Automisation of Work and the Guaranteed Minimum Income Essay Example
Automisation of Work and the Guaranteed Minimum Income Essay Example

Automisation of Work and the Guaranteed Minimum Income Essay Example

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  • Published: March 31, 2022
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Automation of work and the implementation of guaranteed minimum income have become significant global issues, sparking extensive debates. Despite its potential economic benefits, such as increased production and improved living standards for individuals, automation also poses a challenge by potentially increasing unemployment rates. Instead of people performing job tasks that generate employment opportunities, robots are being utilized to replace human labor in various industries.

The increasing unemployment rate will lead to a rise in poverty within society. To address the lack of employment caused by job automation, the government must establish a minimum income to enable jobless individuals to meet their basic needs. This guaranteed minimum income, provided on a monthly basis, aims to eliminate various assistance programs and provide equal benefits regardless of one's profession. Automation takes various forms, including software used in the corp


orate sector, which has replaced the roles of secretaries, doctors, and lawyers.

Questions arise about whether a basic minimum income can sustain a country's economy. Supporters argue that the growing automation replacing human labor leaves no other option but to provide a basic minimum income. However, some oppose government provision of a basic minimum income, questioning why people should be paid for doing nothing. These opponents believe that individuals should only be paid for the work they have accomplished. Additionally, those who oppose providing a basic minimum income due to automation argue that technological advancements occur gradually rather than immediately.

Taking this into consideration, individuals can quickly adjust to changes and gradually embrace technology. As a result, they become familiar with it and seek employment opportunities aligned with technology. The concept of a basic minimum income provided by the government can

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potentially discourage people from accepting change and refrain from acquiring new skills in order to earn income through their learned abilities. Automation has been a continual presence throughout history and remains prevalent in our society today. Automation will ultimately benefit society by addressing issues like job sector racism and gender inequality. Consequently, basic minimum income will become an essential requirement worldwide.

Automation can be beneficial for a country's economy. By replacing tasks that were previously performed by humans with robots or automated machines, productivity can increase, leading to a sustainable livelihood for the people. This is because machines do not tire and can produce more goods and services, which ultimately supports the economy. Although automation may eliminate certain jobs that require human labor, it also creates employment opportunities. This is because machines used in various sectors of the market need to be tested before they are released, thereby requiring experimentation on the machines.

In order for such experimentations with machines to be conducted, there need to be individuals designated for these tasks. However, it is important to note that people are still required to maintain and oversee the functioning of these machines. Despite this fact, individuals can still earn a livelihood through such employment. Another concern surrounding the concept of universal basic income is that some argue that the idea of not working goes against the fundamental nature of being a capable human being.

The belief in culture is that individuals should earn their wealth through labor and find satisfaction in their efforts. Some people resist being paid for work they haven't done, so it's crucial to demonstrate the impact of automation on all sectors of the economy.

This could potentially result in a lack of job opportunities for these individuals. Implementing a universal basic minimum income can be a solution by allowing society to avoid economic exclusion and instead reap the benefits of technological advancements.

The government's implementation of a basic minimum pay could effectively address the issue of automation. Sectors like transportation and food production are increasingly relying on automation, leading to a decrease in the need for human labor. As a result, there is apprehension about how individuals would spend their time if they were paid without actively working. However, automation can have benefits for the economy by allowing people to have more leisure time to foster creativity and exploration, particularly when paired with a minimum basic income.

This would help and benefit the economy of a country. People will have more time to spend time with their families and have a leisure time.


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