Health Test 1

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Positive Psychologists have found that happiness involves which three components?
Positive emotion, engagement, meaning
How does service learning encourage students to take a positive role in their community?
Service learning teaches students how to get involved in the lives of others and/or service learning teaches students to be leaders in their community
Organized religion and spirituality are synonymous
Which of the following is not a good way to enhance your spiritual life?
a night on the slot machine
The practice of observing one’s thoughts in the moment without judging them or acting on them impulsively is known as:
A set of criteria for judging good and bad and guiding how you want to live your life is known as:
value system
When a person experiences yearning after the loss of a loved one what phase of bereavement are they in?
The goal of hospice care is to provide comfort and dignity for dying individuals and their families
A family health tree shows
deaths and diseases
How many chromosomes are in any human body cell?
46 chromosomes and 23 pairs
Disorders that are caused by interactions among one or more genes and the environment are called:
Multifactorial Disorders
Name an example of an autosomal dominant disorder
Huntington’s Disease
Which ethnic group is primarily associated with the genetic condition of sickle-cell disease?
African American
If an amniocentesis test indicates that a fetus has Down’s Syndrome, the test is reflecting an extra chromosome. Which chromosome is it?
Chromosome 21
Individuals with this disorder have a difficult time absorbing the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K
Cystic Fibrosis
X-linked diseases usually effect:
a series of paired nucleotides at a certain location on a chromosome that codes fro a certain protein
A sequence of DNA that encodes a protein or other functional product, or a unit of heredity, is also known as a:
The stress response is a series of __________ that occurs in the face of a threat
Physiological changes
What neurotransmitter is implicated in schizophrenia?
The brain is fully developed by the time a child reaches puberty.
Strong personal relationships improve self-esteem
Immunity breaks down in the resistance stage of the General Adaptation Syndrome.
Generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by behaviors such as repetitive hand-washing
Which of the following is a warning sign or event that often precedes a suicide attempt?
social isolation
Mentally healthy individuals try to control irrational thoughts
When a person with a physiological dependence on a substance needs higher and higher doses to achieve a high, that person is experiencing;
Only mammals need sudden bursts of energy to fight or flee from situations perceived as dangerous
Most young adults have a circadian rhythm that tells to fall asleep_____ in the evening and to wake up ______ in the morning than older adults
later; later
Stage ___ of NREM sleep will you fell most groggy if you are suddenly awakened from it?
Stage four
Sleep dysomnias include all of the following disorders, EXECPT
REM behavior disorder
Most young adults have a circadian rhythm that tells them to fall asleep later in the evening and to wake earlier in the morning than older adults
Attempting to cancel out sleep debt by sleeping longer on the weekend is a viable solution to decreasing weekday sleep deprivation
Melatonin is naturally secreted by the pineal gland in response to darkness; it lowers body temperature and causes drowsiness
Chronic insomnia is usually rather simple to treat
Most people suffering from sleepwalking disorder do not have a family history of this disorder
Nicotine from tobacco is a stimulant that can enhance sleep
Which of the following is NOT considered an essential nutrient
Which of the following are considered macronutrients?
How many calories are there in one gram of fat?
These lipids have been chemically modified through the process of hydrogenation so other remain solid at room temperature:
Trans fatty acid
Which of the following is NOT true of cholesterol?
It is not produced during hydrogenation
Which is not a consumer concern?
Vegetarian diets
A snickers bar is an example of a complex carb source
A source of saturated fats is pork
Omega 3 fatty acids are consumed too much by Americans
The genetic mutation that causes Tay-Sachs disease, a degenerative brain disorder, is found at higher frequency in the African American population
The X chromosome is small and contains few genes, so it has a much lower likelihood of mutations causing a genetic disease.
Sally’s aunt and sister-in-law both recently developed breast cancer. Courtney’s mother and sister both recently developed breast cancer. Courtney has a higher risk of breast cancer than Sally.
Genetic mutations can be either beneficial or harmful to one’s health
Many chromosomal disorders lead to a fetus being unable to survive the prenatal period
Fathers rarely pass sex-linked disorders on to their sons
An autosomal recessive disorder requires only one copy of a mutated gene for a disorder to be present.
The most relevant information from a family health tree includes major diseases as well as age and cause of death.
Most genetic disorders are caused by single-gene mutations
If an individual receives a faulty, mutated copy of a gene from his or her mother, that person will most likely acquire a genetic disorder
Women usually develop schizophrenic symptoms earlier than men do
Executive functions\” of the brain, including planning and organizing, are not fully developed until the early to mid-20s.
Individuals who self-mutilate rarely have a history of physical abuse or substance use, thus making it difficult for scientists to identify the cause of self-inflicted harm.
Ulcers are more of a psychological problem than a biological problem.
As many as 90 percent of those who commit suicide have a mental disorder.
People addicted to sex, the Internet, or shopping can experience a euphoria similar to that experienced from drug use.
IQ is one of the best predictors of success in life
It is not the stressor itself that creates health problems, but the body’s natural responses to it.
Social support can help protect you against illness
Women are nearly twice as likely as men are to feel frequently overwhelmed in their first year of college.

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