Analysis of Cadbury’s Snowflake Advert Essay Example
Analysis of Cadbury’s Snowflake Advert Essay Example

Analysis of Cadbury’s Snowflake Advert Essay Example

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  • Published: December 16, 2018
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Cadburys snowflake advertisement features a variety of shots ranging from close ups to over the shoulder shots. The entire ad is slow-paced and includes only one special effect: when the girl is seen eating her Cadburys snowflake, she gazes into a mirror and sees a different image. There is no dialogue in the ad, just the use of very slow and pleasing music, and the product's slogan is voiced at the end. The setting of the ad suits the product as it is an open wood setting with icy and snowy surroundings. The girl is surrounded by falling snowflakes as she indulges in the chocolate bar.

The advertisement effectively portrays the chocolate bar as both unique and delicious, appealing to young adults who are often fans of junk food like chocolate. The use of a young adult girl in the ad further targets


this demographic. Similarly, the KFC advertisement also targets young adults, as it is for a fast food product that is quick and easy. The animated ad features various shots including extreme close ups of the product and a long shot of the colonel. Fast-paced music, quick camera angles, and shots help create an engaging and exciting commercial. There is also a lot of dialogue that informs potential customers about the product.

The advertisement pairs perfectly with its music, which is fast-paced. Its setting consists of fast shots of the food and the colonel. Kellogg's fruit winders are targeted towards young children as the entire advertisement is animated with walking and talking fruit people. However, the mothers are also a target audience as they are the ones who would purchase the product. Extrem

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close-ups and very long shots make up most of the shots in the ad, with fewer medium shots. The advertisement starts off slowly but speeds up when the strawberry becomes tied to an airplane, with little dialogue aside from quick comments from the characters. For background music, lively and playful tracks mostly prevail.

The advertisement in question has received positive feedback from both children and parents. While the children are drawn to the appealing appearance and flavor of the product, the parents appreciate that it contains fruit, despite being largely made up of sugar. The target audience for Advert 4: Aero is young and older adults, as evident from the adult male main character purchasing an Aero from a newspaper stand. This advert primarily focuses on close up and medium shots of the man and a dancing mouse, with the pace remaining slow until the animated mouse begins to dance with a hula-hoop, steeping up the tempo.

The advertisement features a dialogue between two individuals, with one attempting to sell a small mouse while the other insists on purchasing chocolate. The location of the advertisement is irrelevant, as it could take place in any type of store. However, it is evident that the purpose of the advertisement is to promote Nestles Aero, as a box of Aeros is prominently displayed on the front right side of the counter throughout the entirety of the advertisement. 

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