that he has a mental condition that is worsening with the appearance of Madeline.
I think that the author has developed the story well in terms of conflict and characters. In addition, the gothic

setting is brought out by the living conditions of the characters and the presence of a ghost.


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