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‘Gatsby’ Ch. 6 & 7 – Flashcards
20 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question What is Gatsby’s real history? Where is he from, and what is his name? answer His real name is James Gatz, & he’s from North Dakota. His parents were poor farmers. He went to college for two weeks, paying for it by doing janitor work. He was drifting through life when he met Dan […]

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US History Chapter 17 test – Flashcards
16 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question New Frontier answer President Kennedy set out to implement a legislative agenda that became known as the new frontier. question Missile Gap answer claimed the US lagged behind the Soviets in weaponry question Special Olympics answer Kennedy’s sister had made a day camp for special needs kids to be physically active and compete (She […]

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World History Cold War Test – Flashcards
14 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question George C. Marshall answer Secretary of State that proposed the Marshall Plan. This plan proposed that the US borrow money from many countries and use it to rebuild Europe. question Nikita Khrushchev answer Became the new leader of Russia in 1953 after Stalin died. He worked for Stalin, but seemed to reject his methods […]

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Chapter 10 Project Communications Management – Flashcards
13 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Communications management plan answer A document that guides project communications. question Initating answer Identify stakeholders question Planning answer Plan communications question Executing answer Distribute information, and manage stakeholder expectations question Monitoring and Controlling answer Report performance question Five basic modes for handling Conflicts answer Confrontation, Compromise, Smoothing, Forcing, Withdrawal, and Collaborating. question Blogs answer […]

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nur 115 – Flashcards
10 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question gfr answer 1.The nurse is caring for an older adult who reports severe chronic pain. To best assess age-related physiologic changes that could influence plans for initiating an appropriate drug regimen, the nurse prepares the client for which laboratory evaluation? question “How many alcoholic drinks do you consume each week?” answer An older adult […]

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AP World History Chapter 20 Vocabulary – Flashcards
10 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Ahmad Baba of Timbuktu answer against the enslavement of Muslims; Sudanic States took Muslim and pagan slaves question Angola answer a republic in southwestern Africa on the Atlantic Ocean question Boer answer a white native of Cape Province who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans question Creole Slaves answer American-born […]

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Chapter 15 Vocab (World History) – Flashcards
08 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Conquistador answer Spanish explorers who claimed lands in the Americas for Spain in the 1500s and 1600s question Immunity answer Natural protection;resistance question Hernán Cortés answer Conquistador. A landowner in Cuba. Landed on the coast of Mexico with about 600 men, 16 horses, and a few cannons. question Tenochtitlán answer Capital city of the […]

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Modern World History Final Exam Study Guide – Flashcards
07 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Renaissance answer A period of European history, lasting from about 1300 to 1600, during which renewed interest in classical culture led to far-reaching changes in art, learning and views of the world. question Reformation answer A 16th-century movement for religious reform, leading to the founding of Christian churches that rejected the pope’s authority. question […]

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U.S History 2 Midterm Review – Flashcards
04 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Progressive Era answer the period from about 1890 to 1920, during which a variety of reforms were enacted at the local, state, and federal levels question Initiative answer a process by which citizens can put a proposed new law directly on the ballot in the next election by collecting voters’ signatures on a petition […]

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Chapter 16: Overview – Flashcards
04 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question An economy may be defined as what? answer Social organization where social goods are distributed question What are three determinations that an economy must perform? answer not the storage of the goods and those who get to enjoy them question Research has found that after society has reached an annual income threshold of about […]

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Ch. 8 Multiple Choice – Flashcards
30 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Penn press newspapers answer -First to have crime reporters -Shifted economic base away from political sphere -Would print any ad -Considered consumer news -Promoted literacy -Empowered public about government affairs -Started wire services to relay news around the country and the world question Which of the following eras of journalism best represents the historical […]

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Chapter 6 AP World History Vocab – Flashcards
30 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Yellow Turban Rebellion answer A major Chinese peasant revolt that began in 184 BCE and helped cause the fall of the Han dynasty question Wudi answer Chinese emperor who brought the Han dynasty to its greatest strength question Empress Wu answer the only woman to rule China in her own name, expanded the empire […]

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American History: Final Exam – Flashcards
29 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Geographical divisions to standardize time in specific zones answer Time Zone question Gift of land in return for settling on it answer Land Grant question A railroad that stretches across the continent answer Transcontinental Railroad question Businesses involved in manufacturing, transportation, and communications answer Industry question The replacement of manual labor with machinery answer […]

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AP World History: Period 2 – Flashcards
28 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Land between the eastern shore of the Mediterranean and the Jordan river, occupied by Israelites. answer Israel question Also known as the Old Testament. Several collections of materials that originated with different groups, employed distinctive vocabularies, and advocated particular interpretations of past events. answer Hebrew Bible question Born in the city of Ur in […]

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Prelude 7 – Flashcards
27 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question President Obama’s 2008 campaign inspired popular musicians to create music with political undertones. answer true question Which popular artist was paid an unprecedented $50,000 to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show in the 1950s? answer elvis presley question Which composer was blacklisted during the “red scare” of the 1950s and 60s? answer both a […]

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US Health Care Chapter 9 – Flashcards
26 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Long-term care is best described as: A. home-based care for physically disabled adults and children. B. hospital stays lasting more than 30 days. C. services provided in both home and institutional settings for persons of all ages with varying levels of medical, social, and personal care needs. D. community-based services for frail older adults. […]

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Federal Government Unit 3 – Flashcards
22 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question The various attitudes that citizens possess toward political issues, events, and people are called answer public opinions question A political ideology is best defined as answer a cohesive set of beliefs that form a general philosophy about the government question Liberalism and conservatism are good examples of answer political ideologies question The difference between […]

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Human Growth Quizzes – Flashcards
21 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Erikson labeled the stages of his theory based on: answer life crises question Low self-esteem is related to answer an authoritarian parenting style question marital conflict answer can cause psychological distress in children question What are freud’s psychosexual stages? answer oral, anal, phallic, latency, genetial question How can child abuse be prevented? answer by […]

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Taming of the Shrew extended responses – Flashcards
20 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Why, at this point does Lucentio take on the role of a school master? answer Lucentio wants to be able to court Bianca without Baptista’s knowlege question Why is Old Gremio so anxious for Lucentio to become a tutor for Bianca? answer Old Gremio doesn’t know Lucentio is in love with Bianca, he has […]

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Brave New World – Study Guide – Flashcards
18 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Mitsima showed John how to work answer with clay question World State’s motto answer Community, Stability, Identity question What does John do to himself? answer he hangs himself question Children were given these then visiting the hospital for the dying answer chocolate ice cream question Where was John Born? answer Malapis question What is […]

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Curriculum & Play – Flashcards
15 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Play-Centered Curriculum answer -It is a curriculum that uses the power of play to foster children’s development. – It is an emergent curriculum in which teachers take an active role in balancing spontaneous play, guided play, directed play, and teacher-directed activities. question Common Elements of Play-Based Classrooms answer 1.Play Centers (also called “Learning” or […]

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Chapter 9 – Theatre 102 – Flashcards
09 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Sanford Meisner answer acting teacher and director acting is “living truthfully in imagined circumstances” KEVIN DOES NOT LIKE THIS DEFINITION — look at definition of actors job question what does an actor do (3) answer 1. selects sensory responses (bothy physiological and emotional) 2. selected behavior pertinent to a characters needs 3. given circumstances […]

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