Texas Gov. Chapter 1

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A belief that gov. is designed to promote the public good describes the ___ political culture.
Traditionalistic political cultures, according to Daniel Elazar, are typically found in the ___.
Political Culture is a term used to describe ___.
The broadly shared values and beliefs about government.
Which of the following would best characterize a traditionalistic individualistic political culture?
Low taxes and deference to business leaders
Which of the following is the best description of Texas political culture?
Texas has multiple political cultures within its boarders
Which of the following does not reflect one of the historic characteristics that make up Texas political culture?
The strong role of labor unions
By ___, all major statewide elected offices in Texas were controlled by Republicans.
Provincialism is best defined as ____.
A narrow view of the world.
Which of the following political groups have traditionally had the least influence on Texas politics?
Labor unions
Which of the following has traditionally dominated the political culture of Texas?
Business interests
Which city is located in the Great Plains region of Texas?
Big Bend is found in which region of Texas?
Basin and Range Province
The term creative destruction refers to the process by which _______.
The capitalist system undergoes periodic waves of transformation caused by new technologies
_____ is the system, common in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, by which farmers would be lent land and equpitment in exchange for part of the profits.
When in Texas history did cattle become big business?
After the Civil War
The regulation of oil and energy in Texas is performed by_____.
The Texas Railroad Commission
____ was the chief economic product of Texas during the early 20th century
NAFTA established ________.
Free trade between Mexico, U.S., and Canada
In 1944, the Supreme Court case Smith vs. Allwright ended ____.
Black Codes
What was Stephen F. Austin’s role in the development of Texas?
He worked with the Spanish Gov. to bring American settlers into texas
Which statement regarding urbanization in Texas is incorrect?
The origins of cities in Texas are found in Native American civilizations
Dallas developed in the late 19th century as a result of ______.
The intersection of 2 railroad lines.
Historically, the economy of Fort Worth has been associated with what industry?

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