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Dance History Final Exam

Athotus An Egyptian God, the ancient egyptians believed that he was the creator of dance. Elizabeth I Was an accomplished dancer, and expected no less of her court. ladies were expected to sing and dance Catherine de’ Medici Brought the Italian ballet with her to France when she married the Duke of Orleans in and […]

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US History 201 Exam 1

Paleo-Indians The name given by scientists to the first inhabitants of the Americans’ an Ice Age people who survived largely by hunting big game, and to a lesser extent by fishing and collecting edible plants. Archaic Era Period beginning approximately 9,000 years ago lasting an estimated 6,000 years. it was marked by more intensive efforts […]

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AP World History- Period 5 (1750-1900) Vocab./People

question Karl Marx answer German philosopher, economist, sociologist,journalist, and revolutionary socialist ; inspired a radical form of socialism ; communist manifesto question Friedrich Engels answer co-author of Karl Marx, who helped Karl Marx introduce Marxism question Communist Manifesto answer 23 page pamphlet written by Karl Marx and co-author Friedrich Engels; two classes : Proletariat (lower […]

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Geography Central America 3.02-3.05

question Guatemala shares a border with Mexico. answer True question Cuba and Haiti share the island of Hispaniola. answer False question The colossal heads are the most recognized symbol of the Mayan culture answer False question What body of water is found between Honduras and Cuba? answer The Caribbean Sea question Which island is east […]

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World History Chapter 5: Ancient Greece

question Where was the Minoan civilization? answer Crete question Where were the excavations that reveled much about Minoan life? answer Knossos question Minoan Language answer Linear A question The Mycenaean States answer considered the first Greeks because they spoke a form of Greek language question Polis answer city-state. Each city-state had it’s own government, laws, […]

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AP Art History Ch 8 (main terms)

question The Kaaba, Mecca answer Who: n/a What: The Kaaba When: n/a Where: Mecca Why: houses the rock that Muhammed ascended into heaven from, where you go to make the hajj, people rotate around it and spiral inwards to get close to the Kaaba Medium: covered with black covering with ornate embroidery of Quran question […]

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Jazz Exam 2: Chapters 1-3

question harlem answer Mary Lou William’s ___ apartment \”salon\” served as a meeting place for discussions about music question fast answer double-time is playing twice as question meter answer beat groupings question improvise answer to compose and perform simultaneously question tempo answer refers to the speed of the beat question chord answer 3 or more […]

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Glencoe World History Chapter 19 & 21
09 Sep 2020 Uncategorized

question Enclosure Movement answer The process of consolidating small landholdings into a smaller number of larger farms in England during the eighteenth century. question Capital answer A ready supply of money question Entrepreneurs answer individuals who start new businesses, introduce new products, and improve management techniques question cottage industry answer This was the way form […]

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Rebirth and Revolution: Nation-Building in East Asia and the Pacific Rim

question Mao Zedong answer Leader of the Chinese Communist Party (1927-1976). He led the Communists on the Long March (1934-1935) and rebuilt the Communist Party and Red Army during the Japanese occupation of China (1937-1945). (789) question Tet Offensive answer 1968; National Liberation Front and North Vietnamese forces launched a huge attack on the Vietnamese […]

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EMT Orange Book Ch 15

question Aneurysm answer A swelling or enlargement of a part of an artery, resulting from weakening of the arterial wall. question Aphasia answer The inability to understand and or produce speech question Aura answer A sensation experienced prior to a seizure; serves as a warning sign that a seizure is about to occur. question Brain […]

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APUSH Chapter 1-2 Terms

question Treaty of Tordesillas answer Definition: -An agreement between Portugal and Spain that created an imaginary line in the Atlantic Ocean -Everything discovered west of it was Spain’s, east was Portugal’s Significance: -Portuguese became dissatisfied with the agreement because the Spanish were given more land -helped prevent conflict over the land Corroboration: Conquistadors -The Treaty […]

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AP World Ch. 17-20

question Bartolomé de Las Casas answer 1st bishop of Chiapas, in S. Mexico. Devoted most of his life to protecting Amerindian peoples from exploitation. Major achievement was the New Laws of 1542, which limited the ability of Spanish settlers to compel Amerindians to labor for them. question Marquis of Pombal answer the most aggressive period […]

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AP World History Ways of the World: Chapter 7 Terms

question Tikal answer Major Maya city, with a population of perhaps 50,000 people. question Teotihuacan answer The largest city of pre-Columbian America, with a population between 100,000 and 200,000; seemingly built to a plan in the Valley of Mexico, flourished between 300 and 600 CE, during which time it governed or influenced much of the […]

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AP World History CH. 29 Terms

question Cubist Movement answer 20th Century art style; best represented by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso; rendered familiar objects as geometrical shapes question Benito Mussolini answer Italian fascists leader after World War I; created first fascist government (1922-1943) based on aggressive foreign policy and new nationalist glories question Fascism answer Political philosophy that became predominant in […]

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Health Test 1

question Positive Psychologists have found that happiness involves which three components? answer Positive emotion, engagement, meaning question How does service learning encourage students to take a positive role in their community? answer Service learning teaches students how to get involved in the lives of others and/or service learning teaches students to be leaders in their […]

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WHAP Margin Review Chapter 19

question In what ways did the Industrial Revolution shape the character of 19th century European imperialism? (CH. 19) answer Place – Europe & colonies Time – 19th century Imperialism was made popular in Europe through the growth of mass nationalism. Rivalry – competitive political system. Struggle for more colonies meant status and power. Imperialism appealed […]

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AP World History Chap. 18

question Bourgeoisie answer terms that describe a historical range of socio-economic classes. In the Western world, between the late 18th century and the present, the bourgeoisie are a social class characterized by their ownership of capital, and their related culture question Factory System answer intensification of all of the processes of production at a single […]

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Texas Gov. Chapter 1
24 Aug 2020 Database

question A belief that gov. is designed to promote the public good describes the ___ political culture. answer Moralistic question Traditionalistic political cultures, according to Daniel Elazar, are typically found in the ___. answer South question Political Culture is a term used to describe ___. answer The broadly shared values and beliefs about government. question […]

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HIST 1302- Test 2

question The so-called \”dumbbell tenement\” was answer flawed in design, exacerbating the already abysmal living conditions of the urban poor. question Mary Elizabeth Lease was answer a prominent Kansas Populist noted for her rallying cry to \”raise less corn and more hell.\” question During the administration of this Gilded Age president, the 51st Congress passed […]

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US History 1 Chapter 8 Review Sheet

question Frederick Douglas answer A self-educated slave who escaped in 1838, he became the best-known abolitionist speaker. He wrote an autobiography on slavery and later edited an anti-slavery weekly, the North Star. question Harriet Tubman answer The most famous worker of the Underground Railroad who helped slaves escape to freedom. question Nat Turner answer Leader […]

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A106 Exam 1 (ECC, IB, Windows)
22 Aug 2020 Database

question A data file contains instructions for a computer on how to perform a specific task. answer False question Flash memory is similar to ROM except that it can be written to more than once. answer True question ____ are removable circuit boards that are inserted into slots on the motherboard to expand the capabilities […]

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AP World History Exam Vocabulary

question Aristrocracy answer The highest class in certain societies, esp. those holding hereditary titles or offices question Bureaucrats/ Bureaucracy answer nonelective government officials, system of managing government through departments run by appointed officials question Caliph/ Caliphate answer A caliph is a successor to the prophet Muhammad and leader. A caliphate is the area which the […]

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